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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Posted from the parking lot of Lowes in East Brunswick, N.J.

As I write this the election has just started.  I am in my home without power fighting to get the temperature above 60 degrees.  I will try and vote later today, though I am not positive I am registered since I moved recently from one town to another.  I have several thoughts on this election before the final results are in.

If the election is very close, will I hear that old argument that our President should be chosen by popular vote?  If one candidate wins on the Electoral College and another has the popular vote there will be much crying.  I am personally in favor of choosing a candidate based on the popular vote, but until that happens the popular vote is meaningless.  Why?

My State is going to vote for President Obama.  That has been known for over a year.  Many people, possibly myself will not vote because they feel their vote is meaningless as the electoral vote in New Jersey is already a sure thing for President Obama.  Campaigning is based on the Electoral College system.  States that are assured to go to one candidate will have less get-out-the-vote resources spent in a losing cause.  There are probably only about six states where both parties actively campaign for the Presidential race.  Claiming victory based on popular vote is like a football team claiming victory because their team had more offensive yards than the other team.  The score is dictated by the rules.  We play for Electoral College votes, not popular vote.

My other thought is how many votes were cast because of candidate’s positions on abortion, women’s rights, civil rights, Gay rights and other social issues.  These are important of course; I just do not think the eventual Presidential winner will have as great an influence on these issues as many people think.  These issues are just incredibly complicated.  For instance, are you in favor of abortion?

I don’t think anyone thinks abortion is a good choice as a form of birth control.  I also don’t think anyone wants to see unsafe back alley abortions that were so common before the 1970’s make a comeback.  Abortion laws are not going to change significantly.  Arguments to the contrary are simply scare tactics. 

Should Gay people be allowed to marry?

Whoever is elected President may or may not effect change in this matter, but the movement towards Gay marriage and Gay rights in general is clear and probably unstoppable regardless of who is the President.

What about Women’s rights?

Laws are in place, women’s rights are here.  Society may still have to adjust, but the laws are in place.  Do women get paid less than men for the same work?  Possibly in some cases, it probably depends on who is doing the survey.  There are also probably some cases where women get paid more than men for the same job.  This is not something that laws can easily rectify.  How do you determine which jobs are equal?  This issue will only be solved by supply and demand in the labor force.

Whoever wins this election I believe social issues will work out in favor of what is fair and right.  If President Obama wins he will not be as liberal as many conservatives fear.  If Mr. Romney wins he will not take us back to the stone-age as many liberals fear.

Regardless of who wins this election, our economy will survive and eventually thrive.  One philosophy might achieve this faster, but adjustments will be made and we will succeed. 

The success of this country does not hang on the decision made today, but on the decisions made in 1781, decisions that assure our country will not fall to dictatorship, that ultimately the people dictate the actions of our government, and ultimately the people will be correct.

God bless the USA, and please…whoever wins this election…give him the respect the office deserves.  Regardless of who wins:



  1. I couldn't agree more. This is why we have checks and balances between branches of throw out the extremes and settle somewhere in the middle.

    Excellent post.


  2. As an outsider looking in, I hope Obama wins - there's something about Romney I just don't like, scary bloke. US doesn't need a "Change" it needs a steady hand on guiding the nation out of a depressed economy.

    That's my opinion, anyway!

  3. Another good post. I think much of the frustration from the past four years came from those who disrespected the current president and decided that vilifying him for four years was more important than helping solve the countries problems. I'm a firm believer in compromise, but only one party compromises these days. I long for the times when the minority party cared more about the good of the country than it did pursuing its own political agenda. Tom Brokaw was a coward last night when he said "both" parties have refused to reach across the aisle. Biden was told by his Republican friends in the Senate on Inauguration night that Republican leaders (Mitch McConnell) had forbidden any Republican from cooperating on anything. Maybe if Obama wins the minority party will finally fulfill its Constitutional function to help govern.

  4. A well thought out & well written post!!

  5. Oh, Joe, you seem to present a reasonable position, but I find too many flaws. I do not believe that a party that lies, cheats and votes us into wars to boost the ego of their leader has the good of the country at heart. I will take inept attempts to do good over obvious attempts to thwart the doing of any good.

    But then I am an unabashed cockeyed, wellmeaning liberal so you know where I stand.

  6. My state's one electoral college vote always goes Republican. It doesn't make a difference for me to vote if I want to vote Democrat. Also, I have been absolutely disgusted with the disrespect I've seen aimed at the current President. It doesn't matter what your views are - the position of President demands greater respect than he has been given throughout this election period.

  7. A good post Cranky. As you know I live here but have no vote, and I have made it clear recently that I am glad to not have a vote - Despite this i have found myself looking a the issues and weighing up my position.

    My problem is that no matter who wins - there will be good and bad. Whoever wins will spend the first 2 years of his term trying to put right the bad stuff of his predecessors', and will then only leave himself 2 years to do his own good stuff and his own bad stuff - cos in all options there is good and bad!

    The Presidents and Prime Ministers that are remembered for doing more good stuff than bad, seem to be the ones, who managed to get re-elected for that 2nd term, and so gave themselves a longer period to get their good stuff done and dusted, and thus are remembered in a better light. For this reason I am glad that Obama will get his 2nd term. I will be interested to see how much good stuff he can now do with an extra 4 years! Perhaps the term of office should be changed to 6 years to give all presidents the chance to do more good as well as clean up the bad from those they succeed!

    As for some of the issues this time around. To even talk of denying a woman's right to decide about her body regarding abortion and birth control is a step back into the dark ages, and is not something that should be n anyone's agenda in my opinion. NO abortion should not be the 'go-to' method of birth control, but neither should it be taken away as a right!

    I agree with your comments on gay rights, and in accepting that there are gay people in society- once again they should never even enter into a presidential campaign. I am sure that some where it says "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" - I defy anyone in this day and age to be in a position of being 'sin free' and thus able to cast aspersions on anyone else. We should spend more time on ensuring that people are treated properly in relationships than whether they are in a same sex relationship - You can't tell me that being in an abusive heterosexual relationship should have more credibility and rights than to be in a loving and caring same sex relationship - it just won't wash.

    Anyway, I could go one, but as I said, I do not have a vote and therefore technically no voice in the US. However, by the next election I will have, and I am feeling more confident about using it. I used to tell people in the UK not to moan about the outcome if you don't exercise your right to vote! BY not exercising that right, you give up your right to moan and groan when the person you didn't want gets into power - whether it is considered a 'safe' seat or not!

    Have a great day - Hope you get some power back on soon, and can transmit via home internet rather than Lowes...

    Lou :-)

  8. Well thought out and well written

    Respect the office... yep, yep, yep!

  9. So long as those decisions made in 1781 are not completely gutted, I can live with it. I shall be crankier than even you tomorrow.

  10. I agree with most of what you have written. I do think, however, that regardless of which way your State is going it is still important to cast your vote -- it is the only way to get a true feeling of what kind of divide there is on candidates. I believe people should stand up and be counted whether or not their person wins. And it is just possible there could be some surprises along the way.