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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Me blog friend Mr. Catalyst, I say Mr. as I respect my elders rare as they are, had a funny cartoon on his “Funny Friday” regular post.  It involved people writing “congrats” because they could not spell “congradulashuns.’  I thought it was funny, but it also hit home.

I am not a good speller.  If not for spell check I would not even attempt this blog.  My good friend Scott would say,

“You couldn’t spell ‘CAT’ if you were spotted the ‘C’ and the ‘T’!” 

He is not far from correct.

The thing about spelling, is if you misspell a word, many people assume you are stupid.  Sometimes that is probably true.  Some people cannot spell worth beens because they have lexdyxia.  I do not have that excuse.

If spelling is so dam impotant, perhaps we should forgo Presidential debates and just have a spelling be.

I disagree with the bad spellers are stupid theory…of course I do, I am a bad speller.

I think bad spellers are too intelligent to worry about how to spell a word.  We know what the word is and what it means.  The spelling is just not important to us superior intellects.  Hell, if people know the word is misspelled, then they must know what the word is.  If you know what the word is, then why does the spelling matter?

People of lower intellect get wrapped up in the spelling because their low intelligence does not allow them to move along in the thinking process.  A misspelled word stops them in their tracks. 

THAT IS SPELLED WRONG!  This person must be stupid.  I can not continue to read this!”

We of a higher intellectual order see the misspelled word and move right on.

“Is that word spelled correctly?  I’m not sure.  Oh, what is the difference, I know what the word means let me concentrate on what the person is saying.”

Spelling is so unimportant to people of high intellect that it is the very reason we are poor spellers.  When we read, we do not see spelling, we do not dwell on letters, we see a word and know what the word is…we do not care about how it is spelled…we are to smart too worry about letters, we concentrate on the big picture, WHAT THE PERSON IS SAYING!

Anyway, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

This post may contain some incorrect spellings solely for the purpose of aggravating spelling Nazis…like cold air on a tooth ache.  


  1. Omgosh, right??? I know so many people who take spelling errors so seriously and I'm like surely you have something more impotent to worry about. I agree. I know the word and move on. Well, sometimes. It depends on who it is. If someone I don't like misspells something then I go total Adolph on them. Hahahaha. And yes. There is a huge part of jr. high still living within this 56 yr. old body. :D

  2. I have read your post twice and did not find any incorrect spellings.

    God bless.

  3. When i see a word spelled incorrectly i simply assume a typo and move on, since we all make typos on occasion.

  4. I would actually watch a spelling bee between presidential candidates over a debate.

  5. I'm laughing at Bijoux's comment. I have to agree with her.

    My husband thinks the way you do about spelling; he is not a great speller. I on the other hand am a great speller, but I still think I have a bit of intelligence :) Its the nature of my job to look for grammar mistakes and misspelled words. I caught the ones in your post. I also catch the ones in articles in newspapers, advertisements, etc. Its a curse I think to be a good speller. You can't enjoy life, always looking for the word spelled incorrectly.


  6. Spelling is one of the few things I don't struggle too much with, I suggest you do some look-up to some of the original versions of works by famous folk and perhaps you'll be even less concerned with it. Start with the works of Silence Dogood, and work out from there. You will quickly find that English is not so formal (and boring) as we've distorted it out to be but is rather a 'living' language that continues to gain new spellings as well as new words. Have even more fun and research the origins of Webster's dictionary. It was originally created as a scandalous book to distinguish American English from British English following the Revolutionary war. Webster captured differences but also created some of his own to add to the distinctiveness.

    And while none of us is any kinda Shakespeare, don't forget that he (they, if you believe the rumors) created over 400 new words pretty much out of thin air. You're not a poor speller, you're an linguistic unheralded innovator!!

  7. There is actually not that strong of a correlation between overall intelligence and spelling ability. I used to be able to tell when something looked wrong even though I then had to look it up in a dictionary. Now, of course, I just have to scan for the red lines and click the correction.

    1. My spelling is so bad that sometimes Microsoft spellcheck responds "I have no idea!"

  8. I'm with you Joeh. If it weren't for spell check, I wouldn't blog or even email. I would take up texting where spelling doesn't matter and short hand rules.

  9. You sound like an extremely stable genius to me.

  10. I've never corrected anybody's spelling. That would be too much like work. I can tell what they mean, and read on.

  11. Spelling is important to me and sometimes I do correct people's spelling, but usually by using the word correctly spelled in my comment. I don't think being unable to spell makes someone unintelligent just as those who can spell aren't always highly intelligent. I'm usually able to work out what is meant and just read on.

  12. I could have written betty's comment above. My job is to proofread engineering reports...

    But I know the difference between professionally written reports and quickly posted comments on social media or short texts on cell phones. While I'm anal retentive about trying to be correct in quick posts and texts, I'm very forgiving with mistakes that other people make.