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Friday, December 28, 2012

JOINING THE MILE HIGH CLUB - a risque re-run

JOINING THE MILE HIGH CLUB (from December 2012)


On the flight home from our recent vacation in Barbados, I joined a club I never thought I would have the nerve to join.  A mile above the ocean, I decided to go for it.  Mrs. Cranky gave me a knowing coquettish glance and I returned the look.

I bent down, undid my zipper and pulled out my tool.  It need turning on, but after just a short while I was all warmed up.  The passengers on the plane seemed to not notice or care as my fingers began to move sensuously.  Slowly at first, but soon I was pounding away, without a care about what the other passengers thought.  

As I got into it, the fact that I was on an airplane with 150 strangers did not bother me at all.  I kept at it with increased fervor until finally I was finished.  Mrs. Cranky looked at me when I was done and asked, “Was it good?”  “Not bad for the first time” I replied.

The task completed, I closed up my laptop, replaced it in its case and zipped it back up again.  One mile above the ocean, traveling more than four hundred miles an hour I had completed my first in air blog. 

At last, I am a member of the blogging mile high club.


  1. First time reading your blog and love it. Will be a regular visitor.

  2. To be a member of the other mile high club, I think you have to bring a friend!

  3. Snort. What else would one do with their hard drive?

  4. Well planned. Well executed. Well deserved membership.

  5. This is great!! I had a feeling you were leading us down the path in some direction, loved it! :-)

  6. Bet you are glad we no longer have to worry about floppies.

  7. I felt dirty just reading this. Keep up the good work.

  8. I feel like I need to take a shower now.