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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nap? I don’t need no stinkin nap!

Nap? I don’t need no stinkin nap!

My Wednesday Pennsylvania babysitting duty has been pretty easy this year.  The six-year-old Crankette has school, so after I see him on the bus, I only have the four-year-old to mind.

The four-year-old is a piece of cake; one on one is always easier.  He eats whatever you give him; he plays quietly, minds directions and is generally polite.  He also takes a one to two hour nap which gives Grandpa nap time as well.

Of course we don’t call it a nap.  “Nap” is a word four-year-olds do not like.  A nap is for babies, and Connor is definitely not a baby.  I refer to it as quiet time and that seems to be OK.

This week I was informed by my DIL that Connor no longer needs a nap.  “He likes to just rest a little downstairs.”

Fine with me, I can use quiet time myself.

Connor told me himself at least five times, “I don’t take a nap!”

So I did not intend to even ask if he wanted to spend quiet time upstairs, when after lunch, an hour before he usually has quiet time, he asks me, “Can I have a nap?”
"Why yes.  Yes you can!"

Not only that, but he slept for over three hours.  Apparently he played hard the day before and went to bed late.

It was an extra easy day today.

Oh, and while he was eating lunch, I was working on a new song on my guitar.  He tells me,

“I know what song you’re playing.”

“Really, what am I playing?”

“'Ring of Fire’…Daddy has it on his play list.”

Dang, the little bugger knew what I was learning to play.  It made my day.

Tomorrow I have to go out and buy an all black outfit.


  1. Why don't you post a video, Mr. Cash?

  2. You can't hide anything from kids these days. Glad you both managed to get a good rest.

  3. A little thrill. Years ago, when she was first learning flute Emily played me a song. When she was done I said it was a lovely rendition of Rock Candy Mountain and she said I love you, Gramma. Probably the only song I would have recognized.

  4. So cute he knew the song!! That means it had to sound pretty much like the "original". I don't know why little kids fight naps so much. I would love someone telling me to take a rest or a nap every day! I bet though I won't be hearing that from my boss any time soon.


  5. It won't be long before you can book your gig at Fulsom Prison.

  6. Awww, he sounds delightful. Yes he does. Some kids are so easy to be with when they are little and then others...well.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. wow! smart kid! (and i love naps, myself!)

  8. You had to have been hitting all the right cords for him to recognize the song. Way to go.
    I have reentered the nap stage and love them.

  9. Ah, that would make my day too!

  10. Good that he knows when he does need a nap! By any other name, mommy needs a "feets up" at least once a day in which the children are quiet.

    Maybe you can start teaching him to play another instrument, and you two could form a band!

  11. That's just such a sweet grandpa story!

  12. I'm a big fan of naps myself!

    Isn't it exciting when kids recognize a tune? When my youngest son started coming home after school, without having a sitter, he had to call me at work to check in. He very excitedly reported to me that the first three digits of my work phone number had the same notes as the first three notes of "Three Blind Mice."

  13. I need a stinkin' nap! Will you sing me to sleep with "A Boy Named Sue?" Because I sure do love that part about kickin' and gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.

  14. SWMBO says you should learn "House of the Rising Sun" because her son drove her (nearly) mad trying to master it many years ago. But you may not want to teach Connor the words to that one.

  15. Lucky you, a four year old who still naps. Mine all gave up naps soon after they turned two. On the upside, they did all sleep all night from an early age, and usually slept from 7-7.30pm to 6am.


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