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Sunday, June 8, 2014



It is time once again for
You might want to search just a little north...north of 1903 


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.


One headline is completely made up, guess the fake and win a mention and a Whoop-tee-do.



Puppy drives car into Massachusetts pond – Giving keys to a dog is a Labradoodle don’t.

Woman, 91, sets time, age records at San Diego marathon Even though she was 89 when she started, this is one amazing lady.

Pat Robertson’s weird sex advise…do the dishes – Depending on what do “Do” mean this could be weird advise indeed.

Amazon Howler Monkeys make crude traps to catch fish – You expect a sophisticated trap?  It’s a fecking monkey!

Florida judge allegedly punched public defender – That would explain the alleged bloody nose.

Dog poops on flight and forces emergency landing - Man that is some heavy shit.

Man Pulled Over By Police With 5-Year-Old Tied To MotorcycleThat is scary.  Why would an officer have a 5-year-old tied to his motorcycle?

$15 minimum wage permits few luxuries in US cities – From Mr. Webster LUXURY - a condition or situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth : something that is expensive and not necessary.

Woman Stabs Stepdad For Playing Gospel Music – “Nearer My God To Thee?”

3-parent babies possible in two years I could see that extra parent adding three or four months to the process, but two years is ridiculous!

Montana hunter in serious condition after grizzly bear attack – I’d really think twice before attacking a grizzly bear.

Harvard library includes book bound in human skin – That’s enough to make my binding crawl.




Last week’s fake was:

First grader asked to cover birthmark shaped like gun – Not so bad, if it looked like Jesus he would have been suspended.

Apparently this was too easy as 11 of thirteen guessers got it correct.

Actually further research finds this fake was made up by a hoax newspaper before it crossed my demented mind.  I did not know this. 

This week I am offering a special shout-out to the only guessers nice enough to ignore the obvious fake and not make a complete sham out of the contest 

I'll be the contrarian and go with fish needing water. Everyone knows they need cornmeal and hot oil. ;)

Visit Scott @ Good stuff, maybe some controversy.  Thank him for guessing wrong!

I'm going to be different then everyone else and go with "Cow blamed for causing oil spill" as the fake. I have not done too good at this lately.

Find my favorite Mountain Man @

Interesting pictures and some good old boy wisdom.  Wish him luck     on the immigration of his lucky future bride, and buy a book from his on-line store.


Go and visit the rest of these front runners:


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  1. You have awakened the aviation historian in me: Both sides in the Civil War used hydrogen-filled observation balloons, which technically are "air craft". Calling them "planes" is a stretch.

    So, did the dog's owner not pay the $5 fee for in-flight crapping privileges?

  2. I'm going with the Howler Monkey story.

  3. I'm going with the Amazon Howler Monkeys make crude traps to catch fish one. The rest of your entries sound fine to me and several I've already seen the video or read about.

    Have a fabulous day. I linked you to Silly Sunday too. ☺

  4. wow! to think your weird mind thought up a fake headline that was already a hoax headline! :)

    gosh, seems the howler is a popular choice. i'm gonna take the 5 yr old strapped to a motorcycle just to be different.

  5. Going with the Amazon Howler Monkeys...I don't think monkeys eat fish, and they are way too smart to bother building something they wouldn't have use for.

  6. Yup definitely the howler monkeys.

  7. Heh, heh. I liked the heavy shit and your crawling binding. No guess this week.

  8. As you know I do not like to follow the crowd that much. I am going with Dog poops on flight and forces emergency landing. Unless it is a private or chartered flight I do not see them letting dogs in an area of the plane where if it poops the plane needs to land. Besides I would clean the mess up and say fly on.

  9. A plane forced to land because of dog poop? Say it ain't so, Joe.

  10. I think I'll go with the 3 parent babies!

  11. Because I was told many times that a monkey could do my job (surgical nurse), I hesitate to suggest the monkey headline...but I'm going with that one! P.S..Don't get those eyes checked, the red chairs have faded a bit! Thanks for stopping by today!


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