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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

IT’s Not That Easy

IT’s Not That Easy
All right you TV snobs, move along, nothing to see here.

Pat Sajak,  the MC of the popular TV game “Wheel of Fortune”, is out recovering from an operation.  Pat has been the MC for almost 117 years.  His assistant Vanna White, whose job it is to turn over letters, has been with him all 117 years.  I must say they both look damn good for being over 137 years old.

Actually, the show has only been on for around 40 years.  Vanna still looks damn good!  Pat…come on, he’s a dude, I guess he still looks OK.

While Pat recovers, Vanna is taking over duties as host.  The job of host is not that complicated.  Introduce the contestants, patter with them a bit, call out numbers and letters, comment on where the wheel stops and so on.

Vanna has been around so long she surly knows all the rules and she has seen Pat for so long she knows what she has to do as host.  I tuned in tonight to see how Vanna would do.  I expected she would be fine, maybe even better than Pat as even at her age she is still eye candy.

Vanna did great.  She ran the show, directed all the action, was pleasant, is still good to look at.  I mean who needs Pat?

Ah, but the show was horrible.  It is just not as relaxed and comfortable with Vanna as host.  She was fine, it just turns out that being a TV host actually takes a special skill and personality.  Vanna does not have it.  I mean she has a wonderful personality, just not the right one for a TV host. 

The novelty of Vanna as host wore off before the first commercial.  Who knew Pat Sajak was so good at the job?  I always figured anyone could be a TV host.  Nope.  Pat has nothing to worry about, when he is healthy the job will still be his.  I suspect Vanna will be very glad to have him back.

Sorry Vanna as a host you just do not have it.  On the other hand, I’ll bet Pat would suck at turning over letters.


  1. You're right, some people have it, some don't, but what was the solution to the puzzle up there?

  2. Poor woman, at least she enabled the show to go on in the usual hosts absence.

  3. I heard that Minnie Mouse turned the letters? Lol, how was she?

  4. I dislike Sajak I will only watch if muted. And why does Vanna even have a job? Those letters could turn on their own - technology! I don't get it's appeal. Then again, maybe because I can't spell :-)

  5. I wondered how she did as host; now I know. Its a wonder they didn't just put the show on hiatus during the time of his recovery and run reruns.


  6. I saw her interviewed and she laughed saying in all the years she did the show, she never paid attention to what Pat did. I didn't see her effort but evidently she really didn't pay attention.

  7. I didn't watch it, because I was busy gazing at my collection of modern art. Heh, heh. No. Maybe the contestants were uncomfortable, kind of like students with a substitute teacher. No matter how good or nice the substitute, it's not same atmosphere.

  8. Poor Vanna, poor Pat. Each have a different position in life.

  9. They taped on location in NOLA a couple of times, and someone who worked with her said Ms. Vanna was a real trouper. They have each found their perfect niche.

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    1. Gee, my children are all wealthy and getting more richer every day, but then they are intelligent and know how to work hard. Sorry that you are a loser, it must really suck.

  11. I'm hardly a tv snob but wow the last time I saw Wheel was around 1984! I'll give it a look-see tonight (now that I'm retired and done wrecking the economy) :^\

  12. I'm typically in my kitchen when the show is on, so I see it often; along with Jeopardy right after. I saw her doing an interview and she admitted that it's not easy. She jokingly said she really doesn't pay that much attention to what Pat is doing. Anyway, I guess the taping of all the shows took a few days, so maybe she'll get better. I'm watching to see if practice makes perfect... well, if practice makes you more comfortable and better, something that can be applied to most things in life.
    I gotta laugh though at one area of necessary improvement, though at this time, it's probably a done deal: She sounds like she's praising little children when they solve a puzzle. :)

  13. ps. Maybe it's southern thing.

  14. Pat would like silly in all those designer gowns Vanna wears anyway.


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