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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Over a year and a half ago I quit smoking.  It is wonderful not being slave to this terrible addiction, I feel healthier, lost that smokers cough and don’t get winded so easily.

On the bad side, food taste better and I replaced my cigarette oral fixation thing with a food oral fixation thing.  I gained 12 pounds.

I have tried to lose the weight, but have been unsuccessful.  It seems that to lose weight you need to cut down on calories and also increase exercise.  It is not that easy.  When I exercise my appetite increases, and when I eat less I don’t have the energy to exercise.

And then I stumbled on the perfect weight loss regimen.  I call it the “No power, spoiled food, nine day Sandy diet.”

Here it is:

The hurricane which recently rolled through New Jersey knocked out power in our townhouse for nine days. 

On day three, we threw out everything in the refrigerator and freezer.  I was forced to eat only oatmeal and raisins in the morning, peanut butter in the afternoon, and canned soup at night.

Cut down on calories….CHECK.

In order to keep our basement from flooding, I had to manually bail out our sump every two hours.

Get down on your knees.  Grab quart pot. Bend and scoop water into three gallon bucket.

Curse at Jersey Central Power and Light…optional.

Bend and scoop, bend and scoop…10 repetitions, then stand, grab bucket and climb the stairs.  Walk to front door, open and throw water as far from the house as possible.  Repeat three times.


We got power back last night.  I weighed myself and…drum roll…


Now if I can just maintain my weight until we go through three more hurricanes, I will be back to my pre-quit-smoking weight.

RT- When I hear rap music, it make me want to kill something.


  1. Seems a little drastic, but yeah, I guess that would work. I quit smoking about 34 years ago and figure I've saved about $6.7 million dollars. (Where'd it go?)

    I'm sure you'll think of some other way to lose those last 9 pounds short of surviving a storm that destroys half the country. Good luck!


  2. Congrats on quitting smoking!!! That is AWESOME! I wish my mom would. My dad did years ago. So happy ten more birthdays to you! :)

    I didn't know you lived in the area where Sandy hit! I have been trying to find out HOW to help in some say or send something there or do SOMETHING and I am not sure how to go about it (other than go through the bigger organizations and I wasn't sure how effective those were really).

    Glad to hear you have power again and way to go on the weight loss although that is a crummy way to have to go about it! Maybe if you go around helping bail others' basements out, your weight loss will continue.

    Anyway, let me know if there's a way I can help from my neck of the woods!

  3. Oh and I referenced/linked both you and Suldog in my latest give-away post! Link your Thanksgiving post to it and voila! You've entered the contest again! Done! :)

  4. I love how you always find a positive in at the negative going on around you Cranky.

    Congrats on 18 months with no cigs, congrats on losing 3lbs and congrats on finally getting some stable power back.

    Lou :-)

  5. Congrats on both quitting smoking and losing 3 pounds. You are good.

    I quit 38 years ago....immediately gained 35 pounds....sob......and I do not eat that much, honest......I blame it on menopause.

    Tell your readers to help displaced people by giving 10 bucks or more to the Red Cross (and contact to contribute to their "displaced pets" drive......they will ship food to shelters free.)

  6. How many people must suffer weather disasters just so you can look in tip top shape?

  7. I wondering how many times we will get hit with a snow storm this winter and be without power. The power crews do an amazing job on getting the power back on after a storm. Climbing up poles in weather that I would not even go outside in.

  8. Funny how there is almost always a silver lining if we look hard enough. Hope you can get some good food soon and still keep those pounds off. Wouldn't wish that disaster on anybody.

  9. 'grats on quitting smoking. I still smoke, but I'm young and invincible, sooo...

    On a serious note, I'm actually surprised you *only* lost three pounds during that time. Maybe your body was in shock and tried to store fat. That's what my trainer at the gym said when I was upset that I hadn't lost weight, despite exercising and cutting calories -- I'd cut way too many calories.

  10. Bunkering down for Cyclone Yasi cured my children of their fussy eating, if only for a few hours. Funny how cold spaghetti in a can tastes OK when there is nothing else on offer. Too bad I didn't have any mushrooms or capsicum to offer them, just to see if they'd eat it in abundance.

    Luckily for us, but sadly for my waistline, we were only affected by Yasi for just over 24 hours.

    Glad to hear you have your power back on again, Joe.

  11. Congrats on getting your power back on Joe, and congrats on quitting smoking also.

    It's been a long time since I quit but my wife quit this past year and like you has become addicted to food.

    Not sure how to fix this but I'd rather have her eating than smoking :)

    I may have to try a simulated Sandy Diet on her.

  12. Congrats on No smoking Anniversary and thanks for the tips you gave me in a comment to help me once again kick the butt's to the curb. Glad to hear your power is back too!