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Saturday, May 25, 2019



My wife has this thing she does.  If I ever make a mistake in telling a story, she steps in and immediately corrects me.  It does not matter if the “mistake” has any effect on the story, she just has to correct me.


“I can’t believe what some jerk did today when I was making a turn on Washington Street.  I had just…”

“Washington AVENUE!”

“OK, Washington AVENUE, as if it matters.”

She does not do it to show me up, or to ruin a story, she just can not help herself.  I call it being Trebek’d.

Alex Trebek is the host of the TV show “Jeopardy.”  He is a very good quiz show moderator; except he does have a way about making contestants feel stupid. 

Often a contestant will buzz in and guess at the answer. 

When he is wrong, Alex cannot just say no, he has to throw in additional facts to make him look stupid.

“This Planet is the furthest from the Sun.”

BZZZZ “What is Pluto?”

“Oh no! Pluto is not even a planet.”


“This author from Baltimore was known for macabre stories.”

BZZZ “Who is Steven King?”

“Oh no! King is not from Baltimore, and it is Stephen, not Steven.”

Hence, whenever Mrs. C corrects me mid story, I say she Trebek’d me.

The other night she tried to pull a fast one.

She allowed me to finish a story where I got the day wrong.  I said Tuesday when I should have said Wednesday.  When I was finished, she said,

“I want credit.”

“Credit for what?”

“I could have Trebek’d you because you said Tuesday instead of Wednesday, but I let it go.”

“Oh yeah, thanks for…wait a minute, you just Trebek’d me by taking credit for not Trebeking me!”

“No, I didn’t interrupt.”

“But you still corrected me, you just delayed the correction, that is a delayed Trebek!”

“Well it was still Wednesday, and you’re a jerk!”


  1. Omg.. Yessssssssssssss. Cancer diagnosis aside, Alex Trebek is a jerk on that show and I wonder how he would do as a contestant. I have family members than cannot wait to Trebek someone and it drives me bonkers. Mainly because, like you said. Their corrections do absolutely nothing as far as changing the conversation. Sssh. Don't tell Mrs. C but I'm with you on this one, Cranky. :)

    1. As much as he drives me crazy, I do Like Alex, he is the best at what he does. He can be like Howard Cosell was, sometimes you love to hate him. He is also one tough cookie and facing PC with hope, strength and dignity. Both of Mrs.C's parents died from PC, 12 years apart, we are routing for a miracle.

  2. I like Alex too, but I guess I don't watch it enough to understand why Mimi thinks he is a jerk.
    On the plus side, I have never been Trebek'd!

    1. I believe like me she thinks he can be a jerk in a know-it-all kinda way. Overall he is perfect for the show.

    2. Yes, in exactly that way, and the whole Howard Cosell thing. I totally forgot about him. I'm sorry Mrs. C's parents passed of that hideous disease and I too am hoping for a miracle. Sometimes if you have enough money there are different treatments you can try. I wish everyone battling this disease had every treatment available to them.

  3. Alex is a VERY handsome man. I hope he makes it through his cancer.

  4. We don't have the show "Jeopardy" in the UK. Praying for Mr Trebek.

    God bless.

  5. I've disliked Trebeck for as long as I can remember the show being on . . . the 80's? The know-it-all attitude when he's reading right off cue cards drove me nuts and I haven't watched it since. But I do love your euphemism!

  6. You two are wonderful, don't ever change.

  7. Mrs. C is apparently making an effort to curb her Trebek-ing. Baby steps...

  8. I'd find that so very annoying, I'd be tempted to say nothing at all for a few days. Or tell a story so full of mistakes she'd have trouble keeping up.

  9. You and Mrs C should write a book... you certainly have lots of fabulous material.

  10. Now that you mention it, he does do that doesn't he? I have only watched during this "James" thing but have noticed he can put down a contestant for a wrong answer. He does praise them when they get a hard one correct. At least Mrs. C is letting you finish--hope she keeps that up. Progress.

  11. He's made a lot of money for his correction of people and people still want to come on the show. A win-win situation for him I do believe. I do hope he survives his bout with cancer but pancreatic cancer is not the "best" one to have.


  12. Don't make me have to drive up there and separate you two.

  13. to be honest dear Joe i don't like such interruption at all

    my younger son has weird habit to interrupt and correct his younger brother and constantly try to make him feel that this is not healthy thing to do as it shakes one's self confidence

    i dislike such hosts who try to act over smart and don't realize that how stupid they sound by doing so

    i really enjoy the CUTE LITTLE arguments between you and Mrs C though :)))

  14. I like Alex Trebek - but now that you mentioned it, he does have that Trebeking way about him!


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