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Friday, September 13, 2019

The Problem With The Middle East

The Problem With The Middle East

OK, not THE problem; MY problem. 

It is difficult enough to know what is going on in that area of the world, but the media can not even agree on how to pronounce names and countries.

Is it just me, or does anyone else flip out when after years of hearing Hezbollah pronounced Hez boll ah’ suddenly it is pronounced Hez bol’ ah.  Why are suddenly some in the media changing the accent in the name?  Just stop it or at least agree on one way to say the damn name!

Thus site demonstrates  the different ways to pronounce Hezbollah.

Just determine the correct way and then stick with it!!

Are there two countries with similar names, Cutter and Cu tar’ or is it just that one spelled Qatar? If it is one country, please, everyone get together and call it by just one name.

RT- I can't find it in me to trust a country that does not follow a "Q" with a "U" in their name!

It seems that the terrorist group ISIS has been decimated and forced underground.  That is good news, but what about those other terrorist groups, Dash and ISIL? Actually, I haven’t heard about ISIL since Obama left office…What was up with that?

I think it was in the 70’s that Iran was run by the supreme leader The Eyeahtola Komenai.  That was over 40 years ago, how old is that dude anyway?  And it seems that he hasn’t changed one bit…still looks the same.  Has there been more than one supreme leader as I hear it as Ko’menai, Kom e’ nai and also Komen’a i.  Must be three new guys since 1970 who just all look alike.  If it is only one, pick a pronunciation and stick to it…please.

Are people from Saudi Arabia called Sowdies or Sawdies.  Pick one and stick to it…please

I do know that most of those countries hate Is-ra’-el and they also hate Is’-rye-el, and Iz'-ray-el.  Maybe Is-ra'-el, Is-rye’-el and Is’-ray-el should join together and form one country.  Anything to make this world less confusing.

I don't know if the problems in the Middle East can ever be resolved, but a good start would be to at least agree on the pronunciation of the key players.


  1. This is why I don't follow things like this; so darn confusing. I will stand with Israel though no matter how it may be pronounced :)


  2. Good point. I suppose the only real way to find out is to go there, to each country in turn and ask a local, whose family has lived there for generations, how to pronounce the name of the country and perhaps its leading citizen.

  3. Hi, I follow you on gfc #331, follow back? ;)

  4. The problems in the Middle East began when Hagar gave birth to a son. I doubt that there is anything that can be done about it now. My son spent one of his tours in Iraq in a city called Mahmudiyah. No matter how I pronounce it, I say it wrong. Actually my son, who was there in 2007 says it differently than one of my former co-workers who was there in 2008. Come to think of it I've even heard the name Mosul, where he was at in 2003 pronounced several ways. And the Ayatollah Khomeini died in 1989. The crowds who attended his funeral roughed up his coffin so badly that his body fell out of it on his way to be buried. The Middle East is a hot mess. My son says that it's because there is nobody there who understands right from wrong. Since he's been there, I'll take his word for it.

  5. People often miss-pronounce my name. It's Victor - how difficult is that?

    God bless.

  6. I'm too busy fighting those folks who call my state MissourAH to concern myself with the Middle East.

  7. I tend to think the first way I hear a pronunciation is correct and then sadly shake my head at the next group that has a different version. They must be wrong. It is confusing.

  8. I've noticed harassment has turned into Harris-mint lately.

  9. There are two types of people: those that get really up in arms with differentiating pronunciations. I was yelled at by one of the kids who is a patient of our practice because I said Kie - la instead of Kay-la. Sheesh. Whereas, my name can be pronounced a number of different ways: Eve-oh-nay, Eve-onne, or y-vonne. I just go by what ever they call me. I've become to old to care anymore. :-)

    1. My father called us all randymikebrendakarencheryllisakenny. Even teachers would say Brenda, no, Cheryl, Lisa...remind me which Calvert you are. I got to where I'd answer to whatever name was called. No point in being so picky.

  10. It would make a difference to me, because at least then i could follow the stories and know the players. It's like trying to read Tolstoy.

  11. Comments by banned reader SFM were deleted unread.

  12. I was named Franklin after my father but was always called by my middle name, Bruce. I guess they didn't want a Junior. But in my senior years this has become a problem since all medical bureaucracies and the like want my first name. So I've slowly become accustomed to being called Franklin and said, the hell with it. As my father used to say, just don't call me late for dinner.

  13. some countries have become parts of strategy dear Joe

    such parts of land are particularly targeted by agencies
    they are market for weapons and medicines and that is all

  14. I struggle with the names as well.

  15. It is kinda like weeds. One Isis gets wiped out, and then another one sprouts up.

  16. Seriously. Everybody needs to get on the same page with pronunciation or at least in the same ballpark. I heard Martha Stewart pronounce marinade as mare-ah-nod. Why do people do that?


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