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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Stupid Headlines 092515

Stupid Headlines 092515
What is it about Florida?
It is time again for
Stupid Headline Sunday
This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments. 
Alabama police make first arrest in string of clown-related threats – Suspects were found with a squirty flower, two seltzer bottles and a rubber chicken.

Liberal CLOWN wants the word “TERROR” BANNED Because it Hurts Muslim Feelings – He wants to substitute “Terror” with “bad stuff by not nice people.”

Cow farts can now be regulated in CaliforniaThere is a job I wouldn’t take for any money!

Disgraced Dem Anthony Weiner sorry after texts to 15-year-old revealed – Isn’t Subway looking for a new spokes-person?

Woman Sues Background Check Site After Husband Uses Site To Catch Her Cheating – Talk about blaming the messenger! 

Man arrested after hitting Sacramento mayor in face with pie – Does he have a big bow tie and a dog named White Fang?

World's fastest VW Beetle goes 205 MPH – And then stops instantly when it lands in the bottom of the canyon.
USC hires its first dog professor I don’t care what this woman looks like, that is sexist and I find it offensive to my sensibilities!  What? it is an actual dog? Never mind.

London's Muslim Mayor Tells New Yorkers that Terrorism is "Part and Parcel of Life in a Big City" – So we should just accept and get used to people leaving bombs in crowded areas and killing lots of people? Na Ah…F*ck You!! Mind your own city, we don’t roll over that way.

Wells Fargo CEO could walk with $200 million – Arrrrrrrgh!

Are aliens avoiding Earth? – In the meantime we need to figure out how to build a wall around Earth.

Orlando Police Mistook Krispy Kreme Doughnut Glaze for Meth – Well it is addicting!


Come back next week for more



  1. Funny stuff indeed, my friend!!

  2. A wall around the Trump....he may have an ap for that. Great collection this week.

  3. I could have told that first guy.

    I haven't been able to vote in three election cycles because of that taco thing. They need to explain that to people better. It had pico de gallo, what else did the pricinct judge need?

  4. Starting my day with a smile, thanks!

  5. The world has gone crazy.

    I linked this post to Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. ☺

  6. laughing at the wall around earth...yup. :)

  7. Of course they are avoiding earth, the aliens are proving their intelligence that way.

  8. Did the Alabama police give chase to the getaway car, and have to search all 273 suspects that got out?

  9. Well crap! There goes my halloween costume here in Alabama. Next thing you know they'll be coming down on guys walking around with clocks taped to their chest :)
    Still crazy in Alabama

  10. Well of course aliens are avoiding earth. They've been circling for awhile monitoring our TV's watching The Donald And Hillary Show and realized we're all nuts!

  11. Thanks for the laughs. By the way, I don't like clowns and I'm fine with it if they lock all of them up.

  12. Taco ID???

    And pretty soon, there'll be taco trucks on every corner!

  13. "Cow farts can now be regulated in California. . ."

    Try telling that to the cows. . .

    Love the Soupy Sales reference (and I know I just outed myself as really, really old. . .)

    And jeez, one more, if you don't mind. . . Dontcha just love that they never question the existence of space-faring aliens? OF COURSE there are space-faring aliens! They're just, you know, hiding from us. . . Yeah, that's it; they're hiding. . .