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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Stupid Headlines 100117

Stupid Headlines 100117
It’s time again for
So you greet people "Not-heaveno"
This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments. 

Saudi Arabia accidentally prints textbook showing Yoda sitting next to the king –

Your hat looks silly it does.

Police shoot at actor on movie set, mistake him for real bank robber – It might have been a good idea to notify the police they were filming a movie.
Adults are banned from dressing up as princesses at Disney parks – I smell a LGBTQIAXYZ law suit brewing.
Drunk driving through McDonald's drive-thru a 'McFail – The best part of the story, McD’s was closed and he honked his horn and cussed waiting for service with a police cruiser 20 yards away.
Fish rain down from sky in northern Mexico – Ian Zering and Tara Reed race to the rescue.
Charlie Daniels protests kneeling athletes by not watching Thursday Night Football on Wednesday – I don’t think this is going to hurt ratings very much.
Gym teacher arrested after reportedly choking students with jump rope -  And I thought being fored to do jumping Jacks was tough!
Melania Trump fires back at librarian who rejected gift of Dr. Seuss books as ‘racist’ – One fish, two fish, red fish, jew fish, black fish, wop fish, towel head-gook fish…little known verse from that notorious racist Dr. Seuss.
O.J. Simpson to live in gated community after release – Ah…why not just let him stay in his current gated community?
Welsh rugby player bitten by lion in South Africa – It is unusual for a Welsh player to be bit, this is definitely a Welsh rare bit.
Woman's detailed shopping list for husband goes viral – It’s not Mrs. C’s!
Officer tells woman to pop trunk because brake light is out, doesn’t realize she’s recording him –
Come back again next week (maybe) for more


  1. It's nice to see an officer being commended for something for a change instead of being immediately on the 'chopping block' for using a gun in a dicey situation.

  2. The "hell" out of "hello" thing cracks me up.

    I lived in Huntsville, Texas for a while. The zip code out there was, appropriately, 77340. I say appropriately because 77340, upside down, is OhELL or, in other words, "O hell."

  3. I love the feel good story the best. You made my day.

    I linked this post to Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  4. OJ living in a gated community now this is funny.

    I like the feel good story, there are a lot of good police officers out there who do good deeds without ever being recognized, it was good to see this one.

  5. I think you are becoming our newscaster of choice.

  6. All good ones this week, nary a groaner!

  7. It amazes me how much time some people have to pursue such a stupid cause. And heaven to you too.

  8. I'm no fan of the Trumps, but that librarian was wrong to reject those books, but your comment was funny.

  9. Where was that librarian when Michelle Obama was reading Dr. Seuss to kids?

  10. "Welsh rare bit." Now that was clever. Nice to see a good cop--as most are--get some props.

  11. Sometimes i don't know what this world is coming to, then a great story like that officer helping comes along. Hope you are having a blessed and beautiful Sunday!

  12. Rumors are OJ Simpson is supposed to move to St. Petersburg (that's where his kids live). The attorney general of Florida said that he's "not welcome" here. As if she could stop him.

  13. Didn't the Beatles sing a song about "Hello"? I wonder what it would say if I played the record backwards? We haven't had any rain here in so long I'd be happy if it rained included.

  14. Maybe now, with your help and that guy in the news...Not-Heaveno will catch on. Heh, heh! I snorted at your fish rain rescuers.

  15. Joeh,

    Headlines make for some of the funniest stuff ever! Thanks for the smiles. Have a good week!

  16. Loved this one, as usual!!

  17. When I was a kid, I used to write captions on all the pictures in my textbook. Thankfully I used a pencil, but I thought I was SO clever. Those captions were nothing compared to your remarks about the headlines.
    The one about OJ made me snort red wine out my nose.