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Friday, April 13, 2012



Three people recently each won 225 million dollars in the mega-lottery.  After taxes each of these winners will walk away with over 150 million dollars.  These three people, to the best of my knowledge expect to keep all 150 million dollars for themselves.

Should anyone who invested only one dollar be allowed to keep 150 million dollars?  There are people in this country that go to bed every night cold and hungry.  There are people that are sick; people that are unemployed.  Why should these three people walk away with 150 million dollars simply because they risked one dollar and got lucky?


What you may ask is their fair share?  That is for people smarter than I to decide.  Our government should decide how much these people should be allowed to keep of their lucky lottery win.

There are a lot of lucky lottery winners in this country that keep too much of their purely lucky wins.

Derek Jeter earns 18 million dollars a year to play a game simply because he won the baseball talent lottery.  Bill Gates is worth over 50 billion dollars simply because he won the technology talent lottery.  Robert De Niro is paid 15 million dollars per film simply for pretending he is someone else.   Stephen King earns multiple millions of dollars annually for books he wrote years ago; shouldn’t he share some of that money that he has received simply for winning the talented writer lottery?  All of these people love doing what they do; why should they be paid so much for doing what they would all do for much less money when there are so many people earning so little doing jobs they despise?

These lottery winners have too much money.  It isn’t fair.  I want some.  The wealth should be spread more evenly among those who are not as lucky. 

How should this money be distributed?  I don’t know.  I am not that smart. 

Probably government should decide.


  1. You make a good point, but the bigger the lottery the more tickets are sold. I suppose the rational for these huge lotteries is that some of this money goes to schools and other programs the states are having trouble funding. Here in Oregon we need people to sin as much as possible because taxes on lotteries, liqueur and cigarettes pay for our schools.

  2. Thx Stephen, but I think I need to brush up on my sarcasm.


  3. didn't they get taxed a phenominal amount already......You said they each won $225 million, but only got $150 million.

    Doesn't that mean that the tax man already took $75 million from each of them? I am confused (easily done)!

    I don't play the lottery, but I do believe that life is about choices, and some makes good choices ans some people make bad choices, most people make a mix of both good and bad....

    I don't know how it works here in the US, but in the UK a proportion of the money taken form the sale of lottery tickets goes to good causes, and is given as grants to good causes....It is used to provide shelter for the homeless, special schools for children with special needs....there are hundreds of good causes and deserving causes that benefit from people buying lottery tickets.....I can't fault the UK system - Can't quite believe that the US doesn't do the same!

    Lou :-)

  4. If they can legalise alcohol, tobacco, sex industry and gambling why not go the whole hog and legalise cannabis and heroin?

    Why not - 'cos some people are getting paid big money to keep drugs criminalised!

  5. The tax man already took his share. I would hope that whomever won the 150 mil would give some back to the community and help out some causes as he/she saw fit. If your a selfish prick then karma will eventually come and get ya....

  6. I do what I love doing but no one is paying me. In which case, I think you should share some of your book royalties with me. Smiles - Astrid

  7. Sorry Cranky, your last line speaks volumes; that's not very smart at all. The comments above are all valid and thoughtful. Past Lottery Winner history suggests most of this money will soon be in play again, one way or another. You didn't pay the dollar for any of them and have no right whatsoever in this matter.

  8. I understand your sarcasm, but you honestly do make a good point. I've often said if I ever won the lottery I'd put it in a trust and keep a bit for myself, but give the bulk away. The difference is I would decide who is deserving, NOT the gubment. I trust those #$%^ about as far as I can throw them. :)


  9. "Probably government should decide."

    You're kidding ...right?

  10. I find your sarcasm to be dead on

  11. The blog was good. People's comments and reactions were better. Your comment about brushing up on your sarcasm was the best.


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