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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I Am Genderly Confused

I Am Genderly Confused
If you are gender sensitive, please skip this post.  I feel a little humor is a step toward accepting differences.  
I long for the good old days.  The days when you were a man, a woman, or, just a whispered, “You know.”
Some years after I graduated from college I learned the “You know” were gay people; gay men, lesbian women.  Who knew, I didn’t. 
After a few years of “You know” coming out, I learned “You know” were just like everyone else except for that preference thing.
Up until recently I was feeling pretty good about understanding and accepting sexual preferences.  It is a good thing for “You know” to be accepted and as a society we are getting there. 
But now I am very confused again.
I was ok with the two genders, and gender preference.  Male, female, gay, straight, bi.  Easy-peasy.
Male interested in women.  Straight man
Male interested in male.    Gay man
Female interested in men.  Straight woman
Female interested in women.  Lesbian
Male/Woman interested in both men and women.  Bi
Gender identification has recently been added to the mix.
Now it gets complicated:
Male feels-like a woman interested in women.  Is that a malesbian?
Female feels-like a man interested in men. Is that Lesbegay?
Male feels-like a woman interested in men.  A galady?
Female feels-like a man interested in women.  Gayesbian?
Man feels-like a woman interested in men and women.  Bimalesbian?
Woman feels-like a man interested in men and women.  Bilesbegay
It boggles the mind.
Can a straight man date a Lesbegay? Or Does a Lesbegay date a malesbian?  
Would a lesbian date a malesbian?
Would a Lesbegay be compatible with a Gayesbian?
There are so many variations…it is so complicated. 
It is all too much.  Throw in sex change operations and my head explodes.
I am glad I am just a straight man. 
However, I do watch “Say Yes to the Dress,” and "Dancing WIth the Stars," I am disturbed by the new awful green uniforms of the Seattle Seahawks, I had quiche the other day and liked it and still have a thing for Meredith Baxter Birney even thought she changed teams…
Is it possible to be a man who feels gay but likes women?
Do I need to start a new category?
I am Genderly confused.


  1. I can see it now, these gender preferences will one day be options to select to be added on our drivers license.

  2. I am not women lover but yes since beginning i love WOMAN hood i don't know how to put this but my observations say that in this universe i will prefer to live on planet where only women live and reason that i get from my consciousness is that may be they are LESS harmful to live with .
    yes you are right i am typical weak ,coward woman who wants to enjoy my being without being interrupted by any man ,

    though my sister told me quite about these advanced genders you mentioned above still i am not clever enough to understand that what kind of relationships such couple carry while spending life with each other .
    If it is simply living like two friends together it is does not sound objectionable but but can't get if it is more than when it comes to new terms of gender either i am little confused

  3. I like the Genderly Confused category on the grounds that I AM GENUINELY CONFUSED. As I write I feel genuinely confused and thankful that it no longer matters to me what the hell they are. I quite liked this post, though.

  4. We are all confused, even those of us who have been on only one team all of our lives. Sex is a tremendous and powerful force in biology and you may not be surprised that animals are also confused sometimes. The reason for sex is reproduction, so are these changes genetic mutations or the result of hormonal pollution in the environment or just nothing at all? One good thing is that love has no gender confusion!

  5. You are a man who isn't afraid to like what so called traditional men were not supposed to like. You are just fine.

    The only way i keep things right is to remember what Bigger Girl says. If you are unsure about someone, be respectful and ask them which pronouns you should use. Everyone understands if you are genuinely confused, ask nicely, and show respect no matter the answer.

  6. I recently went to a discussion meeting about social justice. We were asked to introduce ourselves and state our preferred pronouns. Most everyone gave the pronoun one would have expected but one person said "they." I said "call me you" but it didn't go over so well.

  7. I think it's sort of like how they make sausage....there are some things you really just don't want to know.

  8. I'm more confused than you are. To me there are two genders. Male or female. I don't care who you prefer to sleep with. If you can find love good for you. Your business where that is concerned is not my business. Too confusing.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  9. That is funny. Oddly when ever I am scrolling down program choices and see "Say Yes to the Dress," I think of you:))
    Phew, so glad I only care if people are good persons or not. The "you knows" I don't acknowledge are cruel, beat their spouses, molest children or are cruel to animals. Gender has no bearing. Kind of makes my world simple.

  10. You've created a system. If only you could talk people into using it. Meanwhile, it's a lot to remember and so much easier to be straight, you know.

  11. Now they are renaming us. We're Cisgender, just so you know! 🙄🙄🙄

  12. You are right, it gets too confusing. Maybe we all could just call each other "humans" instead of making complicated labels.

  13. Just call yourself a metrosexual and you can get away with anything.

  14. It is a problem, Joe. One that we oldsters probably can't ever solve.


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