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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Oh crap! I just became my mom.  I am now one of those old people who see the latest, newest, coolest thing and have to declare, “What do I need that for?”  This is then followed with an explanation that the current technology or method of doing something works just fine and there is no reason to change.

This is very frustrating to young people.

I remember telling my mom how great and useful microwave ovens were.

“Oh, what do I need that for?  My regular oven works just fine, and if I need to defrost something I just leave it out.  If I want to heat something up quick, I just drop it in a container and then into boiling water.”  

“Mom, you should have cable TV, you can get over 100 different channels all with crystal clear reception.”

“Oh what do I need that for? I just watch the news and my Saturday night movie...I’ll be darned if I’m going to pay for TV!  And my reception is just fine.  If it gets fuzzy I just have to move to a different chair.  Cable TV… honestly!”

When she got a little older, mom would not even believe some stuff existed.  I remember one day recording her playing with her grandchildren on a beautiful summer day.  When I went to show her the recording she would not believe it.

“Look mom, I recorded you playing with Mary Beth, just this afternoon.”

“Oh you did not!”

“Sure did, look.”

After watching for a minute, “What is that?”

“It’s you playing with Mary Beth just this afternoon.”

“Oh it is not, it’s some kind of trick…honestly!”

Sometimes my son tries to show me new technology. 

“Look dad, you could get Pandora and wirelessly have any music you choose in any room in the house.”

“Oh what do I need that for? My CD player works just fine and I can play five different CD’s and shuffle the songs.”

I think he has given up on me and the glossed over eyes I get when he tries to show me something new.

The other day while watching TV, a commercial came on for Hulu and Netflix and something Google that didn’t even need cable. To no one I heard myself say,

“Oh what do I need that for?  Cable is just fine and I already get all the shows and movies I want.  Why do I need even more choices?  Honestly!”

I read something today about a car that drives itself. I’m sure it is just some kind of trick.  "Honestly!"


  1. I reached the point where by the time I'm ready for new tech, it is already outdated and something else even better has come along.
    What do I need that for.

  2. This post made me laugh (as most of your posts do) but it's funny because you know how these days you can sign for something with just your finger? Like, lets say you are at a department store and you use you credit card, then the saleslady hands you a screen and says to just sign the receipt using your finger. I remember the first time it happened to me I was at Nordstroms and it was probably about 4 years ago, and I said to the lady, "What do you mean, sign it with my finger....?" and she said, "Yes, just with your finger, sign your name." and I looked at her as if she was kidding. And so, without arguing with her, I signed it with my finger at that was that. But later I went home and wrote a blog post about how the same scenario would go if my grandmother were told to sign her name with her finger. THAT would have been really funny to see. She would of held up the line just arguing with the sales person, saying she must be kidding, and asking where Alan Funt was hiding.....LOL

  3. Although I love reading about the latest gadgets and technology I am at the stage of switching off. Peace and quite is the way I like it.

  4. How true, how true. I don't like new things because it's always a struggle to learn. I wish new electronic things came with a little robot that would just say,
    "No dummy, you push here and poke there......etc."

  5. I feel the same way about a lot of stuff, and I'm just in my 30's. The thing that gets me is when someone feels like they need multiples of practically the same thing, like Netflix, Hulu, and cable. Really? What do I need them all for?

  6. Awww....I just want to go back in time and give your mom a really big hug - because I know exactly how she felt about the new-fangled stuff! And she was right - lots of it we really didn't ever need!

  7. Bwahahahahahahahaha. We become our parents don't we. Bless our hearts. Honestly.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. ☺

  8. "Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City" from "Oklahoma!" seems appropriate here!!

  9. Some new stuff i do like, some i have no use for, and the more technical it is, the more likely something will go wrong with it, and at just the wrong time.

  10. My parents make fun of me and insist that I was born old. I still refuse to use the microwave. I was more or less forced to get a smart phone, and I still barely know how to use it. I'm with you; what the heck do I need all that for.

  11. This is funny... or scary!

    I'm pondering... What would my kids say I'm guilty of?

    OH! I just can not understand why everything has to be a text message!
    I get the niceties of texting, but if I need an answer pronto, why do I have to wait for my kids to text someone for the info in order to answer my question (and wait for that person to text back.) Why can't they "call" on that same gadget and give me the answer in 30 seconds or less.

  12. I have a feeling my mother and your mother would get along well...if they spoke the same language. Heh. I remember once skyping with my siblings who were all gathered at my sister's house for Christmas. My mother was there, too. I'm not sure she quite understood how it all was happening. But would you believe that when I took the Skype camera (attached on a cord to the computer) and sort of turned it so that my mom could get a 180º view of my living room, she immediately noticed my ironing board, loaded up with a pile of laundry to be ironed (and, of course, had to comment on that).

  13. Have you heard? Sony is going to stop producing Betamax tapes in March, 2016!

  14. I like new technology, but I think I've reached the point where what I've got suits me fine, except the dvd player is getting old and I'm about to switch from prepaid modem to a new model with more data allowance. That should keep me going for a while and I'm hanging on to my old flip phone for sure. I'm used to it and don't want to have to learn a new model. What do I need all those apps for anyway?