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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Logic Train Missed Our Stop Again

The Logic Train Missed Our Stop Again

Last year, when we did a kitchen make-over, we also bought a new refrigerator/freezer. With much moving of boxes and tossing of stuff we managed to squeeze the old frig into our garage.  This was a big deal to me as we now had extra room for chicken, chops, and steaks which meant fewer shopping trips and more choices for the BBQ.

The garage is not heated; it is not even very well insulated.  I did not think that would be an issue when it comes to keeping meat frozen.  Apparently Mrs. Cranky has another idea.

The last four days the weather in New Jersey has been very cold*, balmy compared to much of the country, but for New Jersey it has been cold.  The temperature has been below freezing all day for four days, and yesterday it was never higher than 20 degrees.  It was down to zero all night.

This morning I was going out to the store for some breakfast staples (bacon,) and  before I left Mrs. Cranky made this request,

“Check the meat in the freezer before you go.”

“Why would I need to check the meat in the freezer?”

“Because it has been so cold, the freezer won’t work and the meat will thaw.”

“Why won’t it work?”

“I just know that sometimes when it gets real cold, the freezer won’t go on.”

“Well yeah, it won’t go on if it is so cold outside it does not have to go on.”


“But if the freezer won’t go on because it is too cold, how will the meat not stay frozen?”

“Because the freezer is insulated…look…I just know sometimes the meat will not stay frozen; would you just check!”


Surprisingly enough, despite the zero degree temperature all night, the meat which is in a well-insulated freezer in the frozen garage remained frozen.

I reported to Mrs. Cranky,

“The meat is still frozen, but unless the weather turns warmer, I’ll check it again tomorrow.”

Just because the logic train misses a stop, there is no point in arguing.

*This post has been gathering some dust.


  1. You've been married long enough to know that the only two words that you ever really need to know are... "Yes, dear" :)

  2. I sometimes went around these circles with my dear late grandmother -- a true Jersey Girl, if ever there was one -- she always ended any discussion with the words 'I know what I know'and then she would look at me in such a way as to dare to have an answer to that!

  3. Sounds like she's the Gracie Allen to your George Burns. :)


  4. I'd like to say that you have a place to stay here in Oregon when Mrs. Cranky throws you out, but I think you'd find MY Mrs. C. to be much the same as yours.

  5. Um ya. When that "logic train" is only a distant headlight way down the tracks there, you already know it ain't gonna stop.
    So why would you even try?
    Just say..."OK!" and leave it at that.
    And step back from the tracks!

    We have a tiny freezer in our (unheated) shed, and I take great delight this time of the year knowing full well that it's not ever coming on, since the whole outdoors is one great big freezer.

  6. I agree with Lowandslow!!

  7. Just doing your job(s), as you should.

  8. Sounds like you've got the "Yes, Dear" down. It's the glue that holds a marriage together.

  9. You were both right. Since it got to zero, you were good.

  10. Well, she could have had some experiences of her own to make her believe what she believes, logic or not.

  11. Logic would agree with you, but I remember my ex-inlaws having an extra fridge on their back porch. The manual for this refrigerator clearly advised against use in an uninsulated space during winter, as the temperatures might be too cold for the freezer to come on and keep the contents frozen.

    Made no sense to me. But I had just come from Germany and found a lot of American customs just made me shake my head.

  12. My dad used to blow up the Wonder Bread bag like a balloon, then put on the twist tie. I asked him why.

    "Because air is a good insulator."

  13. I've never heard of a freezer not turning on because the weather is too cold. Clearly it doesn't get cold enough for that to happen here.

  14. must .... not ... comment