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Saturday, October 7, 2017

OMG, Cam Newton belittled a Woman!

OMG, Cam Newton belittled a Woman!
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The following is the opinion of a cranky old man who has little knowledge of the topic opined.  Opposing opinions are welcome, but they are wrong.  As always please, no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid-head!

Cam Newton belittled a woman.

Cam Newton is in a heap of trouble because he belittled a woman reporter.

Cam is a star quarterback in the NFL.  He is cocky and arrogant.  A quarterback who is not cocky is a quarterback on the bench.  If I was one of the best at what I did and what I did was watched by 50 million people every week, I’d probably be arrogant too.

I know nothing about Cam Newton.  He may be a really good dude.  He may be an ass.  He is a damn good quarterback.  He is paid a lot of money to be a damn good quarterback.

He is in trouble because he was asked a question about football by a lady reporter and he said, It's funny to hear a female talk about routes."  Not a politically correct comment.  A little degrading to the lady reporter, but I gotta say, when I hear a woman talking football it sounds funny to me also.

The unexpected is funny, it is what most jokes are based on.  Female sports reporters are relatively new, and a football question from a female apparently struck Cam as funny...and in an off-the-cuff remark, he said as much.

Most of the women I know hate football and know nothing about the game.  The first question most women ask when the game comes on TV is “Where is it being played?” or “Which team is wearing the pretty green uniforms?”

When a woman asks an intelligent football question it is kind of funny because it is different, it is unexpected.  It’s like when a black man, or an Asian from the UK speaks in a proper English accent, it is funny because it is unexpected.  Sorry, it just is!

So, Cam Newton was asked an intelligent football question from a female reporter, it struck him as funny and he said as much. 

Holy cow, hang him out to dry.

People; he is not a politician, he is not a brain surgeon, he is not a person to sway public opinion, he is a quarterback.  He has been trained to dodge linebackers and to pick up defensive alignments and call a play to defeat what he sees.  He has not been trained to walk on eggshells and watch his political correct P’s and Q’s in every situation.   Something struck him as funny and he made a comment to that effect.  SORRY!!

Have you ever seen a 5’ 5” dude put a move on a 6’ 6” basketball player and dunk the ball?  It is funny as hell because it is unexpected. 

When Gomer Pile suddenly sang in a brilliant baritone voice it was funny because it was so unexpected.

When an Olympic champion, the best male athlete in the world at one time, suddenly announces he is becoming a woman, it became the brunt of many a joke because it was so unexpected.

When a sweet little nun gives someone the finger and say’s “Fuck You” it is funny because it is so unexpected.

When a prim and proper librarian type farts in a crowded elevator, it is funny because it is so unexpected.

When a young female reporter asks an intelligent football question, it is unexpected.  It struck Cam Newton as funny and he made a comment to that effect.  For this he has lost endorsements and people are calling for him to be suspended and or fined.

I think that is ridiculous. 

Rosy Greer, was a 6’5” 300-pound NFL lineman from the 60’s who crocheted to relax.  People thought that was funny, especially woman thought it was funny.  Sure, it was unexpected, but what, a football player can’t know how to crochet? It was unexpected, but people who made fun of it should have been taken to task…right?

Nuclear bombs scare me, racism upsets me, terrorism concerns me, but perhaps the biggest threat to society today is if we all lose our sense of humor. 

When we lose the right to laugh, when the unexpected is no longer funny, when we have to parse our every word and every thought for fear of upsetting someone or some group it scares me. 

“Experts” today tell us what our voice inflections “really mean.”  Our body language is dissected to determine a person’s “real” thoughts.   Living in fear of the thought police, losing the ability to laugh, that is what I fear the most today.

Give Cam Newton a break.  He is a kid, he is a quarterback, he is not a sociologist.  He has a job to do.  His job is to win football games, not mollycoddle every snow-flake reporter whose sensitivities are easily hurt.  If you are a reporter…suck it up.

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky*.

*I was impressed with Mrs. Cranky when the first football game we ever watched, on fourth down she asked me, “Are they going to kick or stick?” This was a question only familiar to backyard touch-football players.  Yes, it made me laugh like hell!

