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Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Mrs. Cranky has this thing, a one word thing.  Sometimes she will just turn to me and say, “Hungry.”  She claims she is saying “I’m hungry” and that she just mumbles the “I’m.”  I disagree; I call her the one word wife.

Late at night, right before turning out the light and the TV I hear, “Tired.”

In the winter with the window opened just a crack for fresh air,


I ask her if she wants anything for breakfast in the morning,



Step-crank Casey is with us at the Jersey shore for a week.  I mentioned her mom’s penchant for one word communication.

“You’re right she does that all the time.”

So now the two of us are having a little fun at Mrs. Cranky’s expense.

“Casey, do you want to go out for dinner?”

“Hungry.” (Remember how Frankenstein talked?  That is the one word thing.)

“What do you want?”


“When do you want to go?”



We have been doing this to Mrs. C for a day now.  I think we will tire before the week is up.  Maybe not.




  1. "Food!" is my favorite.

  2. If you resort to just pointing down your throats, Mrs. Cranky will have just cause...

  3. My witty comment did not post, "Error 503!' or some such. Perhaps we should all start blogging about the blogger problem. Overwhelm them, as it were.

  4. too funny! (frankenstein cracked me up!)

  5. Mrs. Chatterbox do this but we call it Tarzan-speak. But it's also very much like Frankenstein-speak. Say, is your Blogger Dashboard working? I can only access one blogger friend at a time and the "View More" button doesn't work.

  6. I knew there would be a "jerk" in the mix. She says that a lot.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. So far it works for her, saving time and energy. Got to love her endearment for you.

  8. My suggestion:
    She says "hungry" - you say "eat"
    She says "tired" - you say "bed"
    She says "cold" - you say "mittens"
    She says "stop!" - you say "nope!"

  9. My youngest son does something similar. We call them his famous "four-letter answers" - always delivered by text message.

    I'll type: "Do you want to go for lunch sometime this weekend?" - SURE

    "How's everything going?" - FINE

    "How are your classes?" - GOOD

    "Did you make it home OK?" - YEAH

    "I deposited the rent money into your account." - THNX

    Etc. Sounds like my youngest son and Mrs. Cranky would get along great.

  10. Funny. Grog laugh. (Oops....two words. Sorry to get so chatty.)


  11. She is conserving her energy until she is ready to give you a piece of her mind.

  12. Oh dear, I think I do this too - it's usually only reserved to two words, hungry and tired - I think it's something to do with the need to for it to be addressed immediately - I just don't have time for other words ...


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