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Sunday, December 9, 2012



Sunday is time for stupid headlines of the week and my stupider, sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.

College Says “Men Working” Sign is Sexist – Is this a great country or what?  Where else would people have nothing better to do than get upset over shit like this.  “Persons Working” Wow, that’s much better…, the world is safe!  Hey, knock yourself and fight for stuff like this…I’m just sayin.

Insurance company tells man that he’s ‘dead’ – Man was understandable disappointed at the news, but at least now he can vote in Chicago.

Nursing aide indicted for allegedly posting photo of patient's genitalia on Facebook – Posting was responsible for Facebook instituting a Yuck Button!  Photo received over 148,000 Yucks.

College professor is arrested protesting bear hunt for 3rd straight year - You would think that a College professor would know there is a two year maximum for bear hunt protesting in New Jersey.

Bruce Springsteen’s Daughter Wows at Horse Competition – That’s pretty impressive unless it’s a beauty competition.

David Hasselhoff Dons a Santa Suit at the Beach – Baywatch star is used to working with Ho, Ho, Hos!

Man allegedly left pit bull to watch baby as he drank at bar – The baby was probably better off with the watch dog than the genius at the bar.

Russian premier jokes about secret files on aliensStrange unidentified creatures turned out to be the women’s Olympic track team.  

Man Accused of Stealing Same Bentley Twice – Man got caught when he reported his stolen Bentley as stolen, forgetting that he stole it again.  Man then went to a bar and left his pit bull to sit for his baby.

Government promises world won’t end on Dec. 21 – Government promises?  Now I am worried!


  1. "Russian premier jokes about secret files on aliens"

    ....or the old East German women's swim team. Did you notice the size of the Adam's apples on those girls, or their 5-o'clock shadows? Yikes!


  2. Joe, you absolutely nailed the bit on the 'Men Working' signs. Why does the stupidest stuff invariably come from colleges, which are supposed to be places where smart people hang out?

    And man, those insurance companies will do anything to keep from paying a claim. . .

  3. I really need to go find something really stupid to sue someone over. Too many dumb asses are making money that I should be getting.

  4. Some more great headlines! Definitely like the one about the Insurance Company. I'm sure if the guy would have demanded his money back for all those years he contributed money to his policy while dead, it'd be amazing how fast he came alive! Hilarious Sunday Funnies!

  5. FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The nurses aide story makes me say "What the hell is wrong with people!"

  7. Your last one has me feeling much more anxious about things than I was before I saw it. Government promises... Oh, my.

  8. Executing only guilty people. Good idea. Good thing the government is promising to keep the world from ending. I thought we were all in that convertible with Thelma and Louise.