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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Stupid Headlines 112617

Stupid Headlines 112617

It’s time again for

The animals may want a second opinion


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.
North Korea bans drinking, singing, punishes officials for 'impure attitude' – Sound like a fun place.  I’m pretty sure half the country is starving, is not thinking about booze, and there is nothing to sing about.  I really feel sorry for the officials, I think ‘impure attitude’ means “Don’t ever think about drinking or singing.”

Trump pardons Thanksgiving turkeys Drumstick and Wishbone – This Fox News headline left out the full names of Boris Drumstick Rustakov and Nikita Wishbone Yeltsanetskya.

Woman jailed after inmate boyfriend dies of meth-laden kiss – Literally “The Kiss of Death.”

300 gallons of Vermont maple syrup reportedly ruined by ‘disturbed individual’ with an ax – What ever they charge this guy with, I’m sure it will stick!

Olive Garden fans to name baby after the restaurant – Baby will be called “ImitationItalianfood.”

Angry 'McDonald's nuggets' man charged with DUI after ordering 200 hash browns – Who knew you couldn’t drive after eating Mc D’s hash browns…what the hell kind of hash does Mc D’s use?

Rocket launch will prove Earth is flat, California man says – Let’s see, you can fly east from New York and go to Tokyo, or you can fly west from New York and go to Tokyo…Dude, it is not flat!

Philadelphia woman, 86, charged in armed bank robbery – Woman was caught fleeing 20 yards from the bank when a quick-thinking teller was able to identify her walker.

Florida man tried to break into car filled with cops – And this is the State that determined our 43 President!

Budweiser sending barley to space in hopes of learning how to brew beer on Mars – And I thought the flat Earth dude was nuts!

Battle erupts over control of Charles Manson estate – What kind of world do we live in that this piece of crap has anything to leave anyone?

The Feel-good Story of the week:

Man who saved 669 kids from Death Gets a Tearful Surprise on TV. – I Facebook stumbled on this, it is an old story, but a good one.

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  1. You do realize that Yeltsanetski is Polish not Russian with that name, right? Polish names end with "ski" and Russian names end with "sky." A Polish friend once told me that Poles end their names with "ski" because it is faster to write out than "toboggan". (His joke, not mine.)

    That feel good story is wonderful, thank you.

  2. The Charles Manson story really made my jaws clench. He should not have anything left. It makes you believe in karma when he tried to break into the cop's car.

  3. If the flat Earth guy happens to be from Houston, then his misunderstanding is, well, understandable. If I stay in the city for another year, I could very well stop believing in hills.

  4. Saw on the news this morning that Manson's estate is worth about a quarter of a million...

    My estate is worth about a quarter, what's wrong with this picture?

  5. I would have put Manson in the feel good column just because he died. Just saying.

    I linked this post to Silly Sunday, as always.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. That's where the Philadelphia bank robber lady went wrong. She should have used a Rascal for her low-speed getaway instead of the walker.

  7. Eighty six year old bank robber? Hum, guess it is never too late for me to think about a career change.

  8. Obviously, McD's is using Turkish hash. . .

    And. . . passing meth to your boyfriend in a kiss. . . you can't make this stuff up. . .

  9. Love the headlines post every week, but this was one of your best!!

  10. I try to steer clear of Micky "D's" if at all possible.

  11. I love my Florida time so I always wish I wouldn't laugh at your comments. It's a sad laugh though because I know you din't make those headlines up.

  12. "Rocket launch will prove Earth is flat" So maybe the world is both flat and round, like a dinner plate. Think about it. Hahaha!

  13. Olive Garden fans to name baby after the restaurant... that is an old story, Joe. My granddaughter is five years old!

    I'm not sayin' nuth'n about Florida...

  14. Fun post Joe!

    Impure or any kind of attitude cannot be banned like air , no matter how tight the doors and windows are closed it makes it's way to the room