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Saturday, May 30, 2015


A cranky opinion for

The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with minimum knowledge on the topic opined.  If you have an opposing opinion it is welcome but will probably be ignored.  If you wear a big stupid black cowboy hat you are welcome to be offended, but ya’ll make fun of us Yankees alla time.  As always, please no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid head with the big stupid black cowboy hat.

I wasn’t going to post a Saturday opinion this week.  I had no opinions.  Then I saw this article.

I don’t know who Clay Walker is.  I know very little about country music.  I enjoy many types of music.  As far as country goes, I like some and hate some.  I do know a dickhead when I see one.  The first clue of a country and western dickhead is the big stupid black cowboy hat.  These dudes will not go anywhere without their big stupid black cowboy hat, and they never take it off. 

What set me off about this Clay Walker is not his big stupid black cowboy hat, it is that he is pissed-off, his words, about old rockers getting into country music. From the wonderful big stupid black cowboy hat wearing Clay Walker,

“We have great singers, great country musicians. There’s no reason we have to dilute it by letting people in the format that don‘t have any business being in the format.”

Who determines who allows others into Clay’s world of country music?  Is Clay upset that these old rockers don’t wear big stupid black cowboy hats?  If I had talent and decided I wanted to try western music would I have to seek out Clay’s permission? 

Clay is worried new Rock and Roll blood will dilute country music.  What does that even mean?  Talented musicians don’t dilute music; they change it, expand it, and improve it.  If it doesn’t improve the music they won’t be successful, so what is the problem.

Hey Clay, it is a free country and people are free to sing it.  I think by dilute you mean competition; well you cannot have a monopoly on music or music styles,  so if you are “pissed-off” because traditional rock and roll musicians are trying their hand at country and western music maybe you should just STFU! 

Your stupid is showing underneath that big stupid black cowboy hat.

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. oh Clay! you shouldn't have said that. If it works for country singers to to add a little rock to their style, then it should be allowed to work the other way too. Let the old rockers sing what they want. If you're afraid they'll take away your audience, then perhaps you should work a little harder to keep them. Better yet, work with the old rockers and maybe learn something new.
    I have a couple of Clay Walker songs on my ipods.

  2. Oh, ferheavensfreakinsake! Artists 'cross-over' all the time! Did he ever hear about how George Harrison (a freakin' BEATLE!) was deeply influenced by Carl Perkins and Chet Atkins? Did he ever hear of Ray Charles?

    I mean, heck, back in the day, there used to be a thing they called 'rock-a-billy' (and don't I just feel so old for even knowing that?). And we won't even mention Emerson, Lake & Palmer, or ELO, and 'classical' influences. Or 'fusion' jazz. . .

    Music is music, and it doesn't fall into neat little 'boxes' with hard walls marking off one genre from the next. . .

  3. Never heard of this guy. Pretty stupid thing to say though.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺

  4. Hi Cranky Man,

    I totally agree with you. I hate judgmental musicians (and big black cowboy hats).




  5. Well, I kind of like the big black cowboy hats (must be my Montana upbringing) but it's the guy wearing it that makes me want to slap him.

  6. I think Joanne in her comment said it best. It seems like Clay has a little bit of insecurity and worry that he might be replaced. Stupid thing for him to say though. Makes more enemies than friends with comments like those.


  7. I'm a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and a whole lot of blues but that guy really made a stupid comment that never the twain should meet or mingle. Goodness.

  8. I dunno who this dickhead is. One that I do know for-sure is an even bigger dickhead is Ted Nugent.

  9. Sorry, but I must disagree and take the unpopular position on this week's opinion. I can't presume to be inside Clay Walker's big stupid head up under that big stupid black cowboy hat, but consider this scenario.

    Suppose you are a 98-pound kid just entering high school, with an older brother who is a big man on campus. Bro has won every trophy and medal possible in football, basketball, and baseball. You've been wrestling in mighty mite leagues since you could walk, and you are every bit as successful as your brother, but no one cares. It's wrestling. Not cool. Now you'll get your chance in high school, to show those girls that your 98-pound self is a big stud in a little paddock, champion material, able to earn a letter, maybe go to state. All of those years of hard work are about to pay off. But there's a catch.

    Bro has grown bored with the adulation of every high school girl in the tri-county area. He realizes that in one short year, he is going to graduate and go to work at the steel mill, and the girls will forget about his glory days, and go after the college boys. The younger girls will find a new big man on campus to worship.

    Bro joins the wrestling team, not because he likes wrestling, or is even good at it. In fact , for years he's been ridiculing the sport and its athletes and fans. He joins because there's a whole new batch of girls coming up that he can impress. They've heard about his exploits, and can't wait to see him with his stupid giant body in his stupid little wrestling singlet.

    The girls come to the wrestling meets to see Bro sit on the bench, because he can't make weight, or is just not the top wrestler in his weight class. Bro in a stupid little wrestling singlet. That's the draw. Not his ability. It's his previous reputation for success. They totally ignore your standout performances. Don't even notice when you win a second-place wrestling charm in a tournament. You don't have a chance to get a girl. They are too wrapped up in Bro to give you a glance. Even though you have the talent, he has the name.

    That, I think, is Clay Walker's problem with old rockers getting into country music. That is what pisses Clay Walker off. It's his opinion. This is a free country, and he doesn't need anybody's permission to say so.

    1. He still wears a big stupid black cowboy hat and his opinion does not need anyone's permission, but it is just as stupid as his hat.

  10. The thing I found most interesting about the article you linked to was Mr Walker's comment that country music just isn't like it was in the 80's and 90's anymore ... Well, I'm showing my age here, but dang it if the 80's and 90's country music wasn't like the stuff in the 50's and 60's and 70's either ... I think he's worried about sales but if his stuff is good he'll be okay.

  11. Having eclectic taste in music, i don't mind that music changes, and things change. And i can guarantee you that his country music was not his father's, either.

  12. I don't know Clay Walker. He may very well be all hat and now cow. But for sure country music has been ruined.

  13. I must be in the minority for actually knowing who CW is, but he hasn't had a 'hit' in a long time so his opinion is one of self importance. What has he done lately? Nothing I can think of off the tip of my tongue...

    It's not exactly easy to get to the top. Staying there is ever harder. Clay must be jealous as hell of Steven Tyler. As it should be.


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