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Sunday, November 12, 2017


Oh yeah, she's done this!
This cranky re-run is from November 2014

Mrs. Cranky is not cheap; usually she is just thrifty.  What is the difference?  She is not afraid to spend money on things she needs, but she will not overspend on those items. She is not particularly label conscious.  She loves her shoes, but they do not have to have red soles.

Mrs. Cranky is not cheap; she is thrifty, except when it comes to stupid things.  Then she is cheap.  What am I talking about? 

She saves Popsicle sticks.  Why does she save Popsicle sticks?  Apparently you never know when you might need a splint for a sprained finger, or a makeshift wedge, or to make a roof for a doll house, or…hell I don’t know but we have a drawer full of Popsicle sticks; cheap.

Mrs. C saves paper towels.  Just because you use them to wipe up a water spill, don’t throw them away.  If you leave them out flat, they will eventually dry and you can use them again;cheap.

On second thought, Mrs. Cranky is cheap.

I’ve learned to not complain about this cheapness, and I’m glad when she is thrifty.  I will not throw anything away without first checking with the queen of reusing stuff.  I’m pretty sure she went through the depression in a previous life.

Sometimes her strange cheap side will throw me for a loop.

The other day I came home from toddler-sitting in Pennsylvania.  Mrs. C was not home, she leaves for work at around 3:00.  Sitting on the kitchen table was a glass with about one ounce of water and a paper towel over the glass.
Granted we use filtered water.  The filter costs about forty dollars and lasts about six months.  Our filtered water probably costs about .001 cents an ounce.  Now the Cranky’s live on a fixed income plus the part time income Mrs. C earns.  We need to watch our pennies, but I think we can let a few .001 cents slip down the drain from time to time.

When Mrs. C came home from work, I asked her,

“Why is there a one ounce glass of water on the table with a paper towel over the top?”

“I didn’t want anything to fall into my glass of water.”

“So you had a glass of water and you didn’t finish the last ounce and instead of pouring that last ounce of water down the drain, you covered the glass and are saving that ounce for later consumption?”

“Yes.  It’s filtered water.  It costs money.”

“But one ounce, it is practically nothing!”

“Well it is something, and you’re a jerk!”

Don’t even get me started on our one-ply toilet paper. 


  1. I think Mrs C and I went to the same school..... or perhaps it's one of those diseases we can't shake off.

  2. A penny saved is ... not much. Unless you add them up. And yes, if you only used that paper towel to clean a bit of water, let it dry and i will reuse it to clean something that spills on the floor, or a mess the cats make.

  3. toilet paper. I'm surprised she doesn't follow the Marine Corp example. It's too crude to mention here, but you can probably Google it. All things considered, thrifty is good, though.

  4. LOL, I remember this one. I still don't get it, unless you change the filter after a certain number of glasses of water used? We just change ours when we remember and I doubt it's every 6 months like you're supposed to. Because we're lazy, not cheap.

  5. I am speechlessat your photo. Of course I am thrifty too, but not to this point. I tried the one ply toilet paper and I waste too much just getting it off the roll without shredding it to pieces! I do buy Scott though and not those ridiculously thick TPs that are like wash cloths. LOL!

  6. One ply toilet paper is like wiping your bottom with lint.

  7. Ha ha, well it is your money also she is saving. You go Mrs. C:) Don't suppose she tried the plastic cat food container covers that fit most water glasses perfectly. I do use them and they are washable and last forever. I am not trying to save water. I just like having a drink handy sitting on the counter.

  8. I know people who save the paper towels too. I always thought it was weird. We used to have the water filter but now we just buy water which is sorta' dumb but well water is the best except we live in the city and city water is gross. Store bought water seems to be better than city.

  9. I often save plastic bags for later use, but paper towels? Now, I suppose, I'll think of Mrs C and wonder if I'm being a spendthrift by throwing it away.

  10. Right now, I have a gently-used paper towel drying on my cutting block. It's not dirty! I dry my hands on it after washing dishes, or washing my hands before preparing food. That paper towel (a Bounty Select-A-Size) will last a couple days.

    You may not want to tell Mrs. C about my mom's trick of tearing a Select-A-Size paper towel in half. A roll lasts twice as long that way! I don't do it, myself. That's just crazy.

  11. I have a plastic lid with a sippy slot for my water. It's filtered and has lemon and ginger floating around in it. Maybe 0.015 cents per serving.

  12. I want to hear about the one ply toilet paper. Please. Next Monday do that. Okay.

    I'm not very thrifty I guess. That one ounce of water would have been long gone.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  13. We try not to waste water either. If we have a little left, we pour it on a plant
    I don't save paper towels, but I might save a Popsicle stick :)

  14. I have a few rolls of one ply toilet paper, I keep them in case I run out of tissues in hayfever season, also for cleaning up if the cat has diarrhea. Being so cheap to buy it doesn't bother me that I might use half a roll to clean up after her.
    I would never reuse dried out teabags though, I tried it once and the tea just doesn't have the right level of flavour left in a used teabag.
    I'd probably save a few popsicle sticks, they might come in handy, but not a whole drawer full unless I was then going to donate them somewhere for craft supplies.
    As for that ounce of water, it's one mouthful, why not just drink it down? Then you don't have to go to all the trouble of covering it with a sheet of paper towel (*~*)

  15. Wow that is quite smart of her .

    My mother was keeper and saver to great extent and she liked my huibby as he is also just like her and Mrs C.

    i am not keeper to such great extent , i keep something if i am sure it is really important otherwise i won't for instance unlike my contemporaries i don't keep empty bottle of cold drinks that may be i will be needing them for storing some kind of fluid in fridge etc.As i am the one who has to look after everything and keep it clean and arranged so it bothers me to have extra stuff in big house

    i think you are lucky to have such wise lady in your life Joe!

  16. Hey, barely used paper towels are great for wiping out cat litter boxes!


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