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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sunglass Mystery

Sunglass Mystery
For years and years, I have never needed or used sunglasses.  Since I had my cataract surgery over a year ago I have needed sunglasses.  I guess when you eye lens is no longer cloudy you become sensitive to the sun. 

I need glasses for distance, so I bought shades which clip magnetically to my glasses.  They were not cheap.  When I bring them with me and I don’t really need them, there is always the chance I will lose them because I am just not in the habit of having sunglasses.


Today we took my youngest son to the train station to send him back to his mom in Massachusetts.  It was sunny out so I brought my sunglasses with me.  At some point I took them off and put them in a shallow plastic pocket in the passenger door (that’s right, Mrs. C generally does the driving.)  On the way back from dropping Spencer off at the station, the sun came out again and I reached for my sunglasses.


They were not where I clearly remember putting them.

“What’s the matter?”

“I put my sunglasses on the door and now they are not there.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure, I took them off when the sky got cloudy and put them on the door where I always put them.”

“Maybe they fell out at the station or at the sub shop where we stopped on the way to the station.”

“They must have fallen into the car, but I can’t feel them anywhere, can you pull over?”

We pulled over and searched the inside of the car.  Nothing.

We next stopped at the sub shop parking lot.  Nothing.

We were fifteen minutes away from the train station and I thought if we went back I would only find them run over and squished.

“Frig it, they're gone.  I’ll get new ones.  I don’t need them that badly.”

“Maybe you left them at home and just thought you brought them.”

“I took them.  I distinctly remember taking them with me!”

“Hopefully they will turn up.”

We had a few chores, and Mrs. C stopped at the rescue squad to give blood, and I forgot about the glasses.

When we got home, the sunglasses were smack dab in the middle of the kitchen table.

“You distinctly remember taking them with you?”

“YES…but maybe it wasn’t today.”



  1. I can empathis Joe, I'm always doing that with my biike. I either spend ages looking for it in town when its at home or walk home before remembering I cycled!

  2. I am sure you were right about taking them with you....the mystery is how they got out of the door and managed to get home before you did. :)

  3. ha ha. :)

    i didn't wear sunglasses for years, then got shamed into them a few years ago by a blogger pal. now i hope i haven't done too much damage to cause cataracts...

  4. After sitting beneath bright diamond lights in a jewelry store for years my eyes are sensitive to bright light. I don't go anywhere without my sunglasses, and like you my Mrs. C. does most of the driving.

  5. I started wearing sunglasses a few years ago, but I've always hated toting them around. Just like you I "lost" them many times. When I got new glasses a few months ago I got some that automatically darken when I go outside, and then fade back to normal when I go inside again. They're awesome.

    Now if I could just find my keys. (I do the driving.)


  6. I so know what you are talking about! ;-)

  7. You mean that is not normal behavior for everyone?? Sounds quite familiar.

  8. I have done this same dance and ended up with the red face of shame. One time I insisted to a fiscal officer that I had put my stack of pay vouchers on her desk and clearly remembered doing so. Then I walked back into my office, and there they sat on my desk. I think that I was remembering a previous pay period too, but I learned not to say "I'm sure I did" or "I'm sure I didn't"! My husband had those magnetic sunglasses too, they were great! I was thinking you were going to say you found them sticking to the outside of the car! :-)

  9. Haven't worn sunglasses for years, and attributed to to the cataracts. At least useful for something.

    However, since Monday woe to he who touches those polarized wrap arounds they sent me home with.

  10. My eyes are so sensitive to light, I never never never lose tabs on my sunglasses.

    Now my mind...that's another story. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

  11. good deal, dazed and confused. i hve pair of glasses like that complete with the shades. what a pain. standard clip-ons can at least be clipped on something to make 'em behave but these magnetic things have to be coddled. they're so fragile you can't even slip 'em in your pocket.

  12. Too Funny!

    I had a similar incident with a designer umbrella that my daughters are attached to; not that they use it often. You know it's not cool to use an umbrella unless it's raining cats and dogs.

    Anyway, thought I'd dropped it in the church parking lot; actually, was sure that I did because I searched the car high and low. Darling husband checked the lost and found, and then again the next Sunday. Nada.

    One day, while sitting in my car (driver seat), I looked down and there it was on the passenger side, mid floor and highly visible. Let's just say that it was under the seat (even though I checked there twice) and rolled out.

    Could be worse, right?

  13. Hmm. Glasses, gloves, ear muffs, purse, etc., etc. Yup, I get it.

  14. sir joeh! who said "jerk"??? hahaha!

  15. Those distinct memories are amazingly spot on.. it's just their timing that sucks. Funny stuff.