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Monday, November 9, 2015

I Make a Sound - a cranky re-run

I Make a Sound
This philosophical cranky re-run is from September 2013.
It's pretty much about blogging in general.
If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it even make a sound?  Stupid philosophical bull shit; or so I used to think.  As I get older I realize that philosophy isn’t about finding answers, but it is about making you think.

The tree thing; of course it makes a sound.  Tree, land, impact, sound…has to happen.
Except, suppose in this one case the impact made no sound at all?  If there was no one around, how do we know?  There is no answer, but it makes you think.

It makes me think about blogging.

If you submit a post on the internet and no one ever reads it, did you have any impact?  Did you even make a sound?

It makes me think about life.

If you pass away and leave nothing behind, no memories, no ideas, no children, no friends, did you have any impact?  Did you even make a sound?

That is why I blog.  In addition to enjoying the writing, and the cyber-friends I have made, it is my way of having some impact.  It is my way of making a sound.

I’m not sure I have made that much of an impact in my life. I have four terrific children and five terrific grandchildren.  I expect they will have an impact, they will be my sound, but much of my own life I have been  quiet.  I did all the things you are supposed to do.  I went to school and earned my college degree.  I raised a family.  I put food on the table and a roof over heads, but in the great scheme of things I've been quiet.  I spent forty years working for the same firm which eventually had to be bought out to avoid going into bankruptcy…no sound there. 

So I blog.

It is fun.  It is rewarding.  I meet people.  I exchange ideas and opinions.  I share in peoples good times and their bad times.  I hear what others have to say.  That means they make a sound.

If you read this; I made a sound.


  1. I hear you! What is life without sound, eh? As for blogging, I have benefited so much from 'meeting' my blogging friends.

  2. I hear you Joe. I'm not sure how much sound the average person makes. Maybe we are all a big noise in our own small area rather than a small noise in a big one ... All I do know is that blogging carries our noise to people and places that we come to know and who become our friends and one day, this noise will be our legacy.

  3. Joe...we all make a sound...when we are a good friend... when we raise our children well,when we share a thought or a smile...Your blog has improved the quality of my morning reading... It's a good sound!

  4. as i age, i wonder if i will leave any ripples in the world at all.

  5. When the tree falls, it creates sound waves, so it does make a sound. The question is, does it have an impact on any ear drums? If not, no one hears it.

    You make a sound, you have an impact on people. When you think you were being quiet, you were having an impact on coworkers, your family, and everyone effected in any way by the things you did. There's no way to trace out your impact on everyone else -- remember George Bailey? That movie only scratched the surface of the hole each of us would leave if we were not there to play our part.

    Never forget you are having an impact, an eternal one.

  6. In my book you're a big noise Joe. And I mean that in a good way.

  7. I read this and you did make a sound.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. ☺

  8. I hear you loud & clear!!

  9. Wait, what? Did you say something?? :-)

    1. LOL -- I was going to write this!! You beat me to it ;)

  10. This is why I blog, too. To make a sound. I enjoy sharing my experiences through blogging. I never know who out there one of m stories might resonate with. I have gotten number emails about brain injuries. Parents ask me questions about what they should be doing with their brain injured children because they read about my daughter and can see how far she's come in her recovery. They want to heart from me, to see what I did with her that helped her so much. I am also getting a lot of emails about my son, Aaron, who has serious health conditions. I enjoy sharing with the world. I want to make a sound.

  11. Don't tell me I have to have a passion AND a sound now!

  12. I hear you. I used to be a much better blogger before I started trying to get published professionally. Now I make little noises in newspapers and magazines, instead of big noises in the blogosphere, and I don't have nearly as much fun.

  13. I hear beautiful music coming from this blog!

  14. Nice job, Joe. Looks like you got people thinking, and that's a good thing. I'm currently giving a lot of thought to the mortality thing myself, seeing the end of the tunnel. It's curious thing to face, isn't it.

  15. At least nobody's telling you to pipe down.

  16. That's a good analogy. I've never thought of blogging in those terms, but you make a good point.
    I wrote in my blog every day for a few years before anyone stumbled through my forest.

  17. After I look at my Facebook and my old hometown obituaries, I always go to you. And yes, you do make a sound.

  18. Well, all I know is that I have been sick with a bad cold for nearly a week, and one of the things I looked forward to when I felt better was to come here and get caught up on your posts! So there!

  19. This was excellent. Thanks for sharing this with me.