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Thursday, September 8, 2016

You Know…What’s Her Name?

You Know…What’s Her Name?
Big time teen crush!
They say as you get older the mind starts to go.  Who says that?  I don’t know.  See what I mean?  With me I have trouble with that perfect word to fill a thought.  When writing I often just put ______ for the perfect word that I am searching for because I know it will come to me eventually.
I also have trouble with names. I have trouble with names I used to know immediately but now I struggle to remember.  Apparently Mrs. Cranky whose mind is like a steel trap is also starting to struggle with names.
Tonight we went to see a movie.  During the coming attractions, one movie was featuring an older star that used to be a favorite of mine and yet I could not place her name.  Mrs. Cranky couldn’t remember either, but together we figured it out though the figuring out was somewhat strange. 
I started the process.
“I know that actress, she has aged quite a bit.”
“Which one?”
“The older one.  She was Irma in “Irma la Duce” …you know the DVD I bought last year because it was one of my favorite movies and we could barely get through it.”
“Oh, Warren Beatty’s sister.”
“Yes, only her name is not Beatty, and she was a star before Warren.”
“And she is a little out there with other lifetimes and séances and stuff.”
“Yes, what’s her name.”
“I don’t know; it will come to me.”
“I think it’s McSomething.”
“MacLaine…Shirley MacLaine.”
“Couldn’t have done it without you.”
Two old minds may not be better than one, but they get the job done.


  1. DH and I play that game often lately. I saw that picture and immediately thought "Irma La Duce" but her actual name didn't come to me for at once. (And I really like her!)

  2. I guessed Shirley MacLaine's name before you wrote it :) Warren Beatty's sister clue gave it away for me. I usually can't remember the name of an item but I can give you a great description of it, for instance coffee filters "its the thing you put in the coffee pot before you put the coffee in" 13 words to remember instead of two words coffee filters. Oh the joys of aging!


  3. I like Shirley MacLaine, but if she popped up on my TV screen, I wouldn't have remembered her name either. It would have bugged me just enough that I'd sit through the credits with my eyes glued to the screen to catch her name. If I have the computer turned on, I just go to IMDb, type in the movie, then scroll through the cast list. It's faster than sitting right through a movie credit list.

  4. I led Shirley MacLaine too, but I preferred Shirley Bassey.

  5. Good to know you and Mrs C have joined the forgetfulness club. I'm the chief forgetfulness member. Having been brave enough to admit it I am pleased to say that Shirley's name was on the tip of my tongue, it was the surname I couldn't get.

  6. good thing i recognized her photo right off. :)

  7. Recent conversation at my house:
    Me: "We should install one of those you-know-what-I-mean-like-what's-her-name has in her backyard!"
    Him: "Oh, like we saw on what's-that-show-called last week?"
    Me: "Exactly! Go buy the wood today at you-know-that-place and get what's-his-face over here to help you build it!"

    When what's-their-names are done out there, it better look like the pergola I've admired in what's-her-name's yard for years!

  8. Hubby and I have a gazillion of these each month!

  9. *See that woman over there? What's her name?
    -I don't know. Do you know her?
    *Yes, I know her but I can't think of her name! Wait. It's a flower.
    *No, the one with thorns.
    *Yeah, that's it ... hey, Rosie, get your coat. It's time to go home.

  10. Here we have a similar situation. I can get close to names we can't remember but I can get Mrs. C. close enough to pronounce a name properly.

  11. I've had a ton of conversations like that. Now I just have a quick chat with Google and it's problem solved.

  12. Before the days of Netflix or when you could find out ANYTHING on your computer or Smart Phone, Bud & I had been wracking our brains for over a month trying to remember who played the role of “Doc” in the movie “Mr. Roberts”. No particular reason, it was just frustrating not to be able to remember. I could picture him, but could not come up with his name. Early one morning—about 3am—I woke up with a flash of genius. I shook Bud awake & said two words—“William Powell”—with no further explanation. He opened one eye, looked at me & said, “You’re right!” & promptly rolled over & went back to sleep.

  13. I'm now struggling with words in general. It can be . . . . . . Infuriating!

  14. That was nice team work Crankys. Sometimes married folk are just in sync. I am hugely dependent on the computer but often rely on long descriptions like Betty when in live conversation.

  15. We do this all the time....and have done for years. I guess we were old before our time. I hope we get to be old AFTER our time.

  16. Good job. I wouldn't have got half through the process, with anybody.

  17. For some odd reason, I never seem to be able to remember Christopher Walken's name, even though he is a favorite of mine and my wife and her daughter.

  18. I do that all the time now. But Shirley MacLaine is one name I remember, because I think my blog buddy Sioux looks like her.

  19. I used to worry about stuff like this, thinking I was going nuts or coming down with Alzheimer's. Now, of course, I know it's normal and common. My husband and I have similar conversations to yours and Mrs. C's and then we have a contest about who can find the answer quicker on Google. I figure as long as I know how to use Google, Alzheimer's is not an issue.

  20. I know what movies they were I. But the names escape me. But this has always been the case so I can't blame it on aging.