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Friday, November 20, 2015



Some things in life annoy the hell out of me.  This is not such a list; it is simply a list of questions about behavior that I do not understand.

Why do women fan their eyes when they get emotional, even when they wear no eye makeup?

Why do children insist on making funny faces when you take their picture?

Why do kids yell "Marco…Polo" in swimming pools?  Why not "Caitlyn…Jenner"?

Why are guys proud of their belches and farts?

"Why do birds sing so gay?"

Why do women ask “Who’s playing” and then leave the room?

Why do people clap with their hands over their heads at concerts?

Why do young women think it is funny to stick out their tongue when you ask them to smile for the camera?

Why do politicians always tell the American people what the American people want?

"Why do lovers await the break of day?"

Why do people all stand up in airplanes as soon as the plane stops moving?

Why do people always wave at the camera when you are taking a video?

Why do women cover their mouth when they laugh or are surprised?

Why do three year olds ask "why" all the time?

"Why does the rain fall from up above?"

Why do people think bunny ears in a photo are funny?

Why do all teenagers say “You don’t understand?”

Why do men punch the air when their team scores?

Why do people rub their hands together when someone brings out a plate of food?

"Why do fools fall in love?"

Why did you just sing to yourself “Why do they fall in lo-ove?”


  1. I think those women who fan eyes (never actually seen that) could be trying to stop tears. Embarrassment has a lot to do with other things they do.

  2. People stand up in planes because they think that will help them escape faster. Have never seen it work, however.

  3. Why? I dunno. I'll have to get back to you on that.

  4. I guess if we knew the answers to all the why questions, we would be rich people; instead why we don't know the answers make us poorer people indeed.


  5. I'll tell you, if you'll tell me who wrote the book of love.

  6. I dunno, but I do think we start getting old when we stop asking questions. :)

  7. I dunno why, they just do..........words from an old song.
    The fanning eyes trick....... I do that one a .lot with the pretext
    I'm going to cry. You forgot the one of the female hand to her hair
    by the neck and quickly tossing her head back.

  8. Okay Joe, I got on your site. Here's what is blocked (http://magicalmystical mimi), so that may be what is causing the problem. So if you remove her from your blog list then things might work right. If I click on that link in your blog list my malwarebytes refuses to open her site. Apparently she hasn't posted anything for 4 months.

    Hope this helps. I'll try to visit again tomorrow. ☺

  9. I wasn't singing it but I heard Frankie Lymon singing it in my head. Pretty sure that ear worm will stay with me today. Why did you do that to me?

  10. In German, the word for "Why" is "Warum". When a child is following a parent around the house asking "Warum?" all of the time, a German-speaking parent after getting tired of it might answer, "Darum!", a nonsense word that they use to convey the meaning "because I said so now quit asking 'why' all the time!"

    So, to all of your "Warum" i will just answer "Darum!" It's so much simpler.

  11. Why are you asking all these questions?

  12. Why are pizza boxes square when pizza is round?

  13. Oh dear god, now I am stuck with this ear worm song in my head all day....

  14. Why do guys sneeze 20 times in a row, and have the ability to poop up under the toilet seat?

  15. Why do they put those things in magazines that fall out as soon as you flip pages?

  16. Women ask "Who's playing?" in the vague hope that it's a team they've heard of, maybe even know or care something about. If so, they might ask "Who's winning?" They are still likely to leave the room, though.