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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Now I Know How George Felt

Now I Know How George Felt
The other day Mrs. C and I were driving to the Racetrack for an annual Memorial Day Tradition with friends.  We were tuned into The Beatles Channel on Sirius radio.  The announcer was going through a long explanation about the production of the song, “A Day In The Life.”

“Now John and Paul were combining aspects of baroque and modern improv.  The song is broken into two parts. The first part more traditional and the second part more Avant Guard.   It is divided by a crescendo of all the instruments improvising from the lowest E to the highest E.  After the crescendo the song breaks into the second part where all the musicians were allowed to do whatever they wanted with no rehearsals, playing wherever the music took them.”

At least that is what I thought I heard; it was kind of gibberish to a non- musician like myself.  But I was still curious.

Finally, the announcer, a Beatles expert shut up and the song began.  In the middle, as he said, there was a crescendo of all the instruments from their lowest E to the highest E.  I waited anxiously for what the second half would sound like.


“Downtown, everything is great when you go downtown…”

“WTF? Are you kidding me?”


“I just listened to five minutes as this dude explained what John and Paul did with the second half of the song after this crescendo, and as soon as that part was about to start you just change the channel?”

“I’d heard enough.”

“You’d heard enough?  Were you not the least bit interested about all the musicians just playing what ever the Hell they wanted and how the genius of John and Paul managed to make it all work…not even a little curious?”

“I’ve heard it before, it’s no big deal.”

“But did you hear it before and listen for all the little nuances he was talking about?”

“It’s nothing, just some squeaking and squawking, it’s a little weird.”

“Oh, OK then, glad you saved me from hearing it, because Petula Clark is SOOO interesting.”

“It is really no big deal; you didn’t miss anything.”

“Then why did you let that Beatles expert drone on for so long making it sound like they did something different and special.”

“I thought that was interesting.”

“The explanation was interesting, but the actual music not?”


“Say good night Gracie.”


  1. Goodnight Gracie! LOL If my husband turned it from the Beatle channel he knows he is itching for some confrontation. Ha ha ha Unless I was asleep. Now I want to listen to the song to hear it too.

  2. If i ever changed the channel on a Beatles song, i believe i would not be long for this world!

  3. Gracie, how could you? ~GASP~ I would have been so pissed. Hubby knows better than to pull something like that. Going to listen, now. ☺

  4. Maybe need a rule that whoever is driving gets control of the radio station? Then assuming you were driving, then you could have listened to the rest of the song. Interesting tidbit about this song which for the life of me I'm having trouble recalling. I'll have to google it.


  5. I hate it when that happens! It's as bad as watching a TV show to find out one certain thing, and they go to every commercial teasing it, and put it off until the last couple of minutes of the show... and then Hick sits down and starts blabbing about something that could wait at least two minutes.

    I do like DOWNTOWN, though. I wonder if there's a story behind that song.

  6. I think it was a bit rude of Mrs C to change right in the middle of the song. On the other hand, she didn't know you wanted to hear it. You'll have to find it on you tube and listen there.

  7. I always think the talk on Sirius is boring, even when it's the actual artist. They need to stick with the music.

  8. Oh dear Mrs C - naughty naughty! That's as bad as when the traffic report interrupts good music with news of a trafiic jam that won't even affect you!

  9. I loved George and Gracie but I am guessing you were not laughing at your "Gracie" story though I could see Mrs. C's reasoning. I would have felt the same as she did but I may have asked you first or--- maybe not.

  10. Hahahahahaha and to switch it to a Petula Clark song?! Even funnier! Luckily we have YouTube and you can look it up if it's still bugging you. :D

  11. Oh my goodness you are kind. If my hubby just changed the channel without asking I'd be so upset. And then to have Petula Clark. Oiy Vay!

  12. It is not, in my view, one of The Beatles' best songs. You did not miss much, JoeH. However, I am curious - how did Debbie D manage to link the video in her comment? I've tried that and my computer did not let me.

    God bless.

  13. George and Gracie...oh, THAT George.

    I was thinking George Costanza.


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