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Friday, July 7, 2017


It does not take much to set me off.  I know I shouldn’t care, it doesn’t affect me, my kids are all grown, but I hate the SpongeBob Ice-pops they sell on that truck with the annoying,
“doodle doodle, doodle doodle doodle, doodle doodle doo,  do de do do doodle do de do do do.”
In the good old days, the truck sold popsicles, toasted almond, drumsticks,  and strawberry shortcake along with various cups of ice cream flavors.   All of these treats were good.
What do I see every kid on the beach with now, when the truck comes a ringing?
SpongeBob on a stick.
All those great flavors, all those time-tested ice cream combinations, and what do kids want?  A pop of crappy flavors that is punched out to look like SpongeBob SquarePants.  I actually like the SpongeBob show, but why do kids have to have ice cream that looks like a cartoon character?
Would I want to lick an ice cream bar shaped like Pam Anderson? 
OK, maybe I do get it.
Kids will happily take vitamins that look like Fred Flintstone, or Dino.  They have to have Ninja Turtles on their tee shirt or they throw a tantrum.  If it has a fun cartoon character on it, kids will wear it, eat it, ride it or play with it.
This had me to thinking.  There is a big hoo-ha about GMO food being unsafe and unhealthy.  I’m not sure why, but perhaps GMO food could be used to make our children healthy.
Come on Birds Eye and Green Giant, let’s use science for the good of our children who refuse to eat their veggies. 
Why can’t we use GMO technology to make broccoli that looks like SpongeBob?  How about carrots that look just like Big Bird, or asparagus with arms and legs like Gumby?
There would be no more begging with you children at dinner.
“Tommy, eat your ‘Barney Beans’ and your ‘Big Bird’ carrots and you can have  'SpongeBob broccoli' for desert!”


  1. My favorite was the bomb pop - red, white and blue, shaped like a rocket. And I liked the strawberry shortcake too. Kids "ice cream" today sucks. It's basically frozen Kool-Aid with a truck load of sugar. - I have to say tho, the only way I could get my kids to eat spinach was to ask them if they wanted to be strong like Popeye. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I feel very fortunate that my grandkids love their veggies and fruit and none of them are pop drinkers.

  2. I get your point but imagine the cost! A carrot costs barely anything but dress it up in the latest character trend and the shopping bill would go sky high. I used to promise all sorts when my son turned up his nose at something nutritious.

  3. I don't like Sponge-Bob anything. I don't think making cartoon character vegetables is the answer. They'll still taste the same. I prefer my tried and perfected method of keeping the kids hungry enough to eat what I gave them, with just one or two exceptions. And we never ate spinach because I hated it, but all of them now eat spinach voluntarily.

  4. There are some funny memes out there featuring the saddest looking SpongeBob ice pops.

  5. Kids are pretty sharp...I don't think cartoon veggies will fool them...not after the first taste.

    1. Now I know why I flunked "Sarcasm 101" in school.

  6. I find Sponge Bob Squarepants bizarre in all his manifestations, can't imagine eating him.

  7. OMG I'm so glad I found your fun blog, which totally reminds me of the good old days of the Good Humor Truck! You're so right, ice cream sure has changed for sure! Hugs...RO

  8. You had to go and mention drumsticks. This will now be a long day fighting the urge.

  9. I'm not down with the high fructose corn syrup cartoon ice pops either but I'm not a fan of GMO food either.
    One of my favorites as a kid was a pushup. It was orange sherbet ice cream in a round cardboard container with a stick that you pushed from the bottom to get at the ice cream inside. Yum.

  10. My kids used to love the fudge pops and ice cream sandwiches. It would be nice if they could use a safe method to make broccoli taste like sugar. Every kid would want that.

  11. We train them early to be obsessive consumers of stuff.

  12. didn't work for Veggie-O's cereal in Daddy Day Care.

  13. You're dredging the bottom of the barrel here, Joeh. I do understand, the neighbors choice of yard ornaments pisses me off too, but.....

  14. I don't know, you just may be on to something Joe.

  15. I love broccoli and really don't want it to look like Sponge Bob.

  16. With genetically modified food, they could probably not only make broccoli LOOk like Sponge Bob, they could probably make it walk around and sound like him, too.

  17. When she was little, my Connecticut granddaughter's favorite food was broccoli!!

  18. ...make broccoli that looks like SpongeBob? How about carrots that look just like Big Bird, or asparagus with arms and legs like Gumby... <-- And then someone will come up with the crazy idea to make mouse-flavored cat food...


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