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Saturday, June 14, 2014


I had it pretty good growing up.   My family lived in comfortable homes, we never went hungry, we took regular vacations and in general we led a well- heeled solid middle class life.

My pop worked hard to give us that life.   He traveled a lot, worked late hours, and often cut his own vacations short for work.  My dad made sure to come to our events when possible.  He taught me to sail, to bowl and to play golf.  Dad went to all my football games in high school and captured them on 8mm film.

You would think that a son would be happy to reward a dad like this by doing small chores or favors without complaint. 

Well I did. 

There was one chore that I detested and I guess I was pretty good about not complaining, but it was horrible.

Sometimes when we were watching TV and a commercial came on, my dad would ask for a sandwich.   

“Joe, would you get up and make me a sandwich?”

“Sure pop, what do you want?”

Actually I knew what he would want and I shuddered to think of it.

“Just slap some liverwurst on a slice of bread.”

LIVERWURST!  Oh the humanity!

I still don’t really know what liverwurst is, I think it is some kind of pig liver sausage.  It stinks.  It has a pasty consistency.  It looks gross, it smells gross, and pops loved it.  It was all I could do to slap that crap on bread and not lose my dinner.   Just the thought of that smell brings back horrible memories.  The smell lingered, and just by preparing it the smell clung to your person.  There was no escape.

I grew up in a WASP family.  We were not demonstrative.  I don’t think I ever told my father that I loved him.

I did make him liverwurst sandwiches.  


  1. I gained thirty pounds in college on liverwurst sandwiches. On white with mayo. I've learned moderation in liverwurst.

    I'm sure your dad knew.

  2. i grew up eating them and continued eating it into my adulthood - always on toast. a few years back, i got grossed out and haven't touched it since. poor man's pate...

  3. Oh man... now, at 7:30am< I'm Jonesing for a liverwurst and onion sandwich on crusty San Francisco sourdough French bread with Dijon mustard.

  4. That is true love...and respect. A good dad like yours is priceless. Liverwurst--not so much.

  5. Have never and will never eat that. Gross

  6. Love comes in many forms and you making disgusting sandwiches for your dad qualifies as an act of love. I used to make cold bean sandwiches for my mother until I could no longer control my gag reflex.

  7. The word liverwurst, also known as Kentucky pate, is an anglicization of German Leberwurst, meaning "liver sausage". It is a sausage eaten in large parts of Europe, including Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Romania (especially in Transylvania). Source: Wikipedia

    I don't eat stuff like this either, but I know people that just love Liverwurst.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  8. Leberwurschtbrot! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh jaaaaaa! On mayo! Yes! Even better on butter! Yes! On fresh bread! Oh dear, what decadence!
    But when you are over middle age, you better leave it alone! :-)


  9. There is NOTHING wrong with liverwurst... (says the German).

    1. Yes there is, says the other German.

  10. A childhood staple. Perhaps your dad should have called it what my mom called it: spread meat. It came with a heavy pig intestine (I suppose) caseing that we peeled off and nonchalantly spread thickly on good white bread (Wonder bread, no doubt). A lot of mustard on the other slice, slap 'em together and there's your portable lunch. Oh, yum. Have you gagged yet?

  11. Evil stuff. A bouquet like a mixture of fox shit and malt vinegar. Classy.

  12. Around here, it's braunschweiger, and I'm eating a sandwich of it at this very moment. What a coincidence! I have not had if for at least six months, yet yesterday I decided I wanted it. Walmart was out. So today I had to buy the lesser braunschweiger from Save A Lot. Mmmm. Delicious on a Hawaiian Roll with an ocean of mustard and a slab of onion.

    You don't know what you're missing.

  13. Oy vey, a cup of chicken noodle soup and a half a liverwurst with red onion slice.....from Cantor's in LA, nothing better for lunch.

  14. I gag just thinking about it. It looks like it's already been eaten once, if you know what I mean.

  15. I think I might like liverwurst; it's hard to remember because it was so long ago that I had it, but I seem to remember being surprised that it wasn't as terrible as it sounds.

    You were a good son to make the sandwiches for your dad. Don't you know that there's no sandwich that tastes as good as the one that someone else makes for you? That's what I find anyway.

  16. Liverwurst=the poor man's pate.
    Liverwurst was a staple in our home when I was growing up. My dad and sister loved the stuff, mum too I think. I'm sure I must have eaten some at some point, on sandwiches of course, but I don't remember it. It came in a sausage type skin and once cut open the liverwurst was scooped out with a knife for spreading, or in the case of my sister, a spoon for eating. Urk! Being made of liver it's probably very good for you, but they can keep it.

  17. They might as well call it 'Loverwurst' Joe. If you made him liverwurst sandwiches, he knew.


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