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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


We just took a new tube of toothpaste from the box tonight.  I realized that the old tube must have lasted almost a year.  

“Don’t you guys brush three times a day” you ask?

We brush.  

We brush regularly.  We just use a dab each time, not a blob like they show on the commercials.   A blob is over-kill, just what the manufacturers want. 
We dab.
That might be where our toothpaste habit similarity ends.

Mrs. C flattens the tube.  I prefer to roll.  I contend that rolling will make that tube last an extra week at least.  She claims that if done properly flattening is the most efficient, unused paste gets trapped in the roll.  

She also claims that rolling is messier, though I have no idea how that works.  Sometimes the logic train does not stop at our house.  I claim that rolling the tube takes up less room on the counter.  This simply results in a loud argument ending “HEAH!”
It is just one of the many differences we have had to learn to compromise on…and by compromise I mean I flatten, not roll.
At least she is not a squeeze from the middle person.  OMG I could not cotton to* a squeeze from the middle person, I would have to roll that middle squeeze right out of the tube and that would not end well.
For a marriage to work there must be compromise and sometimes that means doing it her way.  Fortunately, I am capable of being the bigger person, though I have to confess that the tube we just finished off…
I rolled it and got one more dab before throwing it away.
Do you dab or blob; flatten, roll, or (GASP) squeeze from the middle?
*That expression just came out of the woodwork.  


  1. The short answer to your question is no.
    I can't remember what method I used When I had teeth.
    Now I just soak them overnight. 🎉

  2. No squeezing from the middle ever. I must confess. I'm a roller too. :)

  3. I squeeze from the middle and hubby squeezes from the bottom. I put a glob on; he puts a dab on. A few years ago we decided to buy our own tubes and save the misery of trying to change the other's way of doing it :)


  4. I flatten my tube. I don't even know what DH does, he keeps his tube in his medicine cabinet. We sorted out our differences with the toothpaste years ago.

  5. I also dab and have tubes last practically forever. Lucky you to still have tubes that can be flattened or rolled. Ours are plastic and it's impossible to flatten them and once they are 3/4 empty, impossible to squeeze out any more paste. I cut them open across the middle at that point and use the cut off end as a cap to the business end, accessing the toothpaste by dabbing my brush into the tube. Perfectly acceptable when one lives alone and doesn't have to share a tube.

  6. My toothpaste tube follows the path of all other tubes, containing other substances, in other words 'rolled'. Then I cut the tube to get to the stuff that would otherwise be chucked, which I might say is a hell of a lot.

  7. I roll, SD flattens and Miss Mac squeezes from the middle - we are doomed ...

  8. I squeeze from the bottom just as God intended. I have one of those plastic things that slides up the tube from the bottom.

  9. I have my own roll and my husband has his. I squeeze from the middle and from the bottom and eventually it all gets used...but a year????

  10. i only use Sensodyne and with their tubes, you can't flatten or roll.

    I definitely dab, but still go through a tube a month.

  11. I dab, wife blobs,
    I flatten, wife rolls.
    I squeeze from the bottom, wife is all over the place but has been known to (GASP) squeeze from the middle.

    Compromise is the name of the game, she tells me what to do and I compromise by doing it. Or something to that effect.

    And if you tell her, I'll deny everything.

  12. Years ago a woman in my department told me she issued her children travel tubes to limit their usage. Travel tubes have smaller openings and less comes out. I understood the reasoning, but not the logic of more expensive travel tubes.

  13. Dab Control is very important to a healthy marriage.

  14. We each have our own tube of toothpaste....otherwise I might have to do serious damage to himself. I dab, he globs, I roll, he just mushes the tube where ever it will result in toothpaste on his brush. It was driving me out of my mind so I just gave him his own tube and told him to NEVER touch mine lol.

    1. I think maybe I should have named this post "Toothpaste Wars!"

  15. But who has fewer cavities, you or Mrs. C? I squeeze and roll instead of flatten.

  16. This is what you two discuss? Really? I love what you talk/fight about.

    Who cares and the next time I go into the bathroom I'll look. I still won't care but I'll look.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  17. OMG Betty is brilliant. Two tubes. How simple and everyone is happy. Then a really analytical person could easily check to see which one lasts longer.
    Personally, I am a flattener.

  18. Hmm, we have separate tubes also but it doesn't stop her from yelling at me to roll and not to squeeze from the middle and a ton of other stuff. Sounds like my marriage is similar to yours!

  19. I squeeze from the middle!! It makes zero sense, I know. My husband also squeezes from the middle. Since his sink is on one side of our bathroom and my sink is on the other side, we each have our own roll of toothpaste. But even if we had to share, I don't think there'd be much arguing about how the toothpaste is done.

  20. We flatten, but i clean house for many a person who squeezes from the middle, and it makes me wonder about their sanity.

  21. I try to dab, but sometimes a blob comes out!!

  22. i semi-dab. i probably use less shampoo daily than i do toothpaste. :) and i flatten. :)

  23. We have separate tubes. Hick is a roller. I use Sensodyne in the plastic tube that stands on its head. I DO squeeze from the bottom, though.

    I'm afraid to ask how you put your toilet paper on the roll. Over or under?

  24. #1 We do not share a bathroom. Married 56 years so it is working.
    #2 I am not sure it is your business how I squeeze...I'm just saying.

    But I have a question for you...have you ever cut the tube open to get just enough toothpaste to last you till Saturday?