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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Napus Interuptus!

Napus Interuptus!
Not real, but a Stunt Cranky
Saturday, I came home from a difficult afternoon of practicing golf. 

Chipping, putting and hitting at the range for almost an hour in the 60 degree fall New Jersey heat was exhausting.

Mrs. C was back from a Zumba class and was puttering around the kitchen.

“I’m going downstairs to watch the game.”


It was a good game, Texas vs. Oklahoma.  I root for Oklahoma as I spent the first 8 months of my life in Oklahoma.  I don’t really remember the state very much, but I’ve never lived in Texas so…

Generally, Saturday afternoon watching college football is nap time.  Mrs. C knows this well.

A little after the first quarter I drifted off.  I had hit a dream three wood on the par 5 fourth hole when Mrs. C hollered.


Actually, it was more of a screech than a holler.

“WHAT?” I hollered back as I almost jumped out of my seat and missed a dream eagle putt.

“Before you fall asleep, take the laundry out of the dryer.”

“Are you kidding me?  If I take the laundry out, I have to also fold it.  That will take 15 minutes at least.  Fifteen minutes will completely ruin any nap opportunity.”

“Well take it out after your nap!”

“Thanks to you, that ship has sailed!”


Actually, it turns out the ship was still at dock and I eventually enjoyed a wonderful nap.  I woke up just in time to see Oklahoma take a knee and win their game.

I then took out the laundry and folded it.

It was a good day, and a good nap; but because of napus interruptus, I missed a dream eagle on the par 5 fourth.


  1. Sorry for your loss of putt. It seems that Mrs. C has that psychic ability to sense the worst time to get your attention. Hick does it with phone calls, as if he can see that I'm driving, or carrying my magical elixir down 13 steps to my lair. The Pony got Friday off from classes at OU, due to the big rivalry. Or to mostly quote him: "Since it's OU-Texas, they expect us to be drunk as f***. Oh, crap. Sorry."

  2. I love a nice nap. Unfortunately, I've been taking one around 6pm till 8pm and then going to bed. It's been a tough few weeks at work!

  3. Well it ended well even though it was a bit interrupted. Always love a good nap. I'm sure work would frown on it though.


  4. Funny. Almost as funny as you rooting for Oklahoma.

  5. I find I have to take things out of the dryer and fold them right away. If I leave them in there the wrinkles set and everything needs ironing. I don't iron, so I get in there and fold everything as soon as the dryer stops.

  6. I'm okay with the washing, no ironing necessary.
    I have never napped. Do you think I should learn how or is it too late?

  7. The worst thing about taking a nap is waking up suddenly and finding I have missed my turning off the highway.

    God bless.

  8. Glad you could get back to what was important. Naps add years to our lives.

  9. A little after the first quarter I drifted off. ...... I am more quicker than that.
    And Naps Interrupted is very annoying.

  10. Well if you had to have an interuptus...

  11. Like you, if i am awakened, the chances of getting back to sleep are much less. Naptime should be sacred.

  12. your skills to rejoining your nap sounds excellent dear Joe :)

    i have started to take naps since almost a year but mostly i just lay and get up without having one unless i am very tired so i would say tiredness is such blessing lol
    hubby naps and it amazes me he can do it regularly


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