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Thursday, November 2, 2017


A cranky quiz that may be a little difficult for some of you ladies although I know a few who I suspect will have no problem.

Why this quiz?  Because I can and it’s my blog. Sheesh!
I will give you a sports term, some not heard on TV, but are common in the playground, and you NAME THAT SPORT.
Easy right.
1.    Last licks!
2.    Over and back
3.    Bouy room!
4.    Bad Beat
5.    Leaner  
6.    False start
7.    Palming
8.    Tie goes to the runner
9.     Basement Dweller
10.                       Take-down/ escape
11.                       Spike
12.                       Kick or stick  
13.                       Ten in the pit
14.                       Hand Ball! (no, it is not “Hand Ball”)
15.                       Hail Mary
16.                       Ace (two sports)
17.                       Eye gouge  (Semi-sport)
18.                       Chucker (Two sports) 
19.                       On your guard
20.                       Icing
21.                       Let
22.                       Ringer
23.                       Maiden
24.                       Hooey
25.                       Hook (five sports) No, prostitution is a profession.  

Bonus question:
There are 10 NCAA Division 1 Football teams with nicknames that DO NOT end in an "s" Name them: I'll give you one...The Fighting Irish

FBS, formally D1, not 1-a or 1-aa... or what ever they call them these days.

That’s it.  Who can get the most correct?
The winner gets a Blog plug and a WHOOP-TEE-DOO.
The highest scoring lady wins a Blog plug, a WHOOP-TEE-DOO and a free email subscription to this Blog.
Anyone with a perfect score needs to get a life.
Good luck all, answers next week.
Suldog is not allowed to enter; softball players from Beantown know too much about sports.

Oh, OK, Suldog can enter if he wants.


  1. 5- Bowling 7- Basketball 8- Baseball 11- Football, hockey, volleyball 12- Hockey 15- Hail Mary 16 - Tennis, golf 19 - Basketball - HAHAHAHAHA! EPIC FAIL..

  2. Okay, and i'm guessing on all of these. Leaner and Ringer are from horseshoes, Spike is volleyball, Hail Mary (pass) and False Start (penalty) are both used in football, one sport that i think uses the term Ace is tennis, On Your Guard might be fencing, Ten in the Pit sounds like it should come from bowling, Hook is used in golf for one, and the only team i can think of right off hand that doesn't have an "s" on the end of the name is The Fighting Illini. If i think of any more, i'll add them later.

  3. Well, the only two I recognized were false start and hail Mary. That tells you that sports are certainly not my thing.

  4. I don't follow sports so I'm out of this little contest.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. Heard of hail Mary, but don't know the sports ...
    I do not care enough about sports to pay attention, sorry.

  6. No clue, but maybe this will be fun for me to quiz my spouse since he loves sports. And I only know the Buckeyes, so I lose!

  7. I think I can do better on this one than on Mrs. C's grocery lists.

  8. I don't know as many as I thought I would!! Here's my list:

    Hail Mary/football, Leaner/horseshoes, Hook/basketball, Spike/basketball/baseball, False start/track, Icing/hockey, Ace/golf, Let/tennis, Chucker/bowling/polo, Maiden/horse racing

  9. 1. Baseball (?)
    2. Basketball
    3/4. (No idea)
    5. Horseshoes
    6. Football (also track & field)
    7. Basketball
    8. Baseball
    9. (does this refer to standings?)
    10. Wrestling (the real kind)
    11. Volleyball
    12. (sounds like hockey)
    13. (sounds like bowling)
    14. Soccer (aka futbol)
    15. Rosary (also, colloquially, football)
    16. Tennis (volleyball?)
    17. 'Wrestling' (the made-for-TV kind)
    18. Polo?
    19. Fencing (the kind with swords)
    20. Hockey
    21. Tennis
    22. Horseshoes
    23. This is bowling, right?
    24. (no idea)
    25. Bowling? Hockey?

    Bonus - Alabama Crimson Tide; Tulane Green Wave; Stanford Cardinal; Marshall Thundering Herd; Yale Eli; Harvard Crimson; (do I have to say Notre Dame Fighting Irish, since you gave it to me for free?); Somebody is called the Bison, but I can't recall who. . .

  10. Aww gee and here I thought I knew sports. 6.track 15. football 16 tennis ? I'm turning in my sports lover badge.

  11. Well let's see...a false start is racing I think, hail mary is football possibly, chucker might be cricket, ringer might be horse shoes, icing is hockey, on guard is fencing, take that wrestling? Hook might be hockey. That's all I got.

  12. 5 22 Horseshoes
    6 11 15 Football
    7 25 Basketball
    8 Baseball

    OK I obviously didn't google any of them ha ha

  13. I am pretty sure 'hail mary" has something to do with football. I take a guess that icing might be hockey? Or maybe competitive cake decoration? That's all I got.

  14. I know next to nothing about sports and don't want to humiliate myself, unless money is at stake.

  15. I only knew numbers 5,6,7,8,9,11,13,15,20, and 22. Why no rugby? You sure you didn't make some of these up? ;)

  16. Are you posting these for all to see? Because mine will take up a lot of room!
    Let the record show that I started my career as a PE teacher/coach, so accusations of my cheating may be greatly exaggerated. Not that I expect a perfect score, of course.

    2-basketball, half-court violation
    3-sailing or yachting (they’re the same to me)
    6-track or horse racing
    10-wrestling (amateur or Olympic)
    16-tennis, volleyball
    17-wrestling (professional)
    18-basketball, baseball?
    23-horse racing
    24-a made-up term for a made-up game
    25-golf, bowling, basketball, football? ______

    BONUS: I don’t know anything about the divisions. And not much more about the names.

    Fighting Illini
    Crimson Tide
    Ramblin’ Wreck
    Ole Miss of Mississippi (just a guess here, but I know they’re not called the Misses!)
    Navy Midshipmen?

  17. I know #6 is football. Otherwise I'm relatively clueless or too tired to try to answer any more.


  18. Just mark my lack of knowledge as pig ignorant!

  19. I like football , athletics ,tennis , badminton ,golf ,polo and few more but these one are unfamiliar to me

  20. I have, thank you.
    So I'm gonna leave this for others.

  21. I'm definitely a loser in this, but I don't mind.

  22. I got nothing. Absolutely nothing.


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