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Monday, May 6, 2019


Not me...Stunt Cranky

“In case I forget, your tooth is in your hat.”

Now there is a text that I just got from Mrs. C that you don’t see very often.

What is it about?

No it is not an autocorrect goof.

Last week we spent five days in Grand Cayman.  Snoozing, reading, swimming, snorkeling and sunning in the Caribbean.  The Island was great, the getting and returning not so much as there were no direct flights.

Anyway…the text.

I have a canine tooth that is not really my tooth.  Well technically it is my tooth, but it is a fake tooth.  It has a longish post that fits into my mouth where a real tooth used to reside and stays there by means of some special dental glue.

At least once a year the damn thing gets loose and eventually slips out.  It almost always waits until I am on vacation.  I use a temporary dental silly putty type stuff to hold it in place until I can see my dentist.  It usually lasts pretty well for about a week.

BTW, no you can not just fix it yourself with Super Glue.  Well you could, but my dentist says it is a bad idea, I had that information confirmed by a fraternity buddy who is a dentist so it must be true, though I’m not sure why.  Might just be similar to why a mechanic would suggest changing your own oil is a bad idea. Gluing a tooth back in place is easy money.

Anyway, the tooth popped out on the plane as we were preparing to return to NJ.  I wrapped it in a tissue and Mrs. C put it away for safekeeping.

For several days now I have been living with a missing front tooth.  As long as I do not smile or say Christmas, no one seems to notice, but I am going to see the dentist this week.

Mrs. C just finished unpacking from vacation.  She put the tooth in a hat in the kitchen where I keep all my billfolds and stuff.  She sent me that mysterious text as a reminder.

Not much to blog about, but then I lead a pretty boring life.


  1. I have my own missing front teeth and it's no fun remembering to wear the denture. It used to be just one tooth, then the teeth on either side broke away at the gum line, so I had the roots drilled out and now have a larger denture with three teeth. Now it loos like the remaining front tooth is also going to break away in the future, so there'll be a new, even larger denture. Sometimes I think giving up and becoming a toothless old hag might be better than paying for my dentist's latest holiday.

  2. How dare that tooth play up when you are vacating somewhere exotic. Speaking as one who knows, teeth are a pain, especially false ones.

  3. Gorilla Glue - for the toughest jobs on planet earth.

    God bless.

  4. I'm happy to be ignorant in the world of dentistry! But I don't think someone going to Grand Cayman can call themself boring.

  5. Every vacation has that one incident, i'm glad yours was on the way home and hope you can get it taken care of with a minimum of fuss.

  6. “In case I forget, your tooth is in your hat.” That would make a great book title!

  7. I agree with what Bijoux said. Anyone going to the Grand Cayman for 5 days is not a boring person. Thank God for dentists!


  8. Lol, I've seen many a tooth like the one you describe ~ of course, I work for two dentists. I'm glad you didn't lose it, or that might have cost you a pretty penny. And NO, you should not use super glue ~ for one thing the fumes are not good for you.
    When we have patients that have a crown come off & accidentally swallow it there are two different camps: the ones that "retrieve" them, and the ones that just cough up the $$ for a new one. Lol

  9. Glad the Mrs put aside your tooth for safe keeping.

  10. Oh i am so happy for you dear Joe and bit jealous for your wonderful vacation in grand Canyon :)

    I wish i could see the images you must have taken there !

    Only you can turn "loosing the tooth" story in such fun post :)

    I only saw such tooth in movies though one of my cousin of my age who has lost her front teeth for some reason planted new one and i was surprised to see her smile but when she told that these are not actual it was more astonishing as it was first closer observation for such replacement and it was so real

    hope you get your tooth back on it's place soon my friend!

  11. Doesn’t everybody put their tooth in their hat for safe keeping? What’s the big deal! As for the tooth coming out on vacation, I think there’s some sort of dental conspiracy ‘cause I’ve had a related situation with dental issues occurring only after I was out of state.

  12. Gluing a tooth back in place is easy money. <-- Well, the dentist wants to take a vacation in Grand Cayman, too!


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