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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanksgiving First

Thanksgiving First

A Mr. Jim Sully of the blog “Suldog” fame  has a bug up his butt on the early commercialization of Christmas. 

I say rightly so! 

I realize stores need to make money and The Christmas Season often makes or breaks many establishments but the decorations and Christmas music before Christmas dilutes the Holiday.  This early start to Christmas also diminishes Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday and it should not be pushed aside before Christmas.  Perhaps the solution is to change some traditions which would give the merchants their season sales, honor Thanksgiving, and halt the dilution of Christmas.  What am I suggesting?

Gift giving on Thanksgiving! 

Yes, on Thanksgiving all the kids, grandkids, spouses, and parents should exchange the (new) Traditional Thanksgiving Gifts.  This would generate some real Thanksgiving excitement.  Think of it…what a glorious day it would be…football, turkey, sweet potatoes, pie, stuffing and STUFF!

An extra gift giving holiday would give merchants a boost without diluting Christmas and would at the same time add some new luster to a great holiday.

Gifts would be left around the highly decorated corn stalk tree.  Little children would sit on the lap of the “Great Turkey” at the department store and ask for their Thanksgiving Gift.  New Thanksgiving songs can be created and Justin Bieber can record the first Thanksgiving album.

“Deck the bird with Grandpa’s ax head”

“We Wish You were much more Thankful”

“Giblets Smells”

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Drumstick”


We could celebrate this holiday in school until atheists figure out that the Pilgrims were not really thanking the Indians, but in fact they were extremely (gasp) religious folks who were thanking (double gasp) GOD!

If we created the tradition of gift giving on Thanksgiving people would not be able to prepare for Christmas until after December first, a manageable and reasonable start to the Christmas season.

I support Suldog’s cause of not starting the Christmas madness until after Thanksgiving.  I think we can accomplish this by making Thanksgiving almost as big a deal as Christmas.    


  1. I think you and Jim are on to something here. I'm in!


  2. I think being without power for so long has done something to your brain......

    You guys are craaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyy!

  3. Nah..that would dilute the BIG Christmas pressies. My birthday is two weeks after Christmas...believe me I've never had a decent gift because everyone is broke after the Christmas buying and giving. If you add another gift giving day before my birthday, I'd end up with torn paper and crumpled ribbons wrapping up a half empty cologne bottle for my birthday. Hmmm...maybe I can change my birthday to before Thanksgiving? That'd work :)

  4. Let me know when you're ready for my mailing address so you cansend me my Thanksgiving gifts.

  5. Great Post my Friend, I need to get mine posted before it's after Thanksgiving

  6. You have even weirder ideas than I do--but this might just work!!

  7. Not to worry about us atheists. We already know that Thanksgiving is a holiday we created to cover up a brutal and violent occupation of this land. :)