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Sunday, June 23, 2013



It is time once again for:



Hey, hey...eyes up here!


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments. 


One headline is completely made up.  Guess the fake and win a mention.



Experts Warn Eyeball Licking Trend Can Injure the Eye, Damage Sight – But is ok to do it until I just need glasses?

‘Colllege’ World Series opens with conspicuous misspelling on dugout – This is just sillly, I have loooked and loooked and I don’t see any missspelllings!

Biker culture comes to Vatican as Pope Francis blesses hundreds of Harley DavidsonsSo the Hell’s Angles now…ah…Saint Harley…er…Shoot, I’ve got nothing.  Seems like this headline should have a funny comment but…Anyone?

Alaska man, 63, charged with DUI on shopping cart – Man knocked over two-hundred cans of tomato paste when an officer told him to pull it over.

Texas woman arrested as suspected terrorist for taking pictures of Ranch Gates – Why would anyone be taking pictures of gates?  She must be up to no good!

Will California Let Boys Use Girls Locker Rooms? “Well yes, I look like a boy, but trust me in my mind I am a girl…could you pick up that soap for me please…thank you…now ah…where are the urinals?”

New Mexico woman unmasks robber to find grandson, police say – I wonder how many robbers she had to unmask before she found him?

Columbia's Cons: Ivy League social work program run by team of former prisoners – Charles Manson is slated to teach a course in Group Dynamics in a communal organization and the importance of delegating.

'Mickey Mouse' reinvented yet again in Disney's new animated shorts Mrs. Cranky has shopped all over for these animated Disney shorts, I told her I don’t want to be reinvented.

Ex-Yankees manager Joe Torre's daughter catches falling baby – The baby was fine until the ex-catcher’s daughter flung him to a manhole cover in an effort to double up a toddler.


Last week’s fake headline:

West Virginia woman freaks out over bad Drivers license picture, spills diet coke all over DMV worker – I think maybe the bad picture was due to the wacko in front of the lens!

And the winners are:

        TexWisGirl said...

i'm going with DMV photo this week. however, i read that the $23k ring was actually sold for $5 so maybe you're trying to sneak one over on us!

For great nature and fence photos see TexWis Girl

         fishducky said...

I think it's the West Virginia woman with the Deet Coke, because I don't think they drink the diet version there!! 

I’m going to stump her yet…go check out Fran’s blog  

Val said...

          I WOULD pick the $100 cigarette tax, but I think Bloomberg is wacky enough to come up with that.

I'm going with the West Virginia Diet Coke debacle. However...

        I thought, perhaps, this was a thinly-veiled vignette about ME. But I'm sure you would never, ever, refer to me as a wacko unless you've seen my actual driver's license photo. Besides, a Diet Coke is a terrible thing to waste on a DVM worker. And of course, I'm not from West Virginia.

Come on Val this WAS you…except you’re from Missouri…oops, my bad… Val writes some funny stuff over @


  1. "Experts Warn Eyeball Licking Trend Can Injure the Eye, Damage Sight"

    I'm impressed! I'll bet he has no trouble getting dates. ;)


  2. oh, i laughed and laughed out loud on the texas woman arrested for taking pics of gates!!! yup, that'll be me, someday! so i'm gonna have to go with that one as i've not been arrested...yet.

  3. I'll go for Texas woman arrested as suspected terrorist for taking pictures of Ranch Gates.

    I thought it might be the "colllege" onne butt I dno't si anny missspellens their, eitheer!!

  4. Texas woman arrested as suspected terrorist for taking pictures of Ranch Gates. ---I think this one might be fake.

  5. As usual, I refuse to play....I cannot believe any of these are real. Funny as hell, but unbelievable. the Pope and the Harley crowd....did you really mean to call them Hell's Angles???

  6. This wacko picks the Alaska shopping cart drunk. Because I don't think Alaska has 200 cans of tomato paste in one display.