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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lock Mess Nonster

Lock Mess Nonster
Many years ago, there was a fuzzy picture of the Lock Ness Monster which had people very excited. 
Proof that the monster exists! 
This fuzzy photo could have been a blow-up pool toy, but it still perpetuated the myth. 
Then there was a film clip, also fuzzy, of bigfoot which turned out to be a guy in a costume.
There has been a few billion dollars spent on expeditions to prove the existence of Nessie and of Bigfoot.  There have been many sightings, but zero photos that were not fuzzy nothings.
Virtually every person in the world currently carries a cell phone/camera which takes brilliant photos and action clips.  There are cameras which left in trees, film any creature which triggers it with any movement.  We have sonar, we have night vision, we have heat sensor instruments, we have satellites which take pictures from outer space of tanks for crispy sake.  If the Lock Ness monster or Bigfoot existed we would have real proof by now.
No photos of Nessie or Bigfoot that aren’t fuzzy and fake looking.  No bigfoot bones ever uncovered, we have fossils and bones from dinosaurs millions of years old, but no bones or fossils of Nessie or Bigfoot.
Do bears shit in the woods?  Why yes, trackers see it all the time.  Bigfoot poop?  Never discovered.  Strange DNA of a Bigfoot or Nessie…I don’t think so.
Scientists have discovered strange creatures a zillion fathoms under the sea, but no Nessie.  Civilization has been encroaching on our wilderness such that deer, bear and mountain lions have become a nuisance, when years ago they were seldom spotted…where is a bigfoot.
All the technology, all the cameras at the ready, all the expeditions and TV specials dedicated to finding these mythical creatures and what have we found?  NADA!
Just the other day I saw this “Proof” that the Lock Ness Monster is real:
I’m convinced, or wait; actually, I think that is either a big stick in the lake, or a small worm on the lens.
Stop it people, Nessie and Bigfoot do not exist.


  1. LIke REM said:
    "If you believe they put a man on the moon
    Man on the moon
    If you believe there's nothing up his sleeve
    Then nothing is cool."

    Conspiracies and tall tales are fun.

  2. Yeah, no Bigfoot bones or fur or DNA. It would have been found by now. There's a cute movie my boys liked, kind of based on the premise of where Nessie came from. It's called The Water Horse. Here's the trailer.

  3. Neither does the Easter Bunny, but don't you are say that to a three year old. Ditto Santa. I don't care either way, let people enjoy their myths and fairy tales. It's all pat of the magic that is life.

  4. He certainly wasn't around whenever I've looked for him. I reckon he switched locations when they started looking for him. Devilish clever, if you ask me.

  5. Can we add ghosts and UFOs to that list?

  6. Yes, i agree, they are extremely unlikely to exist, although i've learned not to say "never" because then i get proved wrong.


    kidding. i got noting.

  8. Probably not but it's still fun to pretend.

  9. No mention of Unicorns? Ah ha, they do exist.

  10. Well I don't care what you say, the Cardiff Giant HAS to be real!! ;-)

  11. Things in the water can be ever so deceiving. What you think it is and what it turns out to be are two different things.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  12. People believe lots of weird stuff!!

  13. Now that you've convinced us of the truth somebodys gonna step in some Bigfoot poop somewhere, I hope their cell phone takes clear pictures...I bet not.

  14. I don't believe in these mythical creatures but I still find the stories about them to be fun.

  15. Omgosh. Big Foot is HUGE out here. I don't have feelings either way. Maybe they exist, maybe they don't. I suppose like everyone else I'm waiting for real evidence. I'd be most interested in seeing a real Nessie tho over a Big Foot.

  16. I'm guessing that folks need to lay off the wacky tobbacky:)

  17. I never leave the house without a good camera. Because I *could* encounter Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, or Elvis. And everyone will have fuzzy cell phone pics, and I'll have great photos that I'll sell to CNN.



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