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Saturday, June 22, 2013



A Cranky opinion for Cranky Opinion Saturday

The following opinion is that of a cranky old man, opposing opinions are welcome (wrong, but welcome) but please, no name calling, that means you, you big stupid-head.


So the Miami Heat snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in game six of the NBA championship series.  I missed it.  I am not a big fan of the NBA.  If the Knicks were playing I would watch, but otherwise not so much.  I will probably watch game seven tonight (Thursday.)  Maybe I’ll wait for the fourth quarter when the game usually gets interesting.

And that is why I am commenting on a game I did not even watch.  Basketball fans should know the game is not over until the buzzer buzzes.  Many Miami Heat fans left this game with Miami down by five points and 28 seconds remaining.  They left to get to their cars and beat the traffic, then when the game was tied up and going to overtime they went nuts trying to get back into the arena.  Security would not let them back in.  HA!

I never understand fans paying big dollars to attend an event, ticket prices for this game must have started at $50 or more, and then leaving before the game is over.  Even if the outcome is clear, I would not leave early.  I watched “Lincoln” until the end even though I knew he would be shot.  Anything can happen in a sporting event.  Stay to the end or let a real fan get a ticket!

The greatest games ever, in any sport, all go to the final play.  There is nothing as exciting as a big comeback.  Guess what there has never been a big comeback that did not look like a lost cause…THAT’S WHY THEY’RE BIG COMEBACKS!!

Why do people leave baseball games in the seventh inning?  How can you file out of a football game in the fourth quarter?


In the name of Magic Johnson, can anyone leave a championship basketball game with only 28 seconds left???  Twenty-eight seconds!!! Your team did not quit, why did you quit on your team?  Are you going to beat the traffic in 28 seconds?  If you are that worried about traffic, STAY THE FRIG HOME.  Watch it on TV.   You are not a fan, you are a poser.  You go to the game to say you were at the game.  Your life revolves around beating traffic?  You are not a fan.  A fan watches to the bitter end…just in case.  Traffic?  Take your time, hang out, and stop for a drink, that 28 seconds will not get you home that much sooner, and if getting home is so important, STAY AT HOME in the first place.

You are not a fan you people who exit early; you are as Mrs. Cranky so often calls me:


The preceding has been the opinion of a Cranky Old Man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky!

Update - The heat won the Championship Thursday night.  With 22 seconds left, Miami was up by 5 points.  No fans left the stadium.


  1. Like you, I'm not a fan of the NBA....I left before the opening tip-off. I didn't watch any of it.

    But you're right...the best games are the ones that are decided at the buzzer. I love to watch a football game where a team is behind by 2, then somehow gets into position to try a 54 yard field goal with 1 second left.

    Yeah, I've learned to always stay until the bitter end, too.


  2. Why is it that all the people who are leaving early are sitting in the middle of the row while I'm on the end?

  3. No NBA playoffs for me.

    The darn season's too long as it is.

    Then they spend two months with playoffs.

    If I did have a ticket, whether I paid for it or not, I would be there when the gates opened and stay until the bitter end.

    So I'm guessing, if the Warriors made the finals, I might watch.

  4. Oh, I love it when you rant so beautifully. This is a perfect blog.

    I totally agree.

  5. I was never a basketball fan, but my mom used to follow Dennis Rodman, no matter what team he played for. I was more of a football fan, but now I have a bad case of I-don't-care-itis.

    I don't presume to know the length of your teeth...but did you, perhaps, as a child, miss the end of the Heidi Game, between the Oakland Raiders and the NY Jets?

  6. I'm not a sports fan but I've also wondered about this. I'd stay to the very end to get my money's worth.

  7. "I watched “Lincoln” until the end even though I knew he would be shot." Haha! You always make me laugh. I don't get the leaving early thing either. Leaving during the credits of a movie, yes. Leaving before a game you paid a lot of money to attend is actually over, no.

  8. You are so funny with the Lincoln reference. Made me laugh out loud, but then again that's not all that uncommon of me when I read your blog posts.

    As far as leaving the game early, what a bunch of dummies. I bet they are hearing it now..."Dude! You were AT that game?! lucky! Some comeback, huh? I bet THAT was exciting to be sitting in the stands at that time, huh? What? You WHAT? You LEFT 30 seconds BEFORE THAT GAME ENDED? What are you, some sort of a moron? WHY would you leave??!! Next time, give ME the tickets! I sure as hell wouldn't waste them like that! What an IDIOT!"

    Yeah, they'll never hear the end of that one. Their friends won't let them.

  9. We used to own season tickets for our local AAA baseball team. We never left a game early except for a few times in April when it was raining and at least one of the children had actually frozen to death. I know; we were weak.