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Saturday, January 4, 2014



A cranky opinion on opinions for


The following is the opinion of a cranky old man.  Opposing views are welcome…they are wrong but still welcome and please no name calling; that means you, you big stupid head!


I have heard it said that opinions are like ass-holes, everybody has one.  Well every Saturday I have an opinion along with my…you know.  Many of my opinions are a bit tongue in cheek, some change from week to week.  Some opinions get lots of comments, some get almost none.  Most people are respectful, some get a little exercised, and sometimes my point is completely missed (poorly presented.)

A few of my opinions resulted in name calling even though I specifically state before each opinion post, no name calling.  Most comments I am happy to say are completely respectful.

I wish this were true in our everyday life.  Outside of my posts, it seems to me that most people are not respectful of other people’s opinions.  All over the internet, in newspapers and on the TV news, most opinions are followed by name calling and doomsday predictions. 

“You Liberal A-hole!”

“You Fox News goose stepping conservative radical!”

“Those are draconian measures, clearly racially motivated and mean spirited.”

“Another bleeding heart left wing fool trying to solve a problem by throwing money at it.”

“I disagree…IMPEACH HIM!”

“I disagree, FIRE HIM!”     

There are opinions which are totally politically motivated; most are based on genuine convictions and beliefs.  My wish for the New Year is for more considerate and respectful debates in our country.  Most political opinions are neither right nor wrong; there is only a matter of degrees.

Raise or lower taxes?

99% tax on income is probably a little high…one half of one percent of income is probably too low.  The effect of taxes is a matter of degrees.  Taxes should be set at a rate which maximizes revenues without hurting the economy or putting an unfair burden on any group or individual.  What is that rate?

Voter registration and validation, yes or no?

The system should assure that every voter is a legal voter, without discouraging or unduly inconveniencing any group or individual.  What measures are effective?  What measures are fair?

Gun control, good or bad?

The state should have the right to be reasonably sure that owners of guns are sane and responsible.  Weapons should be for recreation, hunting or protection.  Does anyone really want unlimited gun ownership by anyone, anytime anywhere?  Toddlers? Mental patients? In the movie theater, the court room, school?  Machine guns, bazookas, hand-grenades? The real argument over gun control should be the degree of control. 

These and many opinions will never be completely settled in this land, but they can be discussed respectfully, the other guy is not always wrong; he may have a legitimate point if we listen.  There needs to be compromise among reasonable people. 

It is one thing to disagree with an opinion, it is another to insult and demean the person.  As Dr. Phil often says, “no matter how thin you make a pancake there are always two sides”…well Dr. Phil is a complete idiot, so... never mind.


The preceding opinion was from a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.



  1. One thing I hate these days is how polarized everyone has got. No one seems to sit in the middle anymore, everyone's ranting and so contemptuous of the opposite view. And I hate it that people just assume people with the other opinion are stupid, selfish, mean or whatever.
    Didn't we all learn better than this as kids??

  2. polarized is a good word, jackie k.

    i usually can see both sides of an issue. perhaps i should run for congress? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

  3. Our kids gave my husband a poster with some mafia types sitting around the don, who says, "It's my opinion & it's VERY true!!"

  4. Could it be there are some folks who are confusing judgement with opinion...

    ...and that those same folks aren't qualified to judge?

    Anyhow, I try to determine ahead of time whether I'm making a judgement or expressing an opinion.
    Usually that takes long enough there's nobody else around to hear it.

  5. Somebody told me a while back that often there are MORE than two sides to every question. I have found this to be true, and I am convinced that if really polarized people try to see additional possibilities beyond simple yes or no, they could often find a way to solve a problem and get along.

  6. I think many of the issues you mention would be best approached in the spirit of compromise. To a certain extent I believe the media is responsible for polarizing us (24 hour news cycles need to be filled with something) but we tend to forget that there wouldn't be a United States were it not for compromise. I rally against many Republican ideas but I can't deny that our government spends money in foolish ways, and some of your headlines bear this out. A big change is necessary for each of us to realize our beloved country faces some significant problems and it's time to stop thinking about having everything our way and focusing on what's best for our nation.

  7. As an elected official with no authority I seldom bother to have an opinion. As the three with authority do a good deal of yelling and name calling, on the rare occasion I am asked for an opinion I say frankly, I don't give a damn. And I leave the room to join the real world.

  8. Spot on....again....Joe. "Reason" has become a foreign concept. Now we just do what we're told by one or the other of the media, which are just mouthpieces for the special interests. The masses are effectively dead from the neck up.

    Reasonable people could sit down together and find that degree of compromise you mentioned. I wonder if we'll EVER find them?

  9. Name-calling? My mom taught me the sticks-and-stones thing. And later, she told me to consider the source.

    As far as opinions, at least we can express ourselves and not be tossed, unclothed, into a cage with 120 dogs that haven't been fed for 3 days. If you can believe the headlines, anyway. I guess only Dennis Rodman knows for sure.

  10. It seems that the most heated debates and downright arguments come from those things we are most passionate about. That's when it gets hot, sweaty, ugly and downright nasty. Everyone tries to be right.

    I have been part of some of those as well as being the one to call it and say, obviously we need to simply agree to disagree on this particular subject. There are always different situations with different circumstances and all things considered, the outcome isn't always black or white, left or right, right or wrong. One of the biggest contributing factors in this? The lack of common sense in the world. That combined with everyone so worried about being politically correct.

  11. It's a fair point and well made Joe - you don't always have to agree with others oipnions but you should respect their right to have them.