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Friday, October 25, 2019

Just Another Day At the Cranky House

Just Another Day At the Cranky House

Yesterday, out of nowhere, Mrs. C asks me,

“Did you notice I cleaned up your soap and sponge rack?”

“You mean that thing behind the kitchen sink faucet?”


“I didn’t know it needed cleaning.”

“It was a mess, because YOU don’t use the SOS pads correctly.”

I thought to myself, “Here we go again.”

“There is a correct way to use an SOS pad? I thought you just wet them and scrub, then rinse them and put them away.”

“That’s what YOU do.  You should wet the pan and then use the SOS pad in the wet pan.  That way the SOS pad does not drip gunk all over the tray.”

“So, don’t get the pad wet first, get the pan wet and then use the pad…but then won’t the pad get wet and drip gunk?”

“No, my way the pad only gets wet on the part that touches the pan, it does not get wet enough to drip gunk.”

“But if you only wet the outside of the pad, you don’t get any soap out of the pad.”

“And that’s why it does not drip gunk.”

“But it is the soap that cleans the pan!”

“My way gets some soap, just not enough to drip gunk.”

“Here is an idea, how about I just leave the pans for you to clean?”

“No, because you are the one using the pans, I don’t even eat breakfast.  I’m not cleaning up your mess.”

“Well apparently you just did when you cleaned the gunk off the soap and sponge holder that I didn’t even know was dirty.”

“That’s different, that dirty holder drives me crazy.”

“Well using SOS pads without getting them wet first drives me crazy.”

“That’s why you’re a jerk!”

“You’re the only person in the world who wets the pan and not the pad, and you don’t even do that, I clean the pots, you just tell me how to do it.”

“You’re still a jerk!”

And so it goes, if it’s not one thing, it’s another!


  1. This reminds me a bit of the "who's on first" comedy routine, kind of an endless loop.

  2. This made me laugh so much - such a typical husband and wife conversation! I spend my whole life trying to persuade my partner (the untidiest man in the world) to be tidier but it all falls on deaf ears. I don't know why I don't just save my breath!

  3. Wow. Joe if you wish to do pots and pans at my house I promise to not say a word about how it's done. I will silently clean up what bothers me when you're done just like I do with my husband. I am just thankful he is cleaning up or cooking!

  4. Its like that rule book.

    1. I'm always right.
    2. See #1.

    Seems like Mrs. C will always be right in your household. So like I think you do, just go with the flow :)


  5. You got it wrong, JoeH. You should wet the pad, scrub the pan, then dry the pad in the toaster.

    God bless.

  6. You know, I think I have been doing it the wrong way as well.

  7. I see a trend can't do anything right. It does make for interesting blog fodder though.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. 😎

  8. Sounds like a comedy routine! ☺ We have similar conversations; comes from being together for so many decades.

  9. It pains me to take your side over Mrs. C. makes sense to me, a non-SOS-user, to wet the SOS first and get the benefit of the soap. I might suggest that you clean out the holder gunk once a week, though.

  10. I'm with Val here, wet the pad to take advantage of the soap, but I also wet the pan, then I squeeze the pad a bit to get excess water out before I put it away, that way it doesn't drip. I'd say your best idea might be to do things your way, but clean the pad and sponge holder too.

  11. Invest in some non-stick pans. I never use SOS pads.

  12. No SOS pads here. I didn't like them because they made a mess. They rusted too. The End

  13. Easy solution. Do what I do: put the dish with the used SOS pad UNDER the sink. Out of sight, out of mind, and if it's gunky, who cares?

    1. (*~*) I care, if it's gunky it gets cleaned, out of sight or not.

  14. Lol, I have been doing it the wrong way to I wet the pad and pan, but I have to clean up after myself so it doesn't matter I do think I will try Mrs. C way the next time.

  15. While i tend to do it your wife's way, i don't fuss about the dripped gunk when it happens. After all, i have it on a piece of paper towel that i throw away when it gets bad enough.

  16. Ever had that feeling that you can never win?

  17. I don't use SOS pads because of that goop factor. Wish I knew about the just wet the pan method but now I will stick to my Scotch green pads and a little Bar Keepers Friend -- cleans the pan and then the sink, rinse and done.

  18. Been so long since I used one am not sure how I used it. However, between you and Victor, I got a good morning chuckle.

  19. Lol, don't even get me started on loading the dishwasher. Thanks for the laugh!

  20. along with soap i use pad though they are rectangle instead round dear Joe

    when it comes to kitchen chores i have to stay on her side because there must be some point in her advise as she sound quite wise and cautious in her using the stuff :)
    i am just like you i get wet both and don't regret lol