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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Here is another of my favorite TV, movie, book complaints that drives Mrs. Cranky nuts.  I have complained about the whispering thing enough, this one is even worse.

Why do all the characters look alike?  If there are two women key to a plot, one should be blonde and one should be brunette.  The old shows had it right, the good guy had a white hat and bad guys had black hats.  Today not only is the hair always the same color, but the characters have the same hairdo and the women are always skinny.  Even age never gives it away…thanks a lot Botox!

I’m watching a show and I have to ask Mrs. Cranky,

“Why is Sarah with John?”

“That’s not Sarah, that’s Sally.”

“That’s not Sarah?  She looks like Sarah, How do I know it’s Sally?”

“Because Sally has a rosier complexion than Sarah.”

“So Sarah is softer than Sally?”

“Not softer, more sophisticated.”

“Sarah is rosy and Sally is sophisticated?”

“No, the other way around…are you even paying attention?”

“I guess not, besides I have no idea what rosy is never mind sophisticated…and why are they whispering?”

“If you can’t keep up, stop trying and quit bugging me.  I thought you were reading a book anyway.”

“I am, but all the characters have weird names, I can't keep up with who is who, Alexia or Aleksander, Natasha or Natalie, Daryl, Dexter, or Darnell?Why can’t they just have easy names so I can recognize who is who?”

“You mean like Betty and Veronica, or Archie and Jughead?”


“Your impossible…and a jerk!”

“Wait, which wife are you?”


  1. Ha ha - you're lucky you have the wife you have Joe or you could have got yourself into lots of trouble with that last remark! It's easy to tell who is who, if they are called Sarah then they will have rosy cheeks and be sophisticated like wot.

  2. Ummm, like wot I am it was SUPPOSED to say ...

  3. Jim and I talked about this not too long ago. Can't remember what show we were watching but I told him that I had no idea who was who because they all looked alike. He told me I was just old. I don't think so.

  4. You're impossible and a jerk. I love your wife. Never a dull moment.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. LOL Well I guess a moral of this story could be to just watch your own shows on a regular basis. Once you (finally!) get to know everybody and recognize the sound of their whisper, they will become like family to you. My beef with shows is new peeps who keep popping up - somebody's long lost son, usually. When half the people turn on him, you gotta keep track of what each one is mad at him for - that's even worse than your problem!

  6. I don't know the name or face of any actor born in the last thirty or forty years. I not only don't know what character they may be playing, I don't know who they are. obviously, TV, movies and I seldom cross paths.

  7. Reminds me of my old neighborhood. The women all morphed into the same person. I couldn't tell them apart.

  8. I agree with you totally. I can never tell who's who when watching TV. There are so many thin blonds that I get confused.

  9. I find this happens a lot on shows and movies with a whole cast of young people, as all the actors seem to have a similar look. And they all style their hair the same way: blonde, long, big wavy ringlets. The guys all have dark hair and similar height and build. It's hard to keep track!

  10. Oh! I've had this problem for years. I could never watch a western, because all the men looked alike. Maybe that's why the only western movie I ever understood was True Grit (the original) because John Wayne, Glen Campbell, and Robert Duvall were so different from each other.

  11. I agree with you 100%!

    "Dear...wait a minute, pause the show - was that his wife or his girlfriend?"

    "Pixel, that was his sister."

    Damn. No wonder movies/TV shows don't make sense.

  12. Haha, that is true. I'm watching Grey's Anatomy right now and two of the characters look alike... At least that show has some major diversity, though. Most of these casts are all white and blond!

  13. You know, you're right! They DO look a lot alike!!!!

  14. So true. You should try to watch them when you can't see clearly. It's a nightmare. If you listen with your eyes closed you will feel my pain. Many of the men have the same sounding voice as the women and vice versa. It is truly a nightmare.

  15. LOVE your closing line!
    I agree with you on this, too many TV shows have people who are indistinguishable for each other. They're all blonde, thin and have dazzling porcelain unnaturally white teeth.
    It's why I don't watch TV much.

  16. The last line is one of the best ever. But you're right, of course, about the characters. And every guy (I stop short of saying 'leading man') has three days worth of beard, carefully trimmed to look rugged. Ugh.

  17. Yeah. Worse yet, every show is so politically correctly formulaic that it has reached the point that not one character on any show anywhere is one I can relate to . That's why I love Survivor, I can see each one of the not-me stereotypes get together and eat each other alive week after week. How awesome is that?


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