After the blog: Here is an example of the male press being belittled...was Cam so bad?


  1. I saw a headline about it and read the article, and thought, "What's the big deal?" I kept looking for where he called her a name or something.

  2. Cam Newton is a bit full of himself. I remember how he pranced about during one of the play off games a few years back against the Arizona Cardinals when his team was doing everything right and the Cardinals were doing everything wrong. Funny how a few weeks later at another game when his team couldn't do anything right and the other team could do everything right, he was a total different person. With all that's going on in this world these days, this shouldn't even have been made a story, but it was. I might not know all the fouls I see flags thrown for, still not sure exactly what holding is, but I can appreciate and follow the game pretty darn well, considering I pretty much self taught myself years ago.


  3. I agree - this got too much attention and I'm a female and I do not take offense to it at all. I would think it's funny if I saw my husband knitting, and I know my husband would definitely crack a smile if I said something even remotely correct about a football play. It's not being sexist, it's just unexpected which makes it funny. It's coming out of the gender norms, and that can be a bit funny to witness.

  4. This should not be a big deal. As more women follow the sport and get into reporting, it will seem less odd, but he did nothing wrong here.

  5. Wellllllll.......normally I don't follow the PC religion, but in this case, I think he sounds like he might have been doing it just to get a dig in at woman sports reporters. If that's her career, WHY wouldn't she know football terms, etc? It doesn't seem anymore odd than a male fashion reporter asking an actress about her designer handbag.

    1. He is in the public eye and needs to speak more carefully, but I gotta say if I heard the term "Truck-sticking" from a male reporter, I would think it was pretty funny.

  6. A home run comment Cranky. He didn't call her a blond bimbo or something condescending. She asked a fair but unexpected question, and he expressed surprise. Big deal. I'll bet the next time she asks him something technical he won't be surprised, and he'll give her a straight answer. This should be a non-event.

  7. Well put Joe! I agree. Not a big NFL or Cam fan but you're right.

    Can't hang with the guys? Don't be a sports reporter...

  8. Ugh! I'm beginning to hate (yes, hate) all these thin skinned people!

  9. There is stuff like this all over the internet, coaches or players being a bit rough with reporters and they are making a fuss about this?

  10. I agree with everything you said and I'm a woman sports fan. Leave him alone, if you don't want to hear what he has to say don't ask him questions. I give him points for honesty.

  11. I believe way too much humor has been sucked out of life. That is why when I took the entire anti-freeze, self-siphon sillcock from my out door faucet into the hardware store to make sure I got the correct washer replacement and the ACE man said "Oh, THIS is gonna be a good one," I giggled as I hit him over the head with it.

  12. Ooh, and earlier he'd called her Sweetheart. Shocker, right? Have a great day, Cranky.

  13. Why was this even a story? Must have been a slow news day!!

  14. I know under zero about football. But I can say, with authority, anyone who is berating this player is a horse's ass.

  15. Tempest in a tea pot if you ask me. I thought it was ridiculous to make a fuss over it as well. It's gotten to the point where we are all afraid to open our mouths for fear we inadvertently stick our size 7's in it.

  16. Too bad he lost Dannon for I thought it was funny seeing a football player in full gear raving about yogurt.

  17. This did get too much attention but Joe, and Cam, women have been big into football since the 70's when they finally 'made it to the locker room' as professionals. I have one daughter who doesn't get it, but the other just loves football. Cam shouldn't have had the reaction he had (at least, not out loud) but he also should just be a punch line instead of being roasted for it.

  18. This was the dumbest thing ever. I kept trying to figure out what he said that was so wrong.

  19. may be he was out of himself or much into himself ,both conditions go against the diplomacy .

    my father loved hockey and mother loved cricket ,still remember when our cooking was off until the match cricket match finished and it was annoying for my father .

    I confess i don't know anything about football but i loved watching it and when my son choose football in collage i was so happy it seemed that it is okay that i could not but at least "a part of me" my son is playing the game i loved most and if there was any women team or chance to join i would have choose it over all slow games


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