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Monday, November 19, 2012


A classic argument between men and women revolves around men’s inability to remember dates.  Women remember the exact date of any event they consider important.  Men vaguely remember the year…maybe the month and year.  Because women remember the exact date so easily, it is very upsetting to them when a man does not also remember.

Women correlate remembering the date with caring.  If you cannot even remember the date of an important event, then you must not even care.

Mrs. C remembers the exact day of our first date.  She remembers the first day I texted to her 143.  She remembers the first day I verbalized 143 and told her I loved her.  She remembers the date of everything.  Not just the date, but the day of the week that date fell on. 

How do women do it?  What gives them this skill that men do not possess?  I think it is simply a matter of biology and anatomy.

Because of anatomical and biological womanly functions, women are keenly aware of at least one day of every month.  They know when that day is due, how many days after they will be affected and when possible, plan their activities around this day and the following 4-5 days.

Because they are always keenly aware of this monthly event they always have a frame of reference to remember all other important days in their life.

When was the first time my husband took me to a movie?  Hmmm… it was March, eight days before I was expecting my regular event…It was March 9th, a Friday.  What day did we get engaged?  It was December, two days after my monthly event ended…December 19th…a Sunday.

If women want their man to remember important dates, they should mark their calendar.  Circle your lunar event, mark the number of days that will follow, and adjust the calendar as irregularity requires.  You will be surprised at the results.

What day did Aunt Martha have her operation?  Hmmm…it was in July; three days before…you know…that would make it July 19th…a Tuesday.


To really drill the importance of dates to your mate, inform him that every month you are going to kick him in the balls when he least expects it, and make sure he knows what day that event will occur.

When are we supposed to go out with the Frankles?  Hmmm…As I recall it will be one week after you kick me in the balls this month…that would be the 17th…Saturday.

It is really very easy to remember dates, as long as you have a consistent frame of reference.


  1. "As I recall it will be one week after you kick me in the balls this month…that would be the 17th…Saturday."

    Just one question, dear. Remind me again who the Frankles are?


  2. Hmmmmm. . . interesting theory. . .

    But you know, between my wife and me, I'm much better with dates than she is, and she's never kneed me in the balls, not even once. . .

    'Course, I could tell you a whole bunch of ways in which the two of us 'break stereotype', but that would probably just cause you to lose respect for me. . .


  3. You're absolutely right. I've known it for years. That's probably why women become more forgetful when they get older. I don't know what the men's excuse is.

  4. From one of my old posts:

    Are you familiar with the fishducky theory as to why our memory seems to disappear as we age? If not, don’t worry. I’m going to tell you. What was I talking about? Oh, yes—memory. If you subscribe to the theory, as I do, that the brain is like a computer, then you know that it has a finite number of memory bytes. As we age, gravity pulls these memories down, filling first our feet, then our legs, our bellies & butts (which would also explain why many older people seem to have gained weight in these areas) & finally reach our brains, which eventually become full. Since humans don’t have a DELETE key, there is simply no room for new memories. This is why we people “of a certain age” can remember who sat next to us in the 3rd grade but have no idea of what we ate for lunch yesterday. We are NOT forgetful—WE ARE SIMPLY FULL!!

  5. You make a convincing argument for men wearing a cup at all times, at least those of us with poor memories for dates.

  6. I have actually never remembered dates per my menstrual cycle. I do remember dates better than anyone I've dated, though.

  7. I sometimes forget that women have a menstrual cycle in between the horrid event. Then I re-visit the shock I felt at 10 yrs old upon finding out this horrid event was going to happen every month for the next forty years or so.

    I only remember dates I am interested in. Therefore, the romantic and baby related dates are linked strongly to the relevant emotional memory, which is why I can remember Hubby first told me he loved me on a Wed. ;-) Cos EVERYTHING about that day was made so much more important in my memory by association.