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Saturday, November 24, 2012



Recently I watched a TV talk show where tee shirts promoting drinking were excoriated.  “I vote for vodka” and “When I feel bad I get wasted” were tee-shirt examples cited.

A representative of MADD whose daughter was killed because of alcohol was on the show.  She advised that any child of hers would not be allowed to wear these shirts in her home…Clap, clap, clap, clap.

 I am on her side about drinking, it is bad and it should be discouraged especially with teenagers.  What caught my attention was when she stated that, “Studies have shown that these tee-shirts lead to teenage drinking.”

Without impugning the intent of MADD or belittling the loss this woman suffered, I have to call into question the studies she cites.  Why would anyone really do a single study much less multiple studies to determine if tee-shirts promoting drinking would actually increase teenage drinking? 

Could these tee-shirts actually cause a decrease in teenage drinking?  How would you do such a study?  I would guess that the teenage drinking might come before the tee-shirt wearing.

Once again, I am all in favor of reduced teenage intoxication, or reduced anyone intoxication.  I am just a bit tired of people citing studies to prove their point when these studies are clearly bogus.  I believe it takes credibility away from their cause.  If you lie about one thing you are probably lying about other facts.

This is why when I am in a discussion and someone cites a “Study” which confirms their stance, I ask them to cite the study, who did it, who paid for it and what was their methodology.  The reaction is generally, “You just don’t want to accept facts.”

Studies have shown that citing bogus studies to prove your assertions does not help persuade cranky old men.  


  1. "I would guess that the teenage drinking might come before the tee-shirt wearing."

    I agree. "I'll just wear this tee-shirt and maybe somehow the urge to drink will somehow leach through." Yeah, right.

    For enough money you can find an "expert" to say anything you want them too.


  2. The T-shirts are probably worn to make you seem cool and when people think you're cool they offer you booze and away you go. I do agree with your ire over all these studies. Mark Twain once said, "The darnedest thing about paper is that it will lay there and let you write anything you want on it." Same is true with studies.

  3. My mind is made up--don't confuse me with facts!!

  4. So many opinions are nailed down and sealed by Bogus Studies. Drawing conclusions has turned into cut and paste.

  5. I think the ponds institute does those studies.