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Friday, September 2, 2016


The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with little knowledge of the subject opined.  Opposing positions are welcome, but wrong.  As always, please, no name calling and that means you, you big stupid head!
Colin Kaepernick is a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.  He is a damn good quarterback, currently he is fighting for a starting position.  He made big news this week because he refused to stand for the playing of the National Anthem before a preseason game.  He refuses to stand because he believes his country is not doing enough to prevent discrimination against black people, especially with regards to police activity.
Colin is not standing; in support of Black Lives Matter.
Many people are incensed by his position.
Not the Cranky Old Man.  

We have free speech in this country.  It is one of the things that makes us great.  Do I agree with Colin’s position?  Absolutely not.  His position will cost him fans, endorsements and possibly his starting position.  It is not a good career move.  There are other better ways to make his point.
Why is he not standing for the anthem?  Is he stupid?  I don’t think so, he seems to be above normal intelligence, and most quarterbacks are reasonably smart.
Does he hate white people?  I don’t think so.  He is himself half white, and he was raised by adoptive white parents.
Why is Colin refusing to stand?
My guess is that as being part white and part black he has been pressured to take a position on black discrimination.  Colin is in an unusual position.  Part white and raised by white parents, black people may not accept him as black.  Being part black, white people probably don’t accept his as being white.  Race in this country is a mess.  Many blacks hate whites, many whites hate blacks, when you are a little of both, sometimes no one accepts you.
Colin probably feels the need to make a statement more than most people.  
I disagree with his statement.  It is a very expensive statement for him to make.  It will cost him money, it will cost him fans, friends, and maybe his job. 
I believe it is a wrong position, a dumb position, a position that will not do a thing to improve race relation in this country, but it is a position that he believes in, a position he feels he must take. 
Maybe his position will draw attention to help improve relations between police and black people.  Regardless, don’t be too hard on Colin Kaepernick, he is taking a stand by not standing and it is a stand that is not based on greed, but is based on conviction.
It is the conviction of a very special man.  A man of mixed race raised by white parents and a man with special athletic talents who feels he must make a statement regardless of how it may affect him negatively. 
Disagree with Colin Kaepernick but do not hate him.  He has a special perspective on race and he feels the need to speak out.  Right or wrong, misguided or on point, it is his right to take such a position that makes America special.
I disagree with Colin’s position, but I respect him for it and celebrate his right to speak out by sitting down.
The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.  


  1. He is "standing" by his convictions--good for him!!

  2. Hmm, I don't know how to speak what is in my mind without causing misunderstandings, it must be my age. So many times, no matter what I say, I say it wrong.

    That said: I do not know this young man. I do not know how he was raised. I do not know if he has served his country or was a pampered college kid, or grew up in the back country. I do not understand his convictions.

    Personally, in my old lady's opinion, if the National Anthem is being played - you stand up. Keep your agenda for a proper time.

  3. As an American enjoying the freedoms of this great country, I support his right to stand by his convictions. I completely disagree with his decision not to stand when our - and his - national anthem is played. I agree with you Cranky. Professionally, it was a horrible move on his part and sadly his "statement" won't make the slightest dent in race relations.

  4. If he'd been black the police would have shot him dead by now. No matter how good a quarter back. The race relations are pretty poor over there but fancy giving up your sponsorship for not standing for your national anthem. If it was British I'd stand with him. It's absolutely crap..

  5. Probably he could have found another, better, way to stand for his beliefs, but he chose this one, so we have to respect his choice.

  6. I think I agree. People can say any old dumb thing and I don't get very upset about it, unless they are in a position to impose the dumb thing on me.

    Famous people probably get a lot of pressure to use their fame to push certain social causes. And they should try and do something that makes the world better, I suppose.

    I don't quite understand why we play the National Anthem before sports events.

