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Thursday, December 27, 2012

WHEN I BECOME FAMOUS - A cranky re-run

WHEN I BECOME FAMOUS (From December 2011)

This holiday season I saw numerous products sold by famous people.  What does Justin Bieber know about scents? What does Kim Kardashian know about fashion?  Did these people go to fashion school; did they go to “Smelling-good” university?  I think they only sell stuff because they are famous.  It made me think, what will I sell in case I ever become famous?
  Here are my ideas:

OLD SPICEY DUDE A cologne for cranky old men - A musty, dusty, smell with a hint of grandma’s parlor, old cigars and a touch of gas.

CRANKY TEE SHIRTSA collection of loosely fitted sleeveless white tee shirts with cranky old man sayings in blurry print:

            “Help, I’ve fallen and I forget which way is up!”

            “I coulda kicked your ass 20 years ago!”

            “I am lost, please return me to a rich young lady with big hooters”

CRANKY BIG FOAM FINGER – Never mind the “we’re #1”; this large foam middle digit lets you flip the bird even with arthritic hands.

A COMB-OVER TOUPEEFor old geezers that want to look younger, but still fit in with their crowd.

CRANKY OLD DUDE BOARD GAME - Choose your token piece; a walker, a pair of shoes with the laces tied together, or a Li’l Rascal scooter.  Roll the die to see who can advance 20 squares and go from your bed to the TV in the den.  Watch out for road blocks!  “You hit a shag carpet, lose a turn” or “You crapped your drawers, go to the John, do not pass the handicapped ramp; do not collect your SS check.

These are just a few of my ideas to strike it rich.  All I need is fame and an agent!      


  1. I like the comb-over toupee. Better patent it before Donald Trump does.

  2. I think I've played that board game.. Grandpopoly

  3. Grandpopoly!!

    I don't know when, but I will steal and use that someday.

  4. There's a fortune to be made with these ideas!!

  5. Just make sure the writing on those T-shirts is high enough to be seen after you hike your pants up to your nipples. ;)


  6. You could invent a stylish new line of fancy lotions, made almost entirely out of Ben-Gay.