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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stupid Headlines 050315

Stupid Headlines 050315
You would think they would want to cooperate
It’s time again for

 This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.


Fox News poll: 48 percent favor same-sex marriage, 51 percent say legalize marijuana – So, clearly smoking pot will make you gay.

Brewers are turning sewage into suds – The one beer to have when you’re having number two. 

Woman’s obituary lists “A shitload of grandchildren” – And I’m sure she loved the crap outta all of them.

Pope Francis says it's 'scandalous' that women earn less than men for the same job – In response to the question, “Is there any similar discrimination in the church” the Pope answered, “Nun, nun at all.”

Treasure Hunter plunder blunder; petrified poop found in shipwreck off North Carolina – Pirate’s booty - doody?

Muslim Leader Declares Husbands Can Eat Their Wives If They Get Really Hungry – Unless of course their wife is a ‘pig’, that would be impure.

Kris Jenner ‘Livid For So Many Reasons' About Bruce InterviewWell if she wants more attention, maybe she should transition into an Olympic Decathlon Champion.

Bill Belichick caught ogling supermodel Chrissy Teigen – He was later overheard asking about her vertical leap and her time in the 40.

Man Convicted Of Stealing Electricity Despite Being Dead – He is hoping for a life sentence.

Artist Paints Penises Around Potholes To Get Them Fixed – How in the world that will fix a broken penis.

Meatloaf At Rikers Island Jail Tests Positive For Rat Poison – The singer should leave that jail like a bat out of Hell!

Bar Owner Defends 2-Way Mirror In Women's Bathroom, Won't Take It Down – “It’s only there to cut down on…ah…toilet paper theft…yeah theft…that’s the ticket.”


Last week’s fake was:

Jr. High Girl Develops App For Bad Hair Day – Why would anyone want a bad hair day?

And the only winner:

There is an app for bad hair days, but it was developed in Britain, by a web designer. Unless another one has come out, that is the fake headline.

I guess my fake was almost real…who knew?

Go visit mimi @ A little of everything, plus special “Today’s Date” information…oh just go and see for yourself!

13 incorrect guesses this week!

Most people guessed the fake to be:

People Who Like Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Have More Sex – Maybe, but to my mind any sex with a sandwich is too much sex.

Arkansas Patti killed with her comment:
Arkansas Patti  @
I am going to say none of the above and go fix myself a grilled cheese.
Still makes me laugh!

Go congratulate our winner, and also check out Arkansas Patti!




  1. Lemme guess....the stiff lady who left a "shitload of grandchildren" was from Arkansas, right? (I spent a year in Arkansas one weekend. I recognized the lingo. :)

  2. way to go messymimi!! :)

    um, gonna pick petrified poop, i suppose.

  3. I've lost my mojo. Way to go messymimi.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. I linked you to Silly Sunday. :)

  4. As a treasure hunter myself, I know that "Treasure Hunter plunder blunder; petrified poop found in shipwreck off North Carolina" has to be fake because we Treasure Hunters know our shit.

  5. I hope it's the one about the petrified poop--I'd hate to be wrong 2 weeks in a row!!

  6. Well done mimi :-)

    I am going for the poop too LOL and LOL @ Timothy comment :-)

  7. Well the cheese sandwich didn't work but glad I gave you a chuckle. Thanks so much for the shout out. I can only hope the Muslim leader one is fake.

  8. Does poop petrify in water? I pick that one.

  9. Please, please, let the Brewers are turning sewage into suds be the fake one. Bavaria adopted a purity law for brewing beer in 1516, and it's still on the books, and it's the one I believe in!

  10. I'll take the Shitload of Grandchildren for fake. I don't think that would be published in print or online in the obits. Because the news media has class, you know.

  11. I will go with "Treasure Hunter plunder blunder; petrified poop found in shipwreck off North Carolina" as the fake. If I am wrong or right it is a crappy guess either way.

  12. While i've helped at an archaeological site where we did find fossilized dinosaur poop (copralite), i'm thinking even that of the dinosaurs wouldn't last under water, much less human waste.

  13. Now this is really news to me ..... Husbands Can Eat Their Wives If They Get Really Hungry

  14. "Husbands can eat their wives. . ."

    "About Damn Time, Wives Say. . ."

  15. Treasure Hunter plunder blunder; petrified poop found in shipwreck off North Carolina is my pick.

    Bwahahahahahaha at Craig's comment.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  16. I just hope it's the Muslim leaders' new law. Disgusting!


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