  7. Completely agree with your take on it!

  8. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. Of course he has the right to do what he did. Our people in military uniform fought for him to have that right, and the people he is protesting against put their lives on the line every day to enforce that right. But it's his right. I personally think the way he chose to protest is very disrespectful to so many others that do not deserve his or anyone else's disrespect.

    Did you know he also wears (or has worn) socks that show pigs dressed as police? IMO that's just an immature jab at an entire group when only a fraction deserve such derision. Dare I say it is even bigoted?

    So how could he have made his feelings known in a productive way? How about if he had used his high profile and notoriety to organize and lead a million (?) person march on the state capital demanding that all uniformed police wear body cameras? And if he could pull it off, it could be the catalyst for other similar efforts coast to coast. Such cameras would help good cops, and could be used in court to identify and punish bad cops. Isn't THAT the purpose of his protest, to punish the bad, bigoted cops who are brutalizing too many innocent black people? THAT'S how you right a wrong.

    He certainly has the right to protest, and the privileged position to bring attention to injustice, but his chosen method of protest is proving to be divisive and likely to widen the gap between the races, not close it. I think he blew his chance to make a real difference.

  9. Agreeing with you that he has the right to take this position. To me, it would have been better to find a different platform, as there's nothing wrong with loving your country while trying to correct its wrongs, and every country has something wrong because it's run by imperfect humans.

  10. I totally agree with his right to not stand. I also totally agree with those who wish to respond with vitriol (at least verbal; should violence ever come into play, no.) When one takes a stand, one has to be ready to accept criticism. That said, I don't think he is helping matters. I think he's making enemies for his cause. What else would have been better for him to make his point? I don't know. He has the attention of much of the nation, so he isn't stupid.

  11. Have at it young man, it certainly is your right. It's part of the journey to old fogy land, where you realize what a jerk you were wasting your time sitting when you could have been out doing.

  12. he has the right to do what he thinks he must. the pig cop socks he wore were classless and completely undermined his message.

    1. Agreed, the cop sock story came after I wrote is still his right, but does undermine his message a bit in my opinion. I understand he has stated complete support and respect for service people and took a slightly more respectful knee at the last game instead of just sitting.

  13. He's a public figure and sometimes public figures should keep their agendas to themselves. He does have the right to sit in protest, but I have the right not to watch him play. I have the right not to buy what his sponsors are selling. We all have these freedoms.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  14. He has the God given right to Freedom of Speech with which to express his opinions. I have the same right to express my displeasure with his opinion. If that displeasure results in the loss of his job, income or in any way causes his life to be more difficult, well... There are consequences to all choices one makes in life.

  15. I pretty much agree with all you said. Just wish he could have found a better way to improve relations with out inflaming them.

  16. I've been defending Colin K. all week for his decision to remain seated during our national anthem. In my opinion he was respectful while seated and is guaranteed his right to freedom of expression. But he did lose me when he showed up wearing socks with cops as pigs on them. I don't see hoe THAT helps push discourse between the police and ethnic communities.

  17. I met John Carlos once, and had the rare opportunity to have a long conversation with him. He told me of what the repercussions were of his and Tommy Smith's decision to raise their fists during the national anthem. He paid dearly for that, for decades after. He is/was my age, and as a world record holder and olympic champion he should have had a bright future. When I met him he was the assistant track coach at Palm Springs High School.

  18. Well, the good news is that he has a legal right to do that.

    I am reminded of the saying about opinions being like buttholes. Everybody has one...etc.

    Not everybody has the opportunity to show theirs to a national audience.

  19. Freedom of speech is something we're all for as long as we agree with what's being said. It's harder when we don't. I think he could find other ways to voice his opinion but I do respect his right to voice it.

  20. Just because it's your right doesn't mean you should do it. I'm really not too interested in what pro players and Hollywood types say or do about much of anything. In my opinion, his decision to sit and his decision to deride the police in a fashion statement are not only immature, they are disrespectful to all the people who have helped him along the way to his multi-million dollar job.

  21. I agree 100% with you! He is peacefully protesting and I respect that.