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Sunday, July 17, 2016



It is time again for


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.  


Sand sculpture of busty Cape Cod mermaid draws complaints – I’ve got 99 problems, but sand boobs in a bikini ain’t one.

Thousands of 'blue people' flock to Hull City The annual Valium convention.

Yale dishwasher canned after breaking 'racist' stained-glass window – I don’t know a thing about the “racist window” but am shocked to see the name Yale next to dishwasher.

'Pokémon Go' takes world by storm – More proof of “Global Nerding”!

Sanders supporters reportedly to hold Philly 'fart-in' – That’s one way to air out your grievances.

Marines playing Pokémon Go catch attempted murder suspect – Scramidoo swears he didn’t do it, says it was Pincachoo in the library with a candlestick holder.

British county now classifying cat-calling as a hate crime – What’s the point, they only ignore you anyway?

New study busts long-running conception myth – So it can happen from a toilet seat?

Florida man fighting to keep pizza-eating pet alligator in garden – Man loves his 13 foot pet… “Domino’s” delivery dude…not so much. *

Egypt unveils oldest papyrus, details on pyramid-builders – Instructions call for 3800 #6 1800 #5, 700 #4, 400 #3, 40 #2 and one #1 square stones…much assembly required, 6000 Jewish slaves not included.

Mick Jagger becoming a dad again at 72    So he can get some, satisfaction and he gets some, girly action.

*I have to have at least one Florida headline.


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  1. Pyramids and alligators and live sperm, oh my. You've outdone yourself.

  2. That "global nerding" hit my home, too. At least they are out getting some sunshine and fresh air.

  3. I think I love your comebacks better than the headlines.

    I linked this post to Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. Windows aren't born racist. They're taught to be racist.

    Not like doors. Those suckers are born bad.

  5. Florida headlines aren't much of a challenge if you follow Dave Barry.

    But your headlines are better.

  6. This time I actually have seen two of these stories--Mick Jagger and the racist window. The combination sounds like an adventure story, or a band name.

  7. Hi! I could use a little levity - this works!

  8. When I read about this alligator I wondered if it would appear here, and so it did.

  9. OMG, I actually spent time studying each of these trying to figure it out and still nothing. I have no idea! So I'll go with the blue people being false... just because...

    As someone else pointed out, this is a good day for blogging... a needed escape... so why not spend 5 minutes here for a laugh or two.

  10. pokemon go is really stupid... causing all sorts of 911 calls of trespassers and suspicious activity.

  11. Ha, the reason you have a Florida headline is because it makes your blog post easier. All you have to do is read/listen/watch ANY news from Florida and the material is right there.

    Mick Jagger becoming a father again... instead of taking his kid to the pond to skip stones, he'll just take him for a weekend to London or stuff like that. I'm still trying to figure out if that will be good for the kid or bad for the kid.

  12. I two-armed applaud you for this week's bumper crop of your sophomoric comments!