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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I first met Frog in 1961, our sophomore year in high school.  He was a manager on the high school football team, I was a third string guard on the Varsity team.  We did not talk much.
The next year, I was a second-string guard, Frog was the head manager on the football team.  If you want to know who is more valuable to a football team, a second-string guard or the manager, ask the Head Coach…the manager wins.  We did not talk much.
The next year, I was the starting guard and Co-captain.  If you checked with the Head Coach, the manager was still the more important man on the team.  We still did not talk much.  I did once ask for a new pair of shoe laces and Frog said no.
“I’m friggin Co-captain and I can’t have shoe laces?”
“Coach says we’re running low.”
I hated Frog.
The next year I went to college and Frog went to the same school.  I bumped into him, he was rooming on the floor just below me.  We talked a lot.  We have been close friends ever since.  He still would not give me a pair of shoe laces if I asked…the shirt off his back, but not laces, it is a matter of principle.
That was 54 years ago, and we are still friends.  He has tried to get me to learn to fly fish with very little success.  I have tried to teach him to play golf with limited success.  We have shared more than a drink or two, we even shared a bed once, separated by a pair of skis and a promise of no touching. 
Between us we have been married six times, seven if you count one that may have been…never mind, that is a long story. 
There have been a lot good times, a few bad times.
Old friends are great.  They are there when you need them.  You can be an asshole and you are forgiven.  You can laugh at stuff with only the slightest mention of an event long past. 
Truth be told I don’t have many friends.  When you divorce, the friends either go to the wife, or they slowly just go their own way.  I’ve lost a lot of friends in two divorces.
Old friends don’t leave.  You may not see them often, but they are always friends. 
This week is my annual college fraternity reunion.  There will be a bunch of old friends there.  The oldest won’t make it this year, he has other obligations.  We’ll get together soon.
Why am I doing an old friends post?  There is this weeks reunion, but also I have mentioned Frog in the past,  and he recently sent me this picture from a few years ago, so I figured I should introduce him. 
It may have been before our last and final ski trip.  Final, because these old friends are too old to ski.
Frog is the one with the funny goggles.


  1. Which funny goggles?

  2. There is nothing like having a good friend who will stick with you through thick and thin, friends like Frog are a blessing.

  3. Old friends are the ones you know have your back. Enjoy the reunion!

  4. Loved this.... friends, real friends, stay forever. Sad that circumstances can change things but, as you say, you never really lose real friends

  5. I have some old friends that I've had for most of my life. I think one hard part of divorce is losing friends in the process.

  6. You never know who will remain in your life. Here's to loyal friends!

  7. Thanks for helpful identification clue.

  8. Old friends know where the bodies are buried and they are the ones who helped.

  9. Sharon beat me to it. We keep our old friends close for they know things about us we don't particularly want to be public knowledge.

  10. You've mentioned Frog before and I clearly understand the bond between the two of you. I have a similar friend I've known since 1975 and when we get together it's like time has stood still.

  11. It's good to see that you allowed yourselves a side-hug for the picture, without a pair of skis separating you!

  12. Old friends are the best because I'm not one to have a big posse around me and I'v never even been divorced but nothing beats someone who knows what you were like when you could fit into a size 5 and had hair that didn't need to be colored every 5 weeks.

  13. 54 years of friendship is amazing. Kudos to you and to Frog. Here's to many, many, many more years. :)

  14. Human nature is too complicated to develop friendship specially when there is matter of rivalry .

    but i believe souls find each other no matter how tough times come became best friends when there was equal comfort zone to communicate.
    Either i believe that old friends from school stay best forever because they know you through all your growing and experiences .

    I also don't have much .there are two only ,though we meet in years but bonding exist still with all it's strength.

    The friends leave with time or due to changes in your life are not friends actually .you just know them less you should.

    I smiled over the separating bed by skis. Same happened to me when during my wedding days (7) my friend came to stay with me,we laid on ground on blankets (according to tradition) though but separated the space with pillow ,it was my decision other wise other girls were sleeping tangled .

    I am glad that you are going to participate in reunion event ,this is exciting and special. Though you both buddies will meet later but i am sure it will be remarkable meeting of old friends!

    you guys looked great in old photo Joe!