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Thursday, July 6, 2017



Mrs. C is the most amazing person I have ever known with directions.  She knows every road in New Jersey and every short cut or way around a traffic jam.  When she goes some place new, one look at a map and she is good to go.  She always knows which direction is north, south, east or west.

Mrs. C knows directions, she knows where she is and how to get where she is going.  Around the house she knows where everything is in the house even with its generally cluttered condition. 

Mrs. C takes directions well, she does not have to be told twice, and she actually enjoys putting things together following step by step instructions.

Mrs. C is horrible at giving directions. 

Today we are at our shore house rental, and I ask her where she wants me to put away some new short tumblers she just purchased.

“Put them in the cabinet on the shelf with the other glasses.”

The cabinet has three shelves, all with different glass types.

“Which shelf?”

“The higher shelf.”

Does that mean the second or the third shelf?  You’d think the second shelf which is higher but not the highest, but you don’t know Mrs. C.

“Which higher shelf?”

“The one with the three wine glasses.”

The second shelf has two wine glasses.  The third shelf has no wine glasses.

“You mean the second shelf, which has two wine glasses?”

“No, the higher shelf above those wine glasses.  Next to the three glasses which are wine glasses without a stem.”

“So, the water glasses which could be used as wine glasses?”


“May I make a suggestion?”


“If you ever decide to start a new profession don’t even think about Air Traffic control.”

“You’re a Jerk!”


  1. Well, we knew the final destination of that little trip! I think Mrs. C and Hick are very much alike, in both their aptitude for finding their direction, and also trying to give directions. Their penmanship has some similarities as well. But Hick would NEVER call me a jerk. I'm not as easy-going as you.

  2. Has Mrs C ever considered being a full time direction giver? She would be my choice if ever I was lost. Had a giggle at the end of this post - your comment was priceless.

  3. Well, Cranky, I'm impressed that you were trying to help her put things away! You must be a very nice 'jerk'!

  4. Might I suggest Mrs C puts away her own new glasses while you take the wrapping out to the trash bin?

  5. I am impressed with anyone who gets the whole directional thing -- for travel purposes especially.

  6. Lol, I think my spouse is terrible giving directions, too. I could never work for him.

  7. Aw, you had it all the way to your air traffic control comment and then, well.. Yeah. What Mrs. C said. :D

  8. Sounds like our new Daughter in law, I asked her for directions to the airport and by the time she got through talking I didn't even know which direction to turn out of the driveway.

  9. I've given up asking my hubs to either put something away or get something out of my kitchen I'm beginning to wonder if his lack of ability to comply is a direct reflection on my direction giving abilities.

  10. My Mrs. C. is wonderful with directions close to home, but when we travel she seems to have no sense of direction at all.

  11. Have you ever tried to just put them anywhere just to see what happens? If you do, be sure to post about it:))

  12. I'm good at giving directions and my husband is lousy at following them. But when it comes to navigating our way in an unfamiliar place, he's great at following directions.....thank God, otherwise we would end up in Timbuktu.

  13. I loved your last comment to Mrs. c!!

  14. She knows so well how to do it, she assumes everyone else does, too. That's all.

  15. That's pretty amazing. My wife doesn't know north from a hole in the ground. I literally have to draw her cartoon-lke maps to get her anywhere. Maybe some day the little light bulb in her head will pop on. ;)

  16. Once, someone at work gave me directions on how to get to her house: "...and you turn right at the house that Jack built..."


    Turns out she really was good at giving directions. "The House That Jack Built" was the name of a tavern, clearly indicated by a big sign.