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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Somebody Help Me I Have A Flat Tire

Somebody Help Me I Have A Flat Tire
Friday night’s reunion warm-up dinner was a good time.  I had a bit to drink more than my occasional glass of wine, but unlike college, few of us ever drink until we throw-up and decide to sleep where ever we may fall.  We are for the most part responsible adults.  I could have driven back to the hotel, but Mrs. C always drives anyway, and she only drinks about three times a year and then only one Kahlua and milk.  She is already past her three drink a year limit.

When she fired up our small South Korean rental which had only 9500 miles, an indicator came on declaring we had low tire pressure.
“Crap it says our tire pressure is low.”
“I hate those indicators, most of the time it is an indicator error.  We should be OK, just keep an eye on your steering.”
“It seems ok.”  And then; “It is pulling a bit to the left.”  And then together, “The car is leaning to the left!”
“Somebody help me, I have a flat tire!”
Who has a flat tire anymore, unless you are nursing the last miles out of an old re-tread?  I haven’t changed a tire in 15 years.
We pulled into a dark parking lot and with the help of my i-phone flashlight I figured out how to pull the spare “donut” tire out of the trunk, and work the tiny cheap jack that is provided.  Mrs. C wanted to call AAA, I wanted to get out of this dark parking lot, it was late and I felt a bit vulnerable to a possible marauding predator…hey, I didn’t know this area.
“Let me call triple A.”
“I’ve got this.”
“You’ll ruin your good pants.”
“They’ll be fine.” As I was jumping with all my weight on the tiny lug wrench handle to loosen the nuts.
“You don’t know what you’re doing, it is too dark.”
“Hand me the donut.”
About the time I was tightening the lugs on the spare, a dark SUV drove slowly up on us.
“Shit, I hope this isn’t trouble.”
It wasn’t; Mrs. C had called in the Calvary, and Captain Don, Joe B and wives had come to help.
We did not need help, the tire was changed, but it was nice to drive back with help waiting behind in case the donut was a dud.
I had to gloat a bit to Mrs. C.
“Thought I couldn’t change a tire did you?  Ha, who is your hero now?”
“Remember when I got your lost rain jacket back in Alaska?”
“Well now we are even.”
Sometimes Mrs.  C can be a jerk!
Not really.


  1. Mrs. C is never going to let you forget about that jacket is she ha ha.

  2. I hope the rental car company doesn't put you on the DNR list! Like you said, who gets a flat tire these days?

  3. oh boy. you kind blew it at the end. LOL

  4. I wouldn't know where to start. I always, always called the Cavalry. No need anymore, I just got rid of the car.

  5. I sure don't miss the days of having frequent flats. My gal pals thought I was weird for getting so excited over getting the first set of tires that weren't retreads. :) Used to be, we had flats at the most inconvenient time... not that there's ever a convenient one. But I have NEVER had to change a tire myself. (knock on wood) So I'm sure you wife was a grateful for you changing that tire as I always was when my hubby came to the rescue.

  6. I'm paranoid about flat tires and that indicator light doesn't help. Mine comes on in the winter all the time, thanks to extreme temp changes here.

  7. Bwahahahahahahaha. Did you ruin your pants? Just wondering.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

  8. Changing a flat tire is a pain for sure, but fortunately doesn't happen but once in a blue moon. I usually just go to Discount Tire when I suspect a tire is low and let them handle it. And I usually have my "cavalry" with me, if you know what I mean. *wink*

  9. Well done changing the tyre, that's how we spell it out here, which is irrelevant, but the squiggly red line under it annoys me sometimes. I couldn't change a tyre, especially in the dark. I'd be stuck there until the RAA arrived.

  10. Way to go. Your tire changing memory muscles are in tact and refeshed. I can do it but anymore I'd call AAA if I got one. They need to earn thier fee and I don't bend like I use to.

  11. Many years ago when my husband was In the army I was to meet him in Columbus Georgia my sister in law went with me and on the way we had a flat tire. I didn’t know a thing about changing a tire and thanks that she did. She told me if anybody stops just tell them I think he has it fixed. Lol.

  12. It's probably been more than fifteen years since I've changed a tire.

  13. Even though i technically know how to change a tire, if they put the lug nuts on with the air wrench, i am simply not strong enough to loosen them. Congratulations on changing the tire!

  14. Of course you are her hero!

    changing the tire while being drunk could be extra fun i hope :)

  15. I've never changed a flat tire. But I do know how to call AAA.


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