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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cooking Cranky Style part II

Cooking Cranky Style part II

The world needs a book of Cranky recipes.  Meals that are quick, easy, need no special ingredients and are tasty.  Food that is not special, but that anyone can make. Simple stuff that can be whipped together without extensive shopping, planning and measuring.  Meals that are easy clean ups.

Grilled Cheese-Like-Product Sandwich Cranky Style

This is the second recipe of a work in progress “The Cranky Cook Book”.


Two slices of rye bread (can you substitute another bread if you want? NO!)

Velveeta a cheese-like-product (no one really knows what this cheese-like product is, but it MUST be Velveeta from a brick, not presliced.  (Can you substitute with real cheese?  NO!)

Butter – one glob plus one pat

Bacon – Three slices

Tomato - one

Fry three slices of bacon till crispy

Layer ¼ inch of Velveeta on each slice of rye bread

Add two slices of crispy bacon and several slices of tomato

Throw away the rest of the tomato, it just goes bad in the fridge

Close the sandwich such that  melted cheese will encapsulate the tomato and bacon

Wipe down bacon fry pan leaving some grease and add glob of butter

Place sandwich in pan at low temperature with another pan on top to press sandwich and keep in heat

Ignore smoke alarm

Open a window, turn on fan, and yell to wife that everything is ok

When first side is golden brown, add one pat of butter on top slice of bread and turn in pan, cover until Velveeta melts and oozes out encapsulating the bacon and tomato

Eat the third slice of bacon

Cut sandwich on a diagonal and plate

Serve with potato chips and bottle of beer



Easy and delicious!


  1. Wonder how much cholesterol is in a sandwich like that. It does sound delicious though. One summer in my high school days we lived on toasted sandwiches with mayo, lettuce, tomato and cheese, not the sliced cheese but a good hunk of cheddar cheese on the sandwich. Totally delicious and never made it since that summer.


  2. Nom nom! Velveeta is perfect for grilled cheese. When Hick's older boys were younger, he made them grilled cheese when I wasn't home. Their first question was, "Where's the cheese?" Hick had used one of those American cheese singles, in the individual wrapper.

  3. Do NOT throw away left over tomato. Eat it while you wait for your sandwich to cook.

  4. Sounds good. Providing I can leave out the chips and beer I will have a go at this.

  5. Grilled cheese with tomato is good, this would be better.

  6. Hahahahahahahaha!

    I sprayed the monitor on "Ignore smoke alarm."


  7. I don't do Velveeta. Ever. I don't know what's in that, but I'm sure it's not cheese. Some real cheese and I'm in.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. I think I would need to be paid to eat that, but you enjoy, Joe!

  9. Loved the last few instructions!!

  10. Love how you measure butter. Before my heart went kaplooee, I would have loved that sandwich. Surprised Mrs. C let you throw out the rest of the tomato.

  11. My hubby is a fan of Velveeta cheese for grilled cheese-like-substance sandwiches, too. It melts very nicely, but what IS it...? NOT cheese! Even so, I love your recipe. Especially the part about ignoring the smoke alarm. You're a funny guy. Gonna include some grilled Spam recipes in your book? That's what my hubby made for the kids on those rare occasions I went anywhere without them. (tantamount to child abuse...)

  12. Sounds delicious and artery clogging.

  13. How unimaginative — a recipe in which you can’t substitute! Where’s your spirit of adventure and exploration with such a culinary delight?

  14. Exchange the Velveeta stuff for smoked Gouda cheese... *licks lips*


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