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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Who Wants it More?

Who Wants it More?

I was just reading an article about an upcoming football game.  One of the quotes from a coach was,

“It will all come down to who wants it more.”

This has always been my favorite bull-dinky coach comment.  Just incase your team loses, you can just say,

“The other team wanted to win more.”

Sort of hard to disprove I guess, but what does it really mean.

I remember when I was in high school playing football, and I must have heard a thousand times,

“You guys don’t want it bad enough!”

Like that is supposed to get a player to try harder.

“You don’t want it bad enough”, or “They just want to win more than you do” is a coaches way of saying, “It’s not my fault, I coached the hell out of you and I have a great game plan, if you lose it is your fault.”

I suppose coaches think they are inspiring their players.  Sometimes inspiration works…for maybe five or ten minutes, usually inspiration loses to superior players.

When I was a 170-pound high school defensive tackle, and a 230-pound offensive lineman pushed me around the field, he didn’t do that because he wanted it more than me, he pushed me around because HE COULD. 

A sporting event is won or lost because one team is just better.  Maybe they are just a little better on a given day, maybe they just caught a few lucky breaks, but a team never wins because they wanted to win more than the other team.  That is especially true when the game is for a championship and or lots of money.

Sports experts love to espouse this crap.  Well, I guarantee that the team that wins a game does not win because they wanted to win the most…it does not work that way. 

While I’m at it, no one, no matter how much they want to win can ever give more than a 100% effort.  You can not give a 110% effort coach; take a math class dickhead! 

The reason your team is not blocking and tackling very well is because the other team is better at avoiding blocks and tackles than your team is at blocking and tackling.

Telling your team that they need to execute better is really just saying “You need to play better.”

Telling your team they need to try harder is really just saying,

“You need to play better.”

Telling your team they need to play better is not coaching, it is a coach’s copout.

It is like saying that in school I would have had the number one grade point average, except 543 people wanted it more than me, I just didn’t execute, and I should have tried harder.

Come to think of it, that explanation is better than, 

"I was just stupid!"  


  1. When I was young I wanted to win the Lottery. To win big and live in luxury with beautiful women, wine and song. I could perhaps give up the song for more women! Anyway, there is nothing I wanted more! I really wanted it more than anything else. I prayed about it time and time again that God would make me win the Lottery.

    It never happened. Years later I learnt, like you say, that wanting it more than anyone else is not enough. To win the Lottery you should at least buy a Lottery ticket.

    God bless.

    1. 33 years of buying tickets hasn't worked either. Yet.

  2. The words 'try harder' still resonate in my brain. Perhaps it's time to give the brain a rest haha.

  3. Never thought of it that way but it does take the coach off the hook.

  4. Two or three times a week I play racquetball ~ mostly with the same group of 10 to 12 women, and sometimes pick up games with the guys (which is always a little risky, 'cause they hit the ball really hard, and those bruises are ugleeee!). I always want to win. I try really hard to win. There are times when I can hit exactly what I want to and win, and there are times when I just struggle to get the ball to the front wall. :-) Desire just isn't enough.

    Lol, Victor!

  5. That is pretty silly advice to give. Must have some coach guide out there with moronic pep talk sayings.


  6. If you aren't that good, work hard to become better, don't just throw platitudes around.

  7. Sometimes, all the hard work in the world can't build a championship team. A past principal once told me, "You can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t." Matter-of-factly, not in a mean way.

    1. This is why some of our Prized teams aren't winning, they keep swapping (Buying) players from one team to another so none of them gets used to playing with a particular team method, which means they're at a loss out on the field.

  8. I just watched the Ohio State - Michigan State game. I think the reason Ohio State won is because they are better.

  9. Our football is different to yours and I don't know if we have "game plans" other than "kick more goals and win". but I did once hear a father say to his daughter's netball team, "pretend you're on the other team, think about their next moves and foil them. They won 90 to 0 that day. So that seems like a good game plan.

  10. This is why I could never play on a team.

  11. When my boys played sports growing up they would play their hardest. Sometimes they would win, sometimes they would lose. We just said, " well, that's the way it goes...lets get some pizza".

  12. "Insult them and make'em mad and they'll miraculously play better" is what I believe is the strategy of some coaches.

  13. i don't appreciate such encouragements that comes with weird words ans specially negative emotions dear Joe

    i so agree that winning is not about being better team it depends upon day to day performance and
    how psyche of each player works at that day
    it also depends on collaboration among player on specific day